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The Figments Of A Mind Where Art Abounds

On January 09, 2015, in Leadership Pro, by Neculai Fantanaru

Position yourself in the concrete plan of discoveries, adjusting the meaning of realities beyond life experience.

I felt that I was near a great discovery, sown from the overflow of a revealing load. The small syntax fireworks of the "While" construction, from the expansion procedure of the horizon of projecting images beyond the prison bars of reality, were successfully saving me from almost any mess. Yet, at one point I realized that the equation whose unknown was the "argument of duration", in the virtue of which were defined the exceptions from the field of logic, became increasingly more uncertain due to the unpredictability of its effects.

Like a meticulous collector of dangerous temptations, squeezed in a discreet place where they could unleash their sweet poison at will, I was drawn by the dizzying vortex of symbols that could give meaning to life experiences lived fully. Tempting, I clung to an apparent strangeness, determined by a full sum of objective factors, but at the same time marked by the sum of the forces of reaction of the thinking model unrestricted by any limitation.

I saw myself more and more in a way that eluded others. Somehow, I found myself in the position of the Caliph Harun Al-Rashid who, regularly caught in insomnias, wandered alone through the shadows of Sarai looking for his beautiful robes that, once found, he would caress with the purest of words. But the day wiped away the words of the night.

And the same happened with my amazing discovery. It had to be examined as a sort of convention of the modality of exposing reality, one with a reverse causality, therefore, one that would not lead to the nude of appearances. But I had to be careful when I attempted to share it with others. For such a creative art, une drôle de façon de l'expérience,could lose its impact the more I tried to unify the finite reasons of creation with the fictions uncorrupted by any finality.

Leadership: Does your experience of drawing new realities validate the completely extraordinary applicability if discoveries embedded in a distant horizon of time?

Finality is an essential characteristic in leadership, involving a set of correlations between the value of expression, freedom of thought, connotations of fabricated ideas and the content of truth you generate. This entire set depends on a certain conception of philosophy, formed around the basic elements of life in the middle of which lies the human subject, which you most propagate over any formula of change.

Leadership is a consequence of what is called "idealistic intelligence", played out through the creation found at the border between life and fiction. Which, in turn, is reinforced through the meaning attributed to the culture of discovering a new way of understanding the world, of giving it color, of personalizing it with a new interpretation. And if you want to test the limits of your thinking’s acceptability, share your vision of the world with others.

The experience of drawing a reality beyond the ordinary, in which the argument of duration is a result of its extension and implementation, is considered to be inevitable. And because the conditions of exposing finalities can always be rewritten, this experience becomes an adventure of the spirit – from perception to self-awareness, and from reason to revelation. And it validates the completely extraordinary applicability of discoveries embedded in a distant horizon of time by unifying the finite reasons of creation with the fictions uncorrupted by any finality.

Knowledge that springs from the encounter with reality beyond the experience of life, through contact with the creative power, in the guise of a surreal combination of old and new, real and imaginary, can prove the surpassing of your limits of development.

If you want leadership to have sufficient poignancy to brand development, position yourself in the concrete plan of discoveries, adjusting the meaning of these realities beyond life experience – meaning, close to a higher reason of creation, able to produce a radical transformation of the world.

The experience that blends all the elements of the reality from which the space of a new discovery is formed abounds in that creative force of the talent of seeing yourself as a story-maker that deserves to be at the heart of a new concept called: "Follow Me !"

The Figments Of A Mind Where Art Abounds highlights those fragments of thoughts, moods and life experiences, finalized in an act of creation that brings new interpretations in which can be found images and aspects of a world in constant transformation. If you manage to expand your horizons, through creation and conscience, then you will be able to say that you’ve begun making "art".


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