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The Endless Story Of An Artist In An Astral Projection

On September 24, 2018, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to think of a pure aesthetic of personal experience, transforming yourself through a visual message into a universal consciousness.

I feel dragged by the flow of a high energy hidden in a dream of possible eternity, a world completely different from the world of mortals, and I cannot do anything to make time stand still for too long. The most valuable thing I have at hand is the end of a lifetime, or something close to it, caused by the plastic creation of an image that is meant to be able to incorporate and conjugate universal matter with memory and self-consciousness.

It is a certain end, a means to relate to the horizon of time as a temporal suspension of divine laws, the basis of the work of a mysterious universe that does not allow the luxury of letting mortals have full understanding of it.

Eternity is the re-living of life from other hypostases. The gods have decided to rewrite the plot of my story with other illustrations and other destinations, as in a literary fiction masterpiece, beyond the dimension of a nostalgic assumption. Beyond the momentum of the feelings of finesse, the unexpected thrill and the passing beauty experienced by an artist who thinks tall and feels profound.

Most actions and reactions, led by the primordial element called "feeling", far above reason, could have caused a crack in the monolithic structure of the narrative that always appears to me at another age. There has been no change in the rationale of the universe.

The great chance to understand the universe can be achieved by putting in writing a fantastic world by my temporary fitting in the uninterrupted imagination of a real world. Of course, this is all an illusion, an acceptance of the challenge to be part of a unique experiment, to tour the labyrinth of an extended dream that puts you ahead of a sublime expressiveness.

Leadership: Can you be a creation eased by a spiritual alibi that emerges from the impact with an ephemeral existence, opened to the time of providing a customization of image that takes the form of a determination of fate?

The year 1567. The moon could barely be glimpsed, as through a fog. The room was filled with a penetrating oil smell. Titian s painting was supposed to perform a reversal of the words in the picture. Self-Portrait seemed imagined from the words "old age full of dignity". The presence of the brush was the element that gave legitimacy to its status as the fundamental landmark of painting without artificiality.

What makes a painting a true poetry is the very angelic image of a man passed though the context of a belief system inaccessible to ordinary mortals, worthy by the revelation of eternal life through the incarnation in temporality.

It would have been truly sad to be in the place of Titian, to touch the perfection of the nostalgia of an impossible world, but I wanted to spend a moment with him only to convey my greetings, the congratulations of the universe. A poetic ingenuity can dominate the act of communication with the spiritual powers of the universe only if the atmosphere and expressiveness of the painting meet the requirements of a literary work.

His imagination was a living tissue that constantly rebuilt itself from every part of the whole called "My World", accidentally decided at the core of the composition, ensuring the dimensions of creation with the subjectivism of a certainty assumed by the use of knowledge coming from another Universe.

With great admiration, I watched him as a privileged example of glory that reflected upon the whole world, so much warmth and emotional sensation was between him and his self-portrait, sincere and closer to my soul than the unhealthy and untold aspirations of the beauties of life.

I looked not only at Self-Portrait, but also at the sketches and ruptures of previous attempts. There was such bitterness in them, disgusted with the inability to achieve perfection. The subject was well embedded in the formula of a poetic prose experienced only in the first person, yet seemed to reveal the meaning of an art open to interpretation.

The destiny of the artist, immortalized by the means of art in strenuous colors, in a space filled with historical and emotional load, seemed to be a predestination to salvation, not to perdition.

Leadership: Can you think of yourself as a double of yourself by emphasizing the effect of multiplying the self-image in a time and space appropriate to the preferences of thinking of a pure aesthetic?

With great joy, I gave him my opinion about the moralizing interpretation translated by the visual of a static viewer. I had no way of knowing what decisive effect my small intervention in his space of reflection would have. The visual certainty themed by him contained a state of immense satisfaction, as when you accept your advanced age and allow yourself to render the charisma of an existence that results in a particular prestige in the face of the ineluctable forces of time.

Titian was surprised by my point of view, all the more so as I realized he perceived me as a loosening of an enigma he had not been able to solve in his time. An unknown in the great equation of a freedom of expression that takes into account holy unwritten rules and which was offered as a privilege to the sacrifice to consider old age only chronologically as an empty variable.

Old age, in the midst of sadness, is a rarity of great value, having its charm springing out of the vitality of a faith-conditioned art from the stinging heat of an ageless story traversed by the explosive force of the profound nuances of black and rich brown. From this we conclude that it is not enough to imagine art only as a model of an exemplary man, but it is more important to go through the great adventure of releasing the individual from the context that is burdening him.

Thinking up a pure aesthetic means to transform yourself with colors, shapes and the relationships between them, so through visual message, a story, a dream, a universal consciousness.

Leadership: Can you change the intense impression of an episode already experienced in terms of a "contributing effect" without being forced by certain deadlines to be stopped in your tracks in an existential pattern that means only survival?

The face of his portrait, illuminated by pale colors, radiates a certain inner warmth with the challenges of the teachings of life, forming the harmony of the soul of an artist who has achieved the purpose of his endeavors. But there is still a certain rigor in his apparent gentleness that seems to indicate a certain priority in the use of time, a certain inclination to compromise, to loneliness, to the dark colors of life.

His words, remaining in history, will save him from any appearances: "It is not bright colors but good drawing that makes figures beautiful."

I asked for a moment lasting as a dream, and the universe gave me an eternity. With a contributory effect, I entered a world that revealed its secrets to immortality as I advanced into the game of suggestions of reality framed in a painting that carries its viewers through the labyrinths of a mind free of the "sin" of exclusive entertainment.

Far from regret, I understood and admired the splendor of the art of a perfect man. It is the calm before death, provided in terms of reference to a boundless universe.

The Triumph of Leadership is the praise of a remarkable personality that lasts only a moment, but remains forever.

The Endless Story Of An Artist In An Astral Projection captures the artist’s peaceful silence that has overcome the passage of time through the measure of a space traversed from depth to grandeur.

Before leaving his studio, Titian told me something that will go down in history: "Painting done under pressure by artists without the necessary talent can only give rise to formlessness, as painting is a profession that requires peace of mind."


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