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The Echo Of Influence

On October 29, 2010, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

A skilful leader takes over the foreign influences and incorporates them into a whole new vision.

The famous writer Stephen King recalls in his book, "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft", something that happened many years ago, about the English director Sir Alfred Hitchcock.

Not long after he finished the movie " Psycho ", Alfred Hitchcock held a screening for some friends. They were very impressed and declared him an ace of suspense. Alma Reville, the director's wife, remained silent until they all said their opinion, then she said firmly: "You can't send it in the world as it is."

A staggering silence spread, except Hitchcock himself, who only asked her why not. "Because, the wife replied, Janet Leight swallows when she was supposed to be dead."

Leadership: Is your idea a challenge whose response is an authentic message when you try to send a link to a misleading news story in the world?

Alma Reville was absolutely right in her observation. Hitchcock did not resist, because his wife showed him one of the flaws that he had committed. In fact, his main support was Alma, who was not only a critic with keen eyes that was not impressed at all with her husband's reputation of "master of suspense", but she was also a very good advisor and an excellent collaborator, also endowed with an amazing creative capacity and a remarkable sense of observation. When Hitchcock said he wanted to fly, Alma, always attentive to details and more inclined to concrete and practical things, or better said to reality, brought him down to earth every time: "First, eat your food."

It is said that art is an endless recycling process. You create, rebuild, throw, and this cycle repeats itself endlessly. However, for you to evolve in your undertaking, to cultivate your talent and fructify it at a higher level and, especially, to be able to create your unique style, absolutely out of the box, you need a lot more than perseverance, effort and dedication to your job, you need more than great desire to learn new things.

You must have an open and attentive mind to all possibilities. You must have a kind heart that would always see beyond its own prejudices, perceptions and beliefs. You need to be flexible, to adopt the opinions of those around you, as well. Do you accepts influences of those around him with an open mind?

A news story with deceptive content is a demonstration of the causal connection between the connoisseur and the known subject that amazes through originality but does not give all the answers to your questions.

Hitchcock restored several scenarios and corrected many mistakes that he missed at first, thanks to the healthy suggestions that he received from his wife, Alma, and perhaps from other of his collaborators working in television. Moreover, only so, he could visibly cultivate his mastery. Being a strong personality, gifted with clarity and an open heart, he joined others in the process of concretion of his ideas, to make the change for better and very good. Here is what it means a leadership of quality.

A flexible mind it is a mind ready to build the future. How much and how well you use the help of others will influence your level of success. In other words, your success is largely attributable to the influence of others, because you cannot increase your value if you trust only in your vision and if you are not open to opinions and suggestions of those around you.

Leadership: Is the idea you create in your mind when watching a film the story itself or the way it is formulated and referred to the term of "precedent" that captures the essential?

Remember the old saying: "If you always look under the same rocks, you always see the same thing." In leadership, if you do not stay open to a diversity of points of view and perspectives, you cannot evolve in your career, achieve mastery and, consequently, you will always be at a lower level. If you are a skilled leader, sometimes you will be able to separate yourself from your own opinions, to free your mind in order for it to see and accept the alternatives.

I hope with all my heart that you are not one of those people that exude a friendly and smiling air, but, which hide their pride smoldering in their souls, who see only one reality and form their own visions of truth, but which can be completely distorted.

A skilful leader takes over and incorporates foreign influences into a whole new vision, while a weak leader deliberately keeps his abhorrent opinions, his illusions, his mistaken beliefs deeply rooted in his own being, and does not show the slightest sign that he wants to change. Such a man is condemned to always make mistakes because, often, despite his friendly and helpful air, he does not admit any influence on his professional activities from anyone. So, he will never have anyone to tell him: "you are unzipped", before coming that way into the public eye."

Early co-optation and consulting are bringing long-term benefits. And early involvement of other individuals in your work will make them feel that they have also invested something personal in that idea, that they have contributed to a successful future source, which will give them a feeling of friendship for you and will increase their confidence in your company.

The precedent that captures the essence to be conveyed to greatly differentiate a perceived idea of ​​a forced or less inspired idea has the sphere of detail that, taken together, have an important role in restoring the image of a world that plays a decisive role in the process of total transformation at the big "picture" level.

Leadership means to surprise the suspense in a greater proportion, through the intrusion of the miracle or the unexpected into the destiny of the characters.

Conclusion: The idea of progress also presumes to take over and process the opinions and suggestions of others (of course, the positive and beneficial ones), the result materializing in a "finished product", greatly superior, with outstanding performance. This product is actually the echo of betaken foreign influences. The influence of other people reflects in the leader's personality, in his ideas and way of thinking, and respectively in the quality of the "finished product".

P.S. Inaccessibility, denial of various opinions, other trends, most often equates with persevering in error.

* Note: Stephen King - On writing. Editura Nemira, 2007.


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