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The Fluid Principle Of Concealed Science

On August 25, 2018
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

You cannot direct a whole world in a new direction of evolution unless you change the major coordinates of the science that you place your personal image on.

I have always been preoccupied with the deep meanings of things, their most surprising properties, trying to put them in a wider perspective to prove my expressive autonomy in unrivaled art. Like the great chemists, I have found a formula of integration into the configuration of a boundless world, a mysterious territory that radically changes the concept of identity, a high place where you exist only through erudition, clairvoyance, interpretative competence, inscrutable spirit, profundity and refinement.

The invisible matter, fermented in the conditions given by the active complex of epistemological elements, the controlled dynamics of a reflexivity that demands the need for intellectual rigor and emotional coherence, which is meant to be constructive by mixing divine things with natural things, sacred with what is profane, all of these are the "red activity" of completing an artistic search.

Of course, you will ask me if I have drawn lessons from the examples of others in the sense of devoting myself to untiring and all-encompassing supervision of the sources of other thoughts, or how I have managed to preserve my ability to look at everything through the glasses of subjectivity despite the color of time, the feeling of the existence of a great absence or of passing pleasures.

I can tell you that the influence of the surrounding world, the pressure of social constraints in the so-called moral consciousness, manifests in particular on reactions in the state of unacceptability of the too far-sighted views on the relations between life, creation and story, which sometimes prove to be illusions with no core in the use of means of literary expression.

In other words, if you trust in the opinions of others, you will not be able to imagine life without them, so you will remain captive in their reality, you will experience the experience of their journey without using your own reason, intuition and experience, to assert your individuality and to move away from contemporary conformism.

Leadership: Do you integrate your life experience into the core knowledge of the WHOLE by capitalizing on the relationship between the anticipation of a new direction of art and the realities of a world diagnosed with the Ego’s rising dependence syndrome?

As is often the case, especially given the tendency to make science understandable to all, in order to make it popular, even if the effect of methodical pressures on the textual plan becomes sensitive to the reactions resulting from the breakdown of the asset "FIRST SIGHT" I constantly hit the realities of the same world you are exploring and looking for new forms and ideas.

But I cannot accept the terrible imaginings of too general theories, the shriveled shadows fluttering on the surface of the memory space of the time elapsed from the trinity, along with the already exhausted possibility of the events that occurred in the logical sequence of a text dropped backwards into the avant-garde literature.

In the immediate vicinity of the most desirable teachings, as useful as it is hard to learn, all the sacrifices afflicted with stoicism resemble the aesthetic fixation of a story in the minds of men. A process explained by changing the complex structure, which determines the decrease or increase of the decomposition reaction of the already-created, meaning that of the constitutive components of a cognoscible reality.

Just like the ancient alchemists who have started to establish a philosophy of narrative form and formula, making numerous experiments on the distillation of fermented plaque, reaching to the strengthening of the covalent bond between the reactive intermediaries of life and the emotional intensifiers, I have succeeded in taking shelter under the authority of an artist who unlimitedly extends his concepts of intelligence and creativity.

My ego is in everything I write and is never overwhelmed by the nuances of a true passion for transforming the sand from the golden hourglass.

Leadership: Can you ensure the accessibility of a copyrighted work through an interrogation on the meaning of your own personality validated by the occasions of being at the center of a triumphant avant-garde?

A good friend, an IT professional, praised me this morning for innovation in the context of this changing world. He clearly told me, but in a way that only artists can convey, in the immediate vicinity of a speech expressing the taste for beauty, quality and originality:

- Nicu, you have reached such a high level that everyone has come to envy you. With your web application launched under your personal brand:, you have demonstrated sufficient capacity to implement all the benefits of technology in terms of programming language, design and content. The only question that deserves attention is this: where are you willing to venture into the search for new dimensions of the cognitive act?

How did you manage to learn so many things and apply them so well without the help of anyone?

Like a chemist trying to determine the solid particle motion calculation in the different forms of the substance, you knew how to use the most chosen 21st century science like nobody else, combining the programming languages: html, php, java, with design rules, SEO, CSS, data analysis, content marketing, text processing and so on and so forth. You knew how to combine them cautiously, without pride. You are also considered a master in the use of the "Regex" syntax. In fact, your app has been around the world and it is becoming more accessible every day by tens of thousands of users each month.

And not just that. You have proved an almost divine skill, but show a fine taste of beauty as only artists are capable. Certainly, you were the best student the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University has ever had, since it was established up to this day. But you were an autodidact, a book luminary who had the holy thirst for embracing the artistic ideas of: "depth of space", "consciousness as a state of matter", "living nature" or "illusion of reality".

Leadership: Do you lean on the meaning of your perceived existence as particular information that highlights the essence of an encyclopedic validation?

With great mastery, with patience and intuition, you have outgrown all your colleagues, all generations before you, and there is no teacher to prove more skill in using science, information technology, branding, marketing, storytelling, etc. And now, in the 21st century, the notion of "Leadership" has become unanimously synonymous with your personal brand: "Neculai Fântânaru".

It’s a fair pride, not arrogance on your part. An important requirement from your conscience, the essence of metaphysically valid thinking through which you give the others a bit of you, the primordial landmark of an understanding that begins with "I know what I can do" and goes on with "I have the means" which links the opportunity to proceed, on your own, to reevaluate some varied aspects of poetic work.

You knew how to charm the world with the grace of your eloquence, because of the scholarly-writer’s preoccupations, the talent that was given to the engineering work in the field of computer science, the most sincere erudition you put in the service of cordiality, the need to understand what is beyond the usual understanding that the whole activity of all teachers fades away from your visibility in the world due to the Internet.

You have certainly been favored by the encyclopedic knowledge assimilated throughout life, contributing to the formation of a multilaterally developed personality.

Let us not forget that the science to which your name relates, the directions of an overly delicious and troubling culture, like a lantern illuminating in the darkness of a confused and complex world, is entrusted hopefully to the idea of "imprinting" in collective memory of a novel way of encompassing and advancing a prodigious doctrine.

While some are propagandizing the reputation of an institution for personal interest, without having any other lever to make themselves known, you have become known all over the world through your personal brand. When people want to know news from the field of leadership, they do not search the internet for a certain university, a certain faculty, a certain professor. They only search for "Neculai Fântânaru".

Your name, synonymous with the great science of leadership, has become more important and more known worldwide than any university. That’s why your value is really BIG. Most likely, the meaning of your existence is equivalent to an uninterrupted exploration of thinking between awareness of self-worth and evolution-oriented knowledge management experience.

Leadership is that "Big Picture" that responds to the "So What" of a Brand that synthesizes in a deep and powerful spirit the essence of a science without boundaries, but one that is hard to master.

The Fluid Principle Of Concealed Science applies only to a branding process that falls between two major coordinates: the self-image, compatible with the authority of an artist who unlimitedly extends his concepts of intelligence and creativity, and the highest teaching extracted from what you live through a revolutionary art.

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