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The Future Of Rationality From The Science Outposts

On January 03, 2015, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be dynamic in coming up with your own experience and points of view in the development of science, polishing the forms of energy used to produce new truths.

My concerns went far beyond the borders of the science to which I dedicated myself to with that understanding of a chemist that analyzes the whole before breaking it down into small fragments. Small rings from the universe of incandescent imagination were concretized by the reactions that arose from a succession of stages of dematerialization of the flows of information. It was a sort of extension of the fantasy-mental territory, dependent on certain mutual equivalences between energy and information, obtained by interconnecting a plurality of viewpoints after a certain structure.

I was the follower of a philosophy that, from beyond the rationalist speculation I was conducting indirectly, such that only by identifying the number Pi from a complicated puzzle could I offer the self-meaning of the analyzed system of coordinates, also reflected the complexity of the existence of another world. Same as Columbus sought Paradise and discovered the New World, so too did I, seeking the secret of constant transformations in matter, seemed to have discovered something far more important: the ability to adapt the energy of producing scientific knowledge to a supreme consciousness.

This thought of converting matter in a universe tailored after the mind of a cybernetic explorer, in which the centers of the chain of constituents are consumed and regenerated continuously, fascinated me in a certain way. It reminded me of the experiences made in 1889 by German physicists J. Elster and Hans Friedrich Geitel, which proved the existence of an unknown ionizing agent in the atmosphere. It was later found that the ionizing agent was an extraterrestrial radiation capable of crossing the atmosphere.

Idealist, I was possessed by the living conviction that the result of my work was itself a form of energy that could only take place if all the conditions of approaching the imaginary were fulfilled. Was it finding of common sense or a proposal of an experiment meant to test my creative ability? Or was it not the projection of a dream fed by the mysterious rapids of opaque worlds, which surpass the power of understanding the thinking of other people?

Leadership: Can you develop your ability of adapting the energy of producing scientific knowledge to a supreme consciousness, using the "Zoom" function of thinking?

The "Zoom" function of thinking, supplementing the resources of imagination that really broaden your horizon and vision of the world, can be redirected towards a purpose of evolution that allows you access to a new consciousness. This consciousness, by means of the complex formation of understanding values, gives you the proximity to an identity that refuses the concrete of ideas and accepts their abstract by revealing new truths from the ensemble of a distinct reality.

In my case, the "Zoom" function of thought established a connection between the depth of the ideas and experiences characteristic of Quentin Tarantino’s films and the visionary experiences set in a context of transformation of the information on which my attention was based. To reveal the hidden truths behind appearances, which I wanted to bring to light, experienced with their intensity, I had to first draw a line between the projection of a poetic of the image that we set from the distance of another world and the projection of a fulfilled dream.

Supervising dynamics in building new points of view, the way in which you image reality, the way in which you promote ideas, depends a great deal on the energy of thoughts you accumulate through the cohesion of the meanings attributed to the examined concepts and its sphere of formation. Meanings that, in turn, by the degree of novelty and complexity, can be achieved by extending the fantasy-mental territory, dependent on certain reciprocal equivalences between energy and information.

Scientific knowledge can be derived from the conclusions drawn from an existence in the face of the results of the evolution of humanity in general or from the "leap to the conclusions" that the vision of another model of reality raises. Above all, it can arise from interpreting the conclusions formulated on the basis of anticipating phenomena or understanding their performance.

Leadership: Can you demonstrate an essential distinction of the image that the soul creates from the image imagined by reason, taking into account the relationship established between the symbolic, the real and the material?

Leadership is not reduced to "scoring goals" in a field in which the stakes are working effectively with people, setting expected results and performances for each and everyone. The leader of the future must absolutely be a cultivator of truths and scientific perspectives, capable of reassessing his experiments and doubts, not only certitudes, and this in order to show cognitive complexity. Only those who will overturn conformist certainties will exit the sweet sleep of mediocrity.

Romanian philosopher, C. Rădulescu Motru wrote: "Scientific Truth must be considered as a form of energy that the human soul, in its tendency to adapt to the external environment, pursues it along its many other forms of energy."

Thus, seeking the secret of constant "matter" transformation, you can discover something much more important: the capacity to adapt the energy of producing scientific knowledge to a supreme consciousness. What is this energy, other than a form of manifestation of matter in motion, as somebody said. Is what you assimilate through knowledge transformed into a universal language that can faithfully express nature’s essence?

The form of energy you use to produce new truths, that will place you above all others that do not know the significance and power of science, offering the advantage of being easily transformed, has an effect over the experience of assuming the consciousness of achieving the durability of a progressive vision.

The essential distinction of the image that the soul creates from the image imagined by reason, taking into account the relationship established between the symbolic, the real and the material, is the duration, the quality, the variety and the quantity of the information obtained through the interconnection of a multitude of points of view which is not the majority opinion of a society, but only the particular perspective of a world that is in an area very close to that of a dream.

The existence of a rationality that transcends the material plan is linked to the science you acquire from the creation of a reality very close to the dream, which few can imagine, much less can understand, and most will not recognize as valid.

The Future Of Rationality From The Science Outposts reveals the continuity of that reality that allows the idea of progress. A creative leader bases their superiority on that consciousness of differences, i.e. on a pattern of thinking related to the reality of integrating certain alternative forms of energy.


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