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The Facts Speak For Themselves

On February 03, 2009, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Improve your leadership ability, by equipping your potential with those "alert pieces" that can keep you alive.

In the movie "The Great Escape (1963)" MacDonald (played by the actor Gordon Jackson), has instructed the encampment’s runaways – namely, how should they react if, after the escape, the German officers would identify them at the control points.

- Keep in mind very well ! Do not speak English. Speak only German and only what I have taught you. The German officers will use a trick to verify your identity. More than likely they will ask something in English. Whatever it is you do not answer anything. Pretend yourself that you do not know English.

Towards the end of the movie, MacDonald with another runaway, manage to get close to the border with Spain. However, when they had to enter the bus that should have pass them the border, are stopped by two German officers that require passports. After a short conversation in German, and after they have checked their documents, which seemed to be fine, one of the German officers uses the trick: "Good luck".

Happy to have escaped so easily of the control, MacDonald replied to the officer while boarding on the bus: "Thank you". Suddenly, he realizes the mistake made, but it too late. He had already fallen into the trap.

But the facts are more precious than words.

A moment of inattention has cost him life ! Precisely he, MacDonald, the one who instructed the runaways on how to proceed in order to escape, warning them not speaking in no way in English, fell into the trap. How do you explain this thing? Well, MacDonald was a good teacher for the other prisoners, he knew to instruct them, to guide and to put on guard, but when it came time to put into practice what he taught others to do, he simply forgot his own advices.

Leadership: Do you get involved in something going on outside of your own choices by not having the idea of customizing events?

Are you leaving your guard down even when you have to make the big step? This scene from the movie is useful to remind us how vulnerable we are when you leave our guard down, and when we do not respect the principles of which we are headed. Frankly speaking, many leaders become seriously ill from this disease of "forgetfulness" if I can call it like that.

Someone said that the premise of the circumstances’ impact on human attitudes and options cannot be questioned. In such a case, we may consider to be ampler the configuration of actions and deeds subject to assumed utility, but also to self-value transferred in the space of events and circumstances over which man can interfere.

We must not consider individual conscience as the basis for everything that goes around, with complete confidence in favorable decisional factors. Let's not make from our personal goals a total abandonment in the hands of Divine Providence. But to focus our attention on correcting errors during our rush to a new beginning, as an extension of existential construction.

The events you organize can be customized by taking on a multiplayer role, in which teams are made, relationships are formed, and a feeling of adherence to a "story" that deserves to be lived to the fullest is generated. At the same time, they can be customized with "circumstantial" roles where your position becomes unstable due to imprecise direction and weak "off-road" skills.

Leadership: Do you accept a request of intervention in the event of an extreme situation, but without validating your dependency on controlling the situation?

To customize events means to assign to your actions a value of the type "separation from the initial context of approaching the problem", meaning, to accept a request of intervention in the case of an extreme situation, but without validating your dependency on controlling said situation.

The dependency of maintaining control of a situation, this term that suggests that nothing can work "without it", creates a constraint towards the mission you are called upon to fulfill. And through this constraint of the type "Finish what you start", you are re-conquering a world only partly congruent with your adaptive needs. You start depending on what you do not know awaits you, anchoring your actions near what it means to survive by using as few resources as possible.

Leadership occurs when you back into something invisible and you push with all of your strength into something happening outside of your own choices. When you let yourself feel overwhelmed by the strange, ill-intentioned sensation, experienced by your skill to properly articulate yourself in a context, by which is directly or indirectly made the error to omit the essential. It means to grant "autonomy" to the small territory of uncertainty in the absence of an observer to fix reality or create a new one.

There can be no question of the "judge’s" burden to make capital decisions as long as you can see nothing but immense confusion and you cannot undo the previous situation.

To experience leadership from a better angle of approach, you must advance in the crowded "traffic" of situation changes, get to the initial observation point, where alarm signals are pulled in case of side-slip, and select integration rhythms of safety sensors in case of something "unexpected".

Leadership: Do you reap the fruits of your endeavors to adapt to a circumstantial role, to the extent in which you have drawn lessons from the representations of your position towards the impact of events?

Are you listening in the car that kind of music that makes you vibrate? If so, then you are probably familiar with that powerful feeling, in that rush of adrenaline when listening to certain tracks, you press the gas pedal and feel that you are your absolute master. This is the moment when, not being blocked by any other machine, you can maximally release your potential.

Your capacity of focusing yourself on what it is important to do, is like a song that makes you press the gas pedal of your potential when you are put in alertness. If you get stuck when you have to you press the gas pedal, your leadership will never catch a great getaway.

Your success in all that you enterprise, will not be influenced insomuch by the ability of preparing yourself thoroughly, but more on the way you are acting, on the way you are relating your practical potential on the level of knowledge that you have gained. Your real training begins with the knowledge that you assimilate, but the test of your perfection ends with what you know to do with them when you have to put them into practice.

If I think about the movie "The Great Escape (1963)" I consider that of all the runaways, MacDonald was the weakest link. Even if he understood very well to instruct the people, he was the only one who failed the "practice test". He failed the test of his perfection !

Put in time on the move your own functioning system, otherwise you risk waking up with unpleasant surprises. Always equip your potential with a well-developed practical sense - with those "alert pieces" that can keep you alive.

Does your position’s representation towards the impact of events have as a starting point an escape from a situation of insecurity, and a boomerang effect as a finite point?

Conclusion: Be careful on how you are directing people and what advises you give them, because if what you tell them does not resonate with what you do, you may lose your credibility and you risk to not be followed by anyone.


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