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The Echo Of A Dream That Strictly Imitates Reality

On March 22, 2021
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Leadership Fusion by Neculai Fantanaru

The fabulous story of a vision is the creation of a dreamer who gives up reality to follow a fantastic, but extremely spectacular world, because it is the world of his own Self.

I close my eyes and go to bed, with the mention that nothing but a beautiful dream can wake me, able to be repeated in reality. It is a moment of lucid thinking, but also cold in a certain way, because I feel like a prisoner of a space where value judgments cannot be restricted. Or the outer world is not consumed in this space, only I consume my chimeras in the space I have available in another present, from a parallel universe.

And precisely in completing this progressive dream, with the repetition of real-life experiences, I fall into a valuable summary of the subject that can trigger a rupture of relationship with the Simvehebrew phenomenon, a new determination of something that exists outside of thinking, more chosen if thought is described and defined from the silent angles of the universe.

I know that only through the act of falling asleep, thinking of a thing springing from a duality of the self reflected in reality, will I be able to cross that space of vision that asserts its value regardless of its material, metaphysical or comparative support. And in my meaningful dream, so well hidden in myself, it seemed that I woke up to reality, but something told me that I was still sleeping soundly, but I was sleeping without being manipulated by a possible reflection in the consciousness of a destiny emanated from eternity.

Leadership: Does the image in which you find yourself best give the impression of a dream that takes you in many directions, but in reality, does not yield even for a moment to the separation from the outside world?

The mind still seems to be focused on recognizing the main moment when materiality asserts itself fully and in art, through which the transition from message to emotion, from emotion to the fragile fabric of a personal life story takes place. While the message of the dream, enveloping me in the velvety mantle of deep sleep, focuses on recognizing art as the main bridge to fulfilling the ideal of a mind capable of triggering the emotions of an authentic discovery in literary or artistic creation.

However, in this deep, restful, regenerating sleep, something happens. It rather resembles a confusion. For I feel myself as being someone other than who I usually am, perceiving myself only in the echo of a life of which, perhaps, only the memory will remain. However, I feel calm inside of me. I don’t feel any anxiety for anyone to come to my aid. Everything is quiet here. The image I made here is an escape of the self into someone else identical to me, but from a parallel universe.

That is why I support my eminently artistic point of view. My creation aims at transforming a dream into a vision of individual interiority that coincides with the moment when the individual leaves the world, becomes free, sees his purpose in universal harmony, recognizes himself as an outside observer and thus his whole existence acquires another meaning.
It must also be said that, in comparison with my dreamed reality, well-hidden with the help of metaphysics, one also verifies that extraordinary faculty of dreaming that a character of writer Miguel Ángel Asturias experiences. We’re talking about that faculty of detachment from immediate reality, which is the basis of any philosophical current:

“Who am I? I don’t know who I am. In the hollow of my hands I gather the shadow that drips from people’s eyelids to enhance the night with it, but now I have no hands, and people no longer have eyelids where darkness and dream gather. I’m always awake…”

Leadership: Can your identity image be built according to the relationship that is established between the outside world and the inner world, with the mention that what can wake you from the dream is the appropriation of a creation that belongs to someone else?

And what do you know? Night after night I start dreaming about how I sleep in reality, more than what I could experience in reality with the help of the dream. The same happens with the lucidity of a painter who paints very well with his involvement in the course of the Universe. His creation produces changes in the energy field of a spirit that gradually takes control of its being. Somehow, he sees himself from a point on the side or above his bed, and that means that he is above the plane of reality, and that the dream is his own creation.

Deep down, it hurts that I will have to part with the dream in which reality seemed to me just an illusion I had learned to live with. Sometimes I am disturbed by the impression that all this has happened with the agreement of a Deja-Vu metamorphosed into an Einsteinian cosmos, full of gigantic sources of energy, which can only be understood in terms of relativity.

Rather, I seem to be an illustration of a great act of hypnosis and visual seduction, loving more the resting space between two separate planes of existence, just as a writer’s labyrinthine memory rests in the space between those words that make up his memories.

Let’s imagine that my awakening happened suddenly, canceling out any story dreamed of by an artist who attaches himself to a representation of reality in which he seems to manifest with a kind of narrative instinct, as a reflection of the brain mechanism, or as a personal product of intelligence directly related to a spiritual, ductile and prospective background. To not be human, but just to project another man’s dream. What a mind-boggling discovery !

The creation of an artist is the vision of the authentic and fulfilled human being in the plane of a world that he finds only by dreaming himself as being part of a dream from which he wakes up to be completely different, as another person.

So, my creation is the alternative way of approaching the plan of a world in which I take refuge whenever the exterior intersects the interior in the mirror of a life that cannot be matched in literature by other writers. And this, due to the authenticity with which they manage to render the perspective of the depth of the self as part of a huge whole.

The Echo Of A Dream That Strictly Imitates Reality suggests the true strength of an artist: to translate the reality of the world (perceived in a refined symbolism) into the form of a dream in which you can get lost if you are not willing to be one with your true self.


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