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The First Function Of Leadership Culture

On July 17, 2016, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

Seek where no one seeks and find where you least expect it.

Eisenstein began his work on the movie script, together with Agadjanova, through serious research on which they were helped by the counselors of the documentary commission. Articles, documents, testimonies of participants are at the basis of this research job. The script condensed a gigantic factual material. The action started off during the Russo-Japanese War and ended with the repression of the revolution, taking place in Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa, Sevastopol, Tiflis. The script, written during the summer, often synthesized in two lines important events.

Seemingly impossible to be regarded as a starting point for the making of a film, the script actually contained the whole preparation work for the movie, of historical research and, we could say, emotional research. It tried to capture the dynamic nature and the rhythm of the era, the relations between events and the mood of the historical period it was depicting. *

Leadership: Can you produce a true revelation, finding those minimum and maximum references that help your motives of constructing the assembly of creation?

"The work should hold the power to reveal itself",Romanian painter Soring Ilfoveanu used to say a long time ago. But for it to be revealed, announcing a new facet of art – creating uniqueness, in the architecture so firmly constructed of a vigorous piece of art, the artist must first capture all the sources and references that correspond wholly to the necessities of producing a model of vision and artistic interpretation.

Continuing the series started during the final touch projects of certain ideas, sketches and types of experiences, making the introduction of a new line of art and thought possible, and suggesting the inclination towards certain perspectives and towards a certain level of evolutional preferences, leadership can rise to the height of its potential to use all the means of producing performance quality.

In other words, the man who rises to the height of his potential for individual creative transformation, manifesting his dynamism with regards to the act of birth-making of creation, comes under the researching job basis to condense gigantic material of supporting and molding of its theoretical and practical content.

This, in leadership, is called extending your intervention over those constants dependent on one another, with a symmetrical distribution around the forward,which is geared towards overcoming the starting point.

The starting point is the beginning of a very hard to achieve approach, as satisfactory as it is difficult, which aims to identify new sources and references of inspiration for identifying ideas.

Before a good idea starts to gain value, you must assure a way of making a revelation whole and its path of transmission.

The revelation, in leadership, is the result of discovering those unique ways of creating (an addiction of realizations), through research focused on understanding and emotions, using as a pillar of making things whole, the relations between more sources of background of which measurements are determined separately.

Minimum and maximum references are helpful information, sometimes opposite, which contribute to making those phenomena, events, ideas, concepts, insufficiently discerned, whole, but which allow estimate the way of projecting themselves into the possible, in the infinite space which opens up between creation and the world.

The first function of leadership culture has as objective the production of a revelation, based on scientific methods, of original knowledge.

And the revelation, which in turn explores and transforms itself in creation, is based more often than not on the principle: "seek where no one seeks and find where you least expect it."

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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