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The Gate Of The Great Puzzle (II)

On April 15, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Underlie your science consistent with your evolution, so that your individuality as a whole can manifest at any time.

Everything orbited around a particular, sensational illusion. The magician woke up every day mobilized by the creative fuel of his mind and preparation, an intimate connection being established between his way of thinking and being. A powerful stream penetrating to the depths of his being, developed and pushed outwards, materialized in a wave of inspiration that had to be exploited in the optimal way.

The magician straightened his unique virtues of his science towards the foundation of the work he consecrated his true magic to, the closeness to the fixed point, which established the rules of observation and interpretation of his new composition. He had to play his last card in an attempt to create a great enigma.

A covalent bound, formed by pairs of electrons, revolved around two cores: "why?" and "how?", establishing a single molecular configuration: "when?". Continuing this reasoning, the magician could find the source of a new illusion through a new interpretation of reality that governed the relations between particular, absolute and universal. A fundamental progress towards complete control of his great work through a sort of effort, research where each of his previous methods of magic, taken individually, contributed.

And only this illusion, singular and appropriate, could introduce a new standard in his interpretative art, allowing him to think while working with his soul and respecting the principles of magic, to create new rules adapted to the realities of the moment, offering the public maximum performance.

The illusion, the unfathomable mystery that was at the basis of the show, was part of that fundamental category: disappear – appear elsewhere, easily accomplished by placing mirrors, using the world, distracting the attention and "defying the laws of nature". But combining the effects, which in turn produced other causes and effects in a true linkage, consist of a temporary disruption in the normal operating schedule of magic.

The magician reached the second gate, which was more difficult to pass than the first. And in this gate stood a tiny and rusty key that arbitrarily appeared and disappeared. A few seconds passed between its appearance and disappearance.

This was the key to the mystery that enveloped the relationship between illusion and reality perceived by the public.

Leadership: Do you put your entire hope in pushing the giant thinking mechanism to new roads?

Where is the key clue that can help you get out of the area crossed by uncertainty and fears about your progress? Does you evolution revolve around a new, sensational illusion? A rhythmic connection is established between your way of thinking and being? The effects of your work in turn produce other causes and effects? Can you open the second gate?

The changes you make to your work towards improving and optimizing it experience an extraordinary development especially when stepping on the red carpet of your training field. Only now you can prove your superior capability and cognitive ability, by realizing that "more is more", putting your entire hope in pushing the giant thinking mechanism to new roads.

This is the engine of your new way of being, which allows you to easily pass from "junior" to "senior" level. All routes of knowledge start from this level. The transition from minimum to maximum is limited only by the route you operate to and is done according to your ability to create new rules adapted to the realities of the moment, which allow you to learn what you need in order to "shine" in your work.

Leadership, in this case, is characterized by the production of stimulating elements, triggering new development approaches both personally and professionally, decorated in the spirit of perfection with the finest compositions and innovations.

Using efficiently the creative fuel that your mind and training provide you, through a research effort, you will manage to mobilize your potential, overcome your blockages and discover new standards in the art of expressing your individuality.

Leadership: Do you back up an area where continuous improvement becomes a primary goal?

The rhythmic relationship established between your way of thinking and being during the transition to higher levels of mastery, determines how your personality, talent and skill can promote your interest to acquire science and discover yourself, not at all negligible in the context of this stage, but also for the accumulation of knowledge on the fundamental aspect of a framework for future reference, where there are no invisible keys.

Do you back up the area where continuous improvement becomes a primary goal or do you wait to discover the key to unlock the door to understanding your own value?

As a conductor pays attention to every instrument in the orchestra, you must distinguish any element of instability, which can induce a different perception on managing the quality of your operating process.

The Gate of the Great Puzzle designates, in this context, the completion of an investigation, of a thorough study on your functional system. It’s a starting point for a better research of your science, designed to enhance your individuality, a need to express your potential to its true value over the process of perfection.

Accomplishment in leadership, as in any other field, starts with the area of the first gate and ends with the area of the second gate. The distance between gates corresponds to a free area that should be reserved for your own development, to a space of inspiration and creativity that constantly reinvents itself. This may direct, optimally improved, to defining or redefining your personal style.

Underlie your science consistent with your evolution, so that your individuality as a whole can manifest at any time.


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