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Everything Depends On The Leader

The First Chapter Of Leadership

On March 24, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

You may influence for the better the way that others perceive you, only if you come for their spiritual and moral ideals.

I wish that in this article to relate you an important aspect of the movie „The Law of the Desert (1991) ”. Tom Burton, a former CIA agent, had to infiltrate in the oasis of Beni-Zaire from Sahara desert, and to recapture Robert Sanders, the son of an influential business woman Catherine Sanders.

With this object, Tom has posed as an arm dealer, and together with James Ross, one of his team members has appeared before the powerful Emir Beni-Zaire. They had to choose words carefully. One wrong word could have cost the lives of both.

- Noble Prince of Draa, we do trade in arms. We sell to the best buyers, in Chad, Mali, and in the ancient land of Songhai empire. If we would hide this from you, we would insult your wisdom. However, we do not sell to those without flag or without faith, such as Zeralds...

On hearing these words, Amir, looking at them all over, changed his whole attitude. He radiated amplitude, calm nobility, a solemn elegance, indeed unmatched. Something told him that Tom and James were not ordinary traffickers, unscrupulous, soulless, which were not interested in who buy from them. Nevertheless, they respected a certain ethical, an honor of them, and even a plurality of values uplifted to the distinction of a cult; they still had a code that kept of faith and order.

Leadership: Is your potential to achieve your goals limited by the results you got that have a conclusive impact on the accumulation of evidence regarding your integrity?

You will always witness a negotiation that claims to be for the benefit of cunning, but also for the benefit of negotiations that can turn diplomacy into a real art. You may influence for the better the way that others perceive you, only if you come for their spiritual and moral ideals. Tom and James have proven this.

Winning the confidence of the leader is always a process of negotiation. You will take part in a "negotiation" whenever you will express your desire to join the circle of friends of the leader, or his team. For this negotiation to take place and be successful, you must support the leader's thoughts, and he must treat you as if you would act in good faith. In other words, the leader must understand your position (within your thoughts, principles and morality), to compare with his, and finally to accept it or not.

A character from a work of the writer Mika Waltari said: "Blow well to scatter the chaff and keep only the best grains". It was a way of telling that not all people are trustworthy, and that only the best should be chosen and kept.

Leadership: Could your work under the auspices of a single “I’m the same” entity be expanded by including an investigative role on what you can achieve when you catch someone’s attention, but don’t have high expectations of it?

Proof of your integrity is obtained through the knowledge that others seek in you and that you propose as the main purpose of your life. But at the same time, cunning demands the same kind of guarantee. So, what makes the difference between integrity and cunning? Well, the difference is the closeness between the past and the present that people perceive as a symbol of common efforts to achieve a certain goal.

Your obligation as a leader is to weigh people. To filter their feelings and emotions in terms of rationality, considering your personal values, in which you believe, and that you respect. Likewise, did the powerful Emir Beni-Zaire.

Just as the ultimate goal of a photographer is to ensure its images a true exposure in front of an audience that will ask themselves: "Why?" – Just so and your ultimate goal should be the one to increase and to ensure the quality of relationships with other people, but not before knowing them, not before asking yourself: "Why?"

You cannot accept people around you if you do not understand them, is not it? You cannot give them a minimum of trust if they do not have some influence on your heart, if their vision does not correspond to the values by which you guide in your life. First, judge on the value of people before making up the step to a higher level of association.

Leadership is the agreement between what you are able to accomplish and what you can gladly keep in your soul when you are subjected to trying to access other people’s areas of interest.

The First Chapter Of Leadership it is the basis on which could be built a relationship. Moreover, the process of establishing relationships is not always carried out very quickly. First, there is "opening" here you can talk about continuous communication, but subtle, coded, where each one rather observes at the other one what lies behind their words. If the leader predicts the complete features of the other one, and if he will be satisfied with his qualities, only then could produce an association.

In leadership, first you need to know to cognize people, which involve the development of the relations of collaboration and permanent socialization. Learn to observe people's behavior, their attitude and at the same time, learn to interpret their facial expressions, gestures, words and even their silences. Be open to them, receptive to their ideas because in your turn to be worthy of their trust.

You can influence the way you are perceived by others, only if you come for their spiritual and moral ideals.

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