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The Final Stage Of Weakness

On November 22, 2013, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Maintain the balance of your whole being by identifying the roots of personality variations modified by strong inner vibrations.

In front of a good man, people raise their hat respectfully and without any suspicion. But nobody suspects that this kind, isolated man is more haunted, more oppressed and more at risk than a beast. He wears the stigma of existential shocks, an immense inner fire, which frequently cancels the balance of his mental sector.

A momentarily insanity, or a strong unexpected drive aren’t the characteristics of this peaceful man. They belong to an evil power concentrated in doses of ruthless courage. An exhilaration feeling of personality throws this poor amateur towards another existential dimension, towards metamorphosis and violence, like a projectile precisely launched by a catapult on the fertile land of transformation. And satisfying incandescent wishes fueled by acutely felt electrifying sensations hurts his ethic-moral character.

The destructive power of the catapult is felt in the peak moments of "falling in love" with one’s self, of passionate joy that bursts from the depths with poorly regulated pressure. Only then, the mentally ill can use his inner vibration to acquire a state of spiritual wholeness. At the same time, the transforming mechanism is regulated around an oscillator that fluctuates over normal values, coupled to an only source of renewable energy: the paranoid obsession to adopt a different appearance.

Leadership: Can you create an Ego different from the "product of a harsh reality", placing yourself in a position of flexibility to the moods that trouble you, but also urges you to do a good deed?

The man with double personality, the only one who tires his ambitions, overworking his body, almost always displays a reserved and modest attitude. As if he’d keep for himself an immense secret that nobody should discover. It’s a reality. Jack Gordon, alias Buffalo Bill, must have been fueled by an underground fire that remained hidden until the end. It gave him a kind of insane, quasi-sexual, unstoppable ecstasy that makes the differences between the two opposite beings.

Countless internal backgrounds can’t regulate the life-giving pendulum that oscillates with different amplitudes around its two axes: feminity and masculinity. Because of this, his orientation and capacity to adapt to any surroundings are measured mainly based on the periodical processes of toggling on the inner tensions that trigger the energy flux necessary to fuel personal ambitions.

Just like knight Gaudin de Sainte-Croix discovered the toxic venom that could kill only through its smell, Buffalo Bill discovers the thing that unites him with spiritual wholeness by activating a secret stake, an additional option that reshapes his affective needs and "left" inclinations. If Saint-Croix dies because of the venom, in the middle of his experiments, for Buffalo Bill emotional and psychic instability bring him to a dead end, when he can no longer identify with himself.

Leadership: Are you aware you’re being pushed towards abnormality in your searches for personal fulfillment, according to what keeps you from being truly virtuous?

Do you draw your fuel from an underground fire that remains hidden until the end? Do you feel that insane, uncontrollable ecstasy that drives you away from who you truly are and takes you to a turbulent area?

The first duty of a leader is to protect his functional territory. So that in the deepest phase of his evolution, he doesn’t fall prey to those unbearable extremes, which he ambitiously manifests. When human nature can’t be controlled through the influence of negative thoughts, he can no longer subject himself to the "quality" category. This should concern him. Thus, what is being defined as leadership, suddenly takes on a new meaning, an irrational color with a very narrow efficiency palette, which works only on certain approaches.

An inner world built on unhappiness, seized by a loud unearthliness, which acts outside its self-imposed limits, and which seems so real that suffocates you, represents, I would say, the main cause of the inability to counteract irrationality. In earnest, countless differences and impediments, appearances and realities stand in the way of one’s own study of the leading potential that finds support on a solid attribute of knowing the self and human nature. Of knowing the laws that rule our life and the extremes we fall prey to.

As a leader, you supervise the balance between good and bad. You can lean the balance towards the normalcy of comprising life at its limit or towards abnormally, with its abundance of lacks and needs. If you’re aware of the abnormally you’re driven to in your searches towards self-fulfillment, it means that you have taken into account the configuration of all those life aspects that please you or displease you.

To truly be a virtuous man means to honor what you receive from life, but in such a way that when days become difficult or unbearable to realize that these are precisely the references of the experiences that will make you evolve and transform into what you will be in the future.

Leadership: Do you choose to actually change your nature, reason, concept, and state of mind, resonating with the reason for the change you take when you have to take into account the defining elements of the orientations towards new ideals for the decent assurance of your existence?

In his book "Hocus Pocus",Kurt Vonnegut wrote: "Another flaw that is part of human character is the fact that he wants to build, but nobody wants to do maintenance work."

You can ascend on the highest step of weakness by turning yourself into a pillar of involution, building a personality damaged by the countless inner drawbacks. Or you can ascend the steps of self-respect, putting aside the physic and emotional exhaustion tendency, turning yourself into a strong character that fights with his limits and faults.

The fluctuating evolution between progression and regression is caused by the balance disturbance between the defining elements of any of your orientations, with a significant impact from an evolutionary point of view. According to the configuration of your personality and according to your dominant wishes, you can bring, above anything else, a new tendency in the passage from intention to action.

Be careful which dominant side you release along your evolution. Regulate in good time the life-giving pendulum, which oscillates with different amplitudes around your personality. If you bow to some directives coming from outside the limits of the power zone, you will be able to put out that immense inner fire that frequently annuls your balance. Keep experimenting only with your positive dominant side by trying to offer value in new and unique ways.

Maintain the balance of your whole being by identifying the roots of personality variations modified by strong inner vibrations. Don't forget that your orientation and adaptation system is measured at any time, mostly based on the periodical process of toggling on the inner tensions that trigger the energy flux necessary to fuel personal ambitions.

The affiliation of your state of mind to the development of personality can be seen in the way you express the need to assume your fullness of soul in a situation where you are compelled to fight even against yourself in the space of a reality beyond your ability to understand.

The final stage of weakness points out the moment when your own decision-maker is so hurt, that he directs himself towards a negative side of personality.

As any man, you are a mixture of good and evil in different percentages. Ideally, the good should dominate, or at least balance evil. Only your inner decision-maker sets the side on which the balance leans. He is an ensemble of judiciously combined components, earned through education, culture and behavior.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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