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The Fatal Gates Of The Consciousness

On March 12, 2012, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Fortify the foundation of your leadership, by establishing a concordance between your attitude and your true spiritual background on which underlies your conscience.

The movie "Tears of the Sun (2003)". The commando teams led by Lt. Waters together with more than 40 locals were going to the withdrawal area Alpha, on the border with Nigeria. Nevertheless, a tragic incident occurs - one of those fatal moments that the destiny creates in its incomprehensible course and decides, in one stroke, the human fate. Suddenly, they are attacked from all sides. Michael 'Slo', one of the team members is seriously injured.

- I should not be like this, boss. It should not have happened ... addressing to Waters'. And, with the last forces, seemed to add the words that the shot firer chief, Francois de Louviers-Maurevel told them at one time to King Charles IX: "My life is in your hands, do what you want with it."Leave me here to save yours.

Leadership: Can you penetrate the truth of your own self and accept it with the conviction that everything that happens to you is a challenge meant to prepare you for an all-encompassing perception of reality?

These words could be accepted by some without remorse, but not by Waters, who was responsible for the safety of his team - the words had two meanings: one of accepting the sacrifice to save the others, the other one accusing, because it reminded him, constantly, of his ethics and professionalism.

In his devotion, beyond corrupt, Waters hold a deep respect and deep gratitude. He enveloped 'Slo' with a look full of understanding, and then squeezed his hand. On his face was reading the inner disorder. Like a terrible storm crowded in his soul, opening in this way the fatal doors of his consciousness.

Waters should have penetrated the truth of his own self. And to accept it. A sincere "I'm sorry. It's my fault" - could not redeem his mistake and could not absolve him of the moral consequences. The death of 'Slo' touched the most sensitive chord of his conscience, and his behavior was in agreement with his spiritual background, on which underlies his conscience.

The toughest reality that took shape for lieutenant Waters in such a moment is that he has to assume his choices and not let himself be influenced by events, regardless of the mood and health of those that are to blame for having followed him in a dangerous mission.

Leadership: Do you accept the truth of the conscience through an agreement conditioned by the confession of the mistakes and overcoming them?

I address you one question, future leader, and think well because its solution is needful for you. Is there any sin that can be forgiven to you - a sin so great and so serious that no one would dare to forgive, not even yourself, and not even God? What I suggest you is nothing but a general test which is related to your general state of consciousness.

Do you accept the truth of the conscience through an agreement conditioned by the confession of the mistakes and overcoming them? Or by assuming and fixing them? Or you accept to be the prisoner of a moral and spiritual crisis?

The consciousness is the foundation of the leadership, it is the one that marks the significant difference between the Ego assessed as a result of moral or emotional constraint, and the ideal Ego, to which every leader aspires, the latter being a projection of a positive self image. The challenge in your case as a leader is to initiate the change and to facilitate the development of your own being, even when your moral authority does not guarantee your success.

Just as a poison can be fatal and to the one that prepares it, even so, could be diminished the quality of a leader if he lets his conscience handy to the compromise between fulfilling his moral ideals and emphasizing the negative convictions, which are thinning the emotions’ wall of defense that guarantees its operation at an optimal level. With what convictions do you fill up your consciousness when you combine in an unbalanced way your values and beliefs?

Someone said that the consciousness of death helps us better understand life. Likewise, we should plant in the garden of our mind the awareness of the mistakes and its consequences to better understand the leadership and to avoid a possible conviction of our own personality, of the inability to live up to the level imposed by our and others’ moral expectations. The history shows us that the leadership development is based on the existence of the mistakes, more or less serious, on their recognition, but also on their ways of preventing and correcting.

Leadership: Can you create a clear vision for yourself of the values you want to transmit in relation to a perception of spiritual troubles that are apparently lacking in depth?

Plutarch, that famous writer, compared the gifts of nature with some wonderful flowers, but temporary, while he considered the virtue as a beneficial herb, with an everlasting fragrance and healing the wounds without fail.

Do you consider that you have to take attitude towards the degradation process of your conscience? I believe that the substance of your leadership should not to be sought only within your being, as it is stated so often, but equally in your way of assessing, externalizing and transmitting your feelings.

At the emotional healing and the development of your consciousness you will gradually come, by sincerely and joyfully planting seeds in the hearts of people, leaving them to bear fruit and flourish there, but at the same time, conscientiously taking care of protecting your own moral code.

The virtue, in this case, means to choose what is right, from what is wrong, not to focus your emotions and your consciousness on the mistakes that cannot be avoided. The virtue can heal your moral wounds if you integrate into your leadership that range of values ​​ typical to your process of evolution, not of involution - values ​​that lead to a fuller understanding of your true spiritual background, on which underlies your conscience, by suppressing the defects that can lead to your negative transformation, and encouraging you to adopt a healthy attitude, or at least more optimistic, and a more deliberate behavior.

Spiritual troubles, apparently lacking in depth, can be understood as being a result of going through the blows of life, at different stages of the career, which amplify your pain but not the cause of its occurrence.

The consciousness that invokes virtues has as a symptom a passing pain, not one that lasts.

The fatal gates of the consciousness marks the way you relate to your inner state, the way your control your emotions in difficult situations. It highlight your good parts that you do not take into consideration because of the unfavorable circumstances - which reduces your state of mind and your self esteem, impeding you to channel your inner strength to a positive state. And, as someone stated, the character is given precisely by the way you react in front of the unfavorable circumstances.

In leadership, it is essential to recognize your mistakes, to beware of not repeating them, to assume the consequences and to develop your consciousness - to guard it against the negative emotions, but also against the "attack" of non-values.


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