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The Exhausting Odyssey Of The Man Who Hastens His Transformation

On December 22, 2012, in Leadership Pro, by Neculai Fantanaru

Keep your strong position towards "the claims" of your own transformation without diverting your attention from its effects.

A sort of serious and almost alienating severity seized me at certain times, and it was unusually frustrating to come to terms with the idea that it will always be the same. Was I following to be punished by my own pain, so open and intense, always directed toward other searches?

What a horror! Darkness, then the sudden flash of an artificial light in the place where I asked myself all sorts of questions, was significantly hindering my vision towards my own being.

I was pleading in favor of the existence of an absolute separation, the forced transition from one medium form of knowledge into another, much superior, marking the final stage of my maturation that occurred subtly, almost without realizing it. I was involved in a continuous learning activity and acquirement of the most advanced and efficient features, mechanisms of knowledge. Fine adjustments, but complicated, imposed by the changes that occurred in my own being.

As a vehicle able to increase for five, for ten times the speed known and accepted by science, I was hoping to reach instantly the desired destination, where everything was accelerating as long as I pressed the clutch pedal of my own transformation, through the controlled development of the science that I acquired for myself.

There where the questions without answer ceased to repeat endlessly. In their place, coming out those grand ideas that do not rust in the dust of time. But which, as the waves of during and after the storm, were crashing angry by the unclear side of my being, causing even more confusion.

The man from the eyes of the observer

An observer, who would be studied me carefully, would be seen unhooking from me, beyond this limit of unauthorized knowledge that diligently was trying me, of the thinking that was supposed to remain anchored in reality – the invincible tendency towards perfection. My pad towards success, the strong need to be more than a simple man, more than an odd numbers of destiny.

To become free, powerful, as a testimony over time, worthy to take part among the great illustrious in the alchemy, such as Bötger, Philaletes, Trevisan and Paracelsus.

But for that I have to activate that modus operandi, to move to a different medium, to risk immersing into another reality, through a review of the consequences and effects caused by my transformation. Without knowing that alchemy is not a cryptography for deciphering, but a gift from God, an infinitely complex thing which is not limited to learning, but to transform what you have acquired through learning.

It was evident, indeed, that I could not sit idly by trying by all means, to ensure my uplifting transformation. I had to maintain my strong position towards "the claims" of my own transformation. To see the fire of limitation extinguishing so quickly, and the success replacing it, without any denial.

Leadership: How do you ensure your "uplifting" transformation?

Leadership development involves transformation, une renaissance dans la vérité, being a spontaneous process, but also controlled of those components that help you reach maturity, and avoid critical situations. But this transformation process can pull you down like a wreck at the bottom of the ocean, if you do not understand its meaning, if you do not dedicate yourself with the devotion of your own "awakening".

Just as in chess, the knight can jump two squares at once, and even in two opposite directions, but cannot move forward twice at the same time, so defeating any limits, any automatisms of thinking that are not favorable to you, or that do not go anywhere, inhibiting or blocking your development, may create a "two-step jump" over the cap.

But this leap towards the great performance cannot occur more than once, vital and decisive. For the man who does not rely on both wings of his transformation, could never fly towards new destinations, in the best case he will arrive late in the place where the desire to be someone else will not favor him anymore.

This development that can accelerate or paralyze your transformation can be seen as a return to your own identity, meaning to finally find yourself. It is a possibility of receiving situations that do not meet your expectations, or that are not fully understood, in order not to complicate your mechanisms and complexities of your new becoming.

Leadership: Do you exploit your transformation through an undefeated tendency towards perfection?

The transformation takes place when they "share fists and feet" the science of being someone else, and the science to know how to rise to the claims of your new becoming. Your ability to become a better leader depends on the balance between the two sciences, and on the way you configure your vision towards the "Man" within you after the balance has been established.

The obligations, needs, interests, plans, rules, preferences that ceaselessly renew your striving for perfection, all this clutter of variables that decide your functioning, all this tangle of constants that appear in the equation of your transformation, should be considered only under their positive aspect.

Because they can become as strong as the bars of a cage in which you get to feel trapped, defeated and miserable. And thus, may cause a transformation in your way of being, but a difficult separation, an alienation of which really characterizes you, and which you considered until then the certainty of your life.

The exhausting odyssey of the man who hastens his transformation highlights the lack of human capacity to manage voluntarily his resources and actions into a useful direction, bringing coherence to his existence, and at the same time, excellence in leadership.

Are you developing in a controlled way the science that you assimilate? Are your efforts to hasten your transformation always directed towards other searches? What are the questions that you face during your transformation? Do they cause more confusion? Do you keep your thinking anchored into reality? Are you dealing with the idea that it will always be the same?

Keep your strong position towards "the claims" of your own transformation without diverting your attention from its effects.


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