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The Deserted Islands Of Understanding

On August 12, 2013, in Leadership Journal, by Neculai Fantanaru

Ensure the evolution of your leadership towards new horizons, without directing your power of understanding the science to extremes that reach beyond the unanimously accepted normalcy limits.

I came across a multitude of islands, one of Jules Verne’s heroes confessed, sown by a whimsical hand, large or small, the majority barely jutting out of the waters and so low that, sometimes, the smallest tide was enough to fully cover them.

The islands represented the symbol of a diversity of landmarks, well established on the map of my visions and ideals, between the checkpoints of complete knowledge, above any understanding. These contact surfaces, big and small compared with the size of my Self, indicators of a stagnation in the deep area of some idealistic experiences, expressed the connection between various processes that kept constant, presenting a maximum of stability towards the perturbing factors that generated strange thoughts.

Thoughts that seemed to repeat endlessly in a real visual journal of long gone times. Thoughts that rose me above the ordinary and introduced me to projection areas that alternated generally accepted perceptions about space and time.

A being’s spiritual territory is an exercise of invading a lesser known island. I was looking for a sign, supported by an infinite multitude of more or less relative truths that could have settled a connection between answers and questions. But the murky waters I was bathing in at that time, maybe the most important experience of my life, couldn’t be covered with anything but the highest layers of the psyche in relation to science.

Leadership: Does the meaning of your life amount to an incessant exploration of the horizon between acquiring a new self-consciousness and the experience of managing a knowledge oriented towards changing perceptions of what you relive with your memories?

Practically all my intellectual force, in extreme efficiency conditions, was being grinded or became inactive after a few cycles of use, just like a chemical reaction, which donated the energy that determines transport processes in an anti-entropic meaning. My thought system stopped exhibiting an ideal behavior. The islands seemed to expand towards the edges which exceeded my acceptation dimensions, creating the effect of chain negative reaction.

I was standing in front of a rediscovery of my essence of being, as I have never seen it before. I couldn’t not notice that the radical innovations I was generating, especially the inaccessible I referred to, produced a certain distortion in the analysis or interpretation of the combinations of absurd and chaotic ideas. I had to sift through the chaos of my travelling thoughts towards new destinations, in search of a glimmer of honest clarity. Where was I in relation to myself?

The islands had to interfere with the truth aspiration, which included any interpretation. And this involved only one thing: to stop doubting the arbitrary character of my life experience in relation to understanding my thought structure. I had to find a logic in everything I did, no matter how hidden it was. And a fluency in my mind, my thoughts and my ideas. Otherwise, the situation would have become unbearable.

My memories still relate to these isles that shape my perceptions of what is important to learn new about myself in the face of a different reality, one that exists beyond what I think I can recognize at first glance. The science that I feel able to understand, the existential determination of the knowledge still connected with the interpretations of a literary life, can be gained by approaching an idea that connects the whole world to me.

Leadership: Do you stop at the gates of an unconquered fortress, or continue to offer new interpretations of your life experiences to landmarks that are placed in less accessible areas?

Do thoughts lift you higher than the ordinary? Are you in search of a sign, supported by an infinite multitude of more or less relative truths? Could the murky waters where you bathe be covered by anything else but the highest layers of the psyche in relation to science?

In terms of science and life that can become superfluous in front of the actions whose permanent protagonist is you, the winner you can obtain from contributing to these two challenges pragmatically and responsibly approached, meant to determine a good operation, don’t need to present them as an object meant to replace true leadership. But as a product of thinking beyond traditional patterns, which achieves the making of a visionary conception about the evolution of the relation between leadership and the unpredictable results of knowledge, in connection with your Self.

To stop at the gates of a fortress yet unconquered, but one of colossal significance, means to contradict the verisimilar, the immediate, perceptible reality, by determining a very low probability of securing a new self-image.

In the absence of even the most frail perspective renewal that can enhance the chances of growing the profit you can get from your "accessibility", you will set on your road towards excellence in reverse. The landmarks well established on the map of your visions and ideal act impeccably and will gradually extend to the limit where they could become uncontrollable.

And then leadership will give in, or will register a minimum of stability towards the perturbing factors of an inappropriate supply with approaches that don’t bring the expected results.

Leadership: Can you extend the interpretations you give to reality by becoming aware of self-acceptance and the right to exist as you are before an unknown horizon?

An unfamiliar horizon is an island that you have not deepened but deserves all your attention, being probably located in the vicinity of that side of science to have truths about the essential nature of things and phenomena. That means being able to get rid of the conformism of society and to work beyond prejudice.

Two intermediate moves with uncertain perspectives can lead to a configuration modification or invalidation of your operational system. The first, reaching an attraction and unification between thought and knowledge, in the sense of an ascension towards superior ways of understanding leadership through a better framing of the landmarks on the map of own visions and ideals. The second, creating a bridge between the control points of perfect knowledge, in contrast with the opposite force of any possibility of self-assertion.

These two moves can lock or unlock the access paths towards the science’s unconquered fortress gates, which always has its place at the top of leadership. The gates open and enhance the innovative capacities, disturbed by the aspiration towards height and perfection, slightly distorting the truth you know about you and that can’t always align with the openness towards change.

Just as a good conversation implies a balance between listening and speaking, so the connection between your evolutionary process and the perceptions about yourself throughout the production of new approaches and idea transformations must remain constant. Otherwise, your intellectual force, with maximum efficiency, will be grinded or become inactive after a few cycles of use.

Unanimously accepted limits of normality are given by those aspects of reality that can be seen and cannot replace aspects of unreality.

Ensuring the evolution of leadership towards new horizons means to enrich yourself with new interpretations of your life and learning experiences, filtered through a sense of understanding of reality that others do not know how to exploit and extract from it what is valuable.

The deserted islands of understanding are those areas insufficiently known and researched whose exploration is hindered or limited by current knowledge. Persistence in these areas leads to a stagnation in leadership and eventually furthering away the originally proposed terminus point. And in the end to the decadence of leadership.


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