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The Gate Of The Great Puzzle (I)

On April 14, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Establish a strong connection between your way of thinking and being, so that you resonate better with yourself until acquiring a complete identity.

I left for the Gate of the Great Puzzle, the isolated, wild and virgin place, splashed by many shadows of doubt. But without a plan, having at my disposal no real clue that would lead to the accurate identification of this undefined area on any map.

I heard from reliable sources of this controversial espace temporairement, being rather a point of separation from the tumultuous world, where you sometimes remain without guiding marks, when you feel you no longer resonate with yourself. It goes without saying that I was going through a moment of confusion, trying to figure out how I can overcome it. I felt that I belong nowhere. I experienced the emptiness, the nothingness.

The Gate of the Great Puzzle was at the intersection between what is possible and what is not, between what is hidden and what is revealed, the first part of a well-designed game, with many unknowns. Once in front of it, there was no turning back, there was just you and yourself. You were competing with yourself.

I identified myself with that double-character of Michael Ende, who was at the crossroads. On the one hand, heavy with nostalgia for a forever lost time, and on the other hand, filled with happiness, the immense power of hope and the mysterious grandeur of faith.

An uncertain interpretation of thoughts

I lived mostly alone in my mind, without even having any guarantee that I was interpreting correctly what my unstoppable thoughts revealed to me, and they transmitted simultaneously contradictory impulses to my central nervous system. Good luck, you bold one !

But any interpretation was hard to admit in the mosaic of this intricate stage of my life. For a star that shines every night on the clear sky of fantasy is likely to become extinguished right away, exploding and leaving behind a huge void.

A sad, fearful chill, pervading all my fibers with an intensity that ranges from moderate to severe, was neutralizing all those elements I was composed of, which led me to be sure of myself. When the current passes through the solution of a chemical compound, it can cause its decay.

Suppose that I managed to get to the Gate of the Great Puzzle and pass beyond it. Then it will appear the second gate.

Leadership: The real source that can remove you from the verge of rout

We will try this time to line up leadership with other sciences, such as philosophy, psychology and sociology, which allow the knowledge of Man, with his entire range of qualities and relationships necessary to his evolution in time, but without spicing him with too much "salt and pepper".

So, by gradually contrasting the true chains that keep Man prisoner at different times, this time we aim to highlight through leadership his true identity in relation to his own interpretation and willingness to identify himself with his inner being. Or, more simply, with his own mission. How else than by following trends that he himself adopts when conditioned to rediscover, choose and collect tiny nuggets extracted from his personal mine and using them to activate his motivational engine.

The renowned expert in sales staff training, John Fuhrman, expressed very well this trend that Man adopts on the road to self-knowledge. He said: "When we are enthusiastic, we want to go forward without respite, in order to reach our destination as soon as possible. If we have a predominant fear of the unknown, we often look for ways to avoid the situation. But whatever the context, our strongest emotions are those that guide our steps towards the direction we will eventually move."

Well, this is how leadership slowly arises, by maturely accepting the unknown on the way to the most uncertain destination: your own self. Be all that you can be, regardless of the context in which you are and where the change occurs, following your most powerful emotions. Even if you don’t have any guarantee that you correctly interpret what your thoughts reveal at the crossroads, when you feel devoid of landmarks, guide yourself by the immense power of hope, the mysterious grandeur of faith.

With no concrete clue at your disposal leading to the precise identification of your destination, you will be conditioned to accept yourself, you will discover who you really are and you will respect every piece of you – before you fully commit to leading other people. Your spiritual mobility, freed from any dogmatism that enchains and is hostile to efficient evolution, will be exercised with great power on leadership.

Functional-structural deepening

Are you going through a difficult time? Do you feel that you belong nowhere? Do you experience emptiness, nothingness? Do you correctly interpret what your thoughts reveal to you?

The real source of "tension" that can remove you from the verge of rout when you feel isolated, confused and without guiding marks, when you feel you no longer resonate with yourself, is the functional-structural deepening or input-state-output type of deepening.

Meaning to deeply investigate the cause and the effect of your own vulnerability, triggered by internal limitations – when you fail to overpass the prejudices that you experience, you do not understand them and cannot assign them a certain meaning. Everything that you assimilate in these tense moments transposes you into a state of dissatisfaction, which will evaporate simultaneous with the start of maturity and self-knowledge.

The Gate of the Great Puzzle designates your transition to endurance and durability, which could have never taken place unless you have gone through the process of ageing. It is the stage of understanding the reality you live in, not marginal as a spectator, but as an active and heavily involved participant, of the Man inside you in the process of development and improvement – which leads to acquiring a complete identity.

Establish a strong connection between your way of thinking and being, so that you resonate better with yourself until acquiring a complete identity.


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