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The Fight Of Doubts Against The Beliefs

On July 19, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Earn the people's trust vote, by ensuring a balance between their deepest emotions and the surrounding reality.

An unexpected scene has happened in the patient’s room, locked up so carefully. Valentine has left alone. Fever seized her over again. She was continually pervaded by the same thoughts and premonitions that she would die. For almost ten days, her health condition was more and more worrying.

Suddenly, she seemed to hear a strange rustle. From behind the door appeared a human face. However, nothing could surprise her in her condition. She was aware that all the phantoms that surrounded her were due to the delirium. Because of the fever, she was fully accustomed to these fantasies. He remembered that the best way to make go away these annoying phantoms was to drink the medicine.

Leadership: Can you give a new meaning to your own creation, assuming your role as an unconditional protector following the formula: "Be seen without arousing suspicion"?

Valentine stretched her hand to take the glass from the crystal bowl, where she knew it was. However, during this time the phantom made another two steps towards the bed, faster, and took the glass before the girl could touch it. The phantom watched the drink as if it wanted to see how transparent and clear it was.

- Don’t scream and don’t be afraid, the Count of Monte Cristo told her. Don’t keep not even in the bottom of your heart any glimmer of suspicion or any shade of anxiety.

Valentine did not know what to say. She was afraid of the phantom’s voice that was a reality.

- Listen carefully. For four days I’m watching over you and protecting you. I’ve stayed hidden behind the door every night. I saw the people who came to you, the food prepared for you, and the drinks that were given to you. When the drinks seemed dangerous to me, I emptied your glass and replaced the poison with a beneficial drink, able to flow life through your veins instead of the death that was meant for you.

The most valuable creation of a wizard is the mystery with which he can envelop everything in an attempt to change pre-established events. He has the power to rise above the laws of destiny, in an obvious attitude of waiting for the right moment to impose his state of power, represented by the vision he proposes about life.

Leadership: Do you call upon the most careful judgment that you are capable of to surround what happens to you in a context of direct interaction with all that exists in a broader horizon of significance?

The time of the murderers. The pendulums struck midnight. The Count of Monte Cristo knew what was going to happen so he quickly told the girl before hiding behind the library:

- Don’t make any gesture Valentine, don’t utter a word. He must think you’re asleep. Otherwise, he will kill you before I could come to help you.

The door handle grated, and the door swung in the hinge. The floor creaked on the other side of the room. Somebody was approaching her. Trembling, anxious, with a heart seized by an unspeakable horror, Valentine pulled herself together and pretended to be asleep. However, when she heard the unknown person pouring the drops of poison in her glass, she dared to half-open her eyes. The woman, the murderer, was exactly Mrs. Villefort, her stepmother.

The significance you assign to events that occur during your life is anchored in the vicinity of far-reaching effects of the exchange between what you can keep good in your inner world and your outer world, without fueling it with the suffering of the impossibility of determining a new judgment based on the cause.

Leadership: Do you dare bring to light what really defines you, in an attempt to present yourself to the world as a reflection of forecasting events that unfold before you?

There are two types of people: those who want to kill, and those who want to save, those who want to make evil and those who wish good. To which category do you belong?

The Count of Monte Cristo saved Valentine from death Valentine, by watching over her like a guardian angel. Only he could save her and only he saved her. He knew how to foresee all the plots, guessing all the movements of his enemies.

What do all the great leaders have in common? They have the power to foresee the events, to analyze and to approach them in a pragmatic and realistic manner, in a more appropriate manner of the future challenges. However, this is not all. They are able to convince people that they are on their side, breaking all their doubts.

At first, Valentine had doubts about her savior, but they were quickly dispelled. His strong presence removed the distrust that he initially inspired to her by his mysterious appearance.

With his great power of penetration, the Count understood everything that was happening in the soul of the girl, but he found the proper method to turn on a light of hope in her heart, causing her to believe in his loyalty. Having the Count beside her, Valentine could sleep with the confidence of an angel lying at the God's feet.

What defines a wizard is that he cannot fix the path that unites the emotion springing from truth with the image springing from a vision extended beyond the limit of the real.

Deep emotions can ignore the reality, while the reality could freeze any emotion.

In leadership, it matters to be a trust factor not only from the professional point of view and behaviorally, but also from the emotional and spiritual point of view.

You must ensure a balance between the people's deepest emotions and the surrounding reality. That is to prevent their feelings to gain ground towards the reality, and at the same time, to make sure that the reality does not put too deep mark on their emotions.

Leadership: Can you ensure a balance between reality and sentiment, in spite of some disarmingly harsh appearances that in fact hide a hard to unravel mystery?

Leadership has to do with the capacity of building quality relationships with people. In order to inspire a strong sense of safety to Valentine, the Count had to take a side in order to convince her of his power, and to determine her to keep a positive attitude. And only the tenacity and courage were his allies in this endeavor. At the same time, he had to read what was going on deep inside the girl’s heart, and to remove any doubt about his person.

The leader plays an important role in people’s life, the role of the savior. Moreover, his courage is undoubtedly contagious. However, in front of many eyes, the leader may seem cold, and this coldness can be taken as an expression of hostility, stirring fear and mistrust. Contrariwise, a proactive attitude and a persuasive language can influence people in good, and they will give a better efficiency.

If you if will anticipate, and if you will manage to counteract the negative effects of the events that occur over people or over vulnerable groups, your leadership will gain ground.

The last fight of doubts against beliefs is given when you try to reveal a hidden reality behind some appearances of normality.

Conclusion: If you want to have success in leadership, you have to do two things above all else: to remove any doubt that people may have on your ability to lead, and make sure that you are recognized as a major resource of confidence.

Earn the people's trust vote, by ensuring a balance between their deepest emotions and the surrounding reality.


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