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The Gaze Of The Eyes Illuminated By The Advantage Of An Advanced View

On August 17, 2021, in Leadership Journal, by Neculai Fantanaru

The eyes that know how to see reality in “duality” are the testimony of a change of identity between a reference model of the act of creation and the phenomenon of mirroring in a look as lively as your own.

My eyes do not tire at all when I read from the work of Wilhelm Hauff, especially as my gaze moves from one symbol to another, with the same discretion with which the writer himself lived in his stories through the characters and events of his mind. And the eyes, touched by the image of a dream world, are mechanically directed to the portrayal of a fullness of the deified creature they see and in which only those endowed with the native gift of listening to the thoughts and emotions of an imaginary being believe.

More than that. My eyes, with a direct view of the mind and soul of Hauff’s characters, call for the attention of a transforming world in “The Story of the Ghost Ship”or “Cold Heart”,with a content high above vain disputes, petty interests, and fleeting passions he discovers as a palette of distinct shades, satisfying the human need to access the transcendent, surviving between Struggle and Amen.

I would have liked to be at least a hidden presence in Hauff’s stories, such as “The Little Glass Man” or “The Man in the Red Cloak”, so that my spirit would withstand any metamorphosis and reach as far as possible with everything that makes up the essence of a new beginning of the road in the adventure of life. I would have liked to be endowed with the wisdom of Musfata and the luck of Caliph the Stork, to be able to fly around the world only with a pair of silk conduits, but more than anything I would have wanted to live that chain of wonderful events that Heaven bequeaths only fairy tales.

It is not in vain that I project my thoughts into this reality, of Wilhelm Hauff, it is not in vain that the look in my eyes captures only a part of the reality of a charade artist, because my attention is divided between two dream worlds, taken out from the pressure of the concrete, reminding me of a previous life, dedicated to the seventh art: the beauty of being one with all things, that is, the “double” succeeded by my transposition into a modified state of consciousness.

Leadership: Are you ready to assign to your vision a template for visualizing the experience of being someone else, in a way that allows you to change your perception of the world after applying the template?

Learn that I have begun to show some interest in Hauff’s work, precisely because a spirit that recognizes itself as identical in another remains faithful to the themes that define the Universe: erudition, dream, metamorphosis, abstract symmetries, reflections in mirrors, part and whole, the finite and the infinite, death and immortality. All this leads to the urgent need to postulate eternal return. It is the sound of a distant echo discovered among the landmarks of artistic performance in the individual destiny of directors.

Wilhelm Hauff was concerned with the primordial, obsessive becoming of the ordinary man in some random space — but identical with the power of the spirit, with the ever-renewing decision to force a character to carve out another fate. It can be seen that Hauff was endowed with the power to convert a tragic event into a joyful one, or a poetic message into a proper linguistic form which implies, at the same time, an attitude of the speaker and an objective reference.

I also think that green was Wilhelm Hauff’s favorite color, with which he struck the most in his characters, because green symbolizes life, growth, rebirth and eternity, while also representing the color of the vegetation that surrounds us everywhere.

Of course, there are enough readers who are entitled not to give credibility to his fairy tales, especially since in each fairy tale there is something of the essence of his own being, a being always attracted by his own depths, and less by the heights of a creation where something can be seen. more than anyone expects. It is not the place where we are that matters, but the place where the gaze of our eyes turns its attention: to the rising of a star, or to the shape of a leaf in the light hiss of a gust of wind. This is where the art of creation begins…

Leadership: Is the meaning you give to a creation important to your faith in a transcendent time, of a perpetual permanence dominated by the symbol of alterity?

Everyone is entitled to try and challenge Wilhelm Hauff’s creation. But the words expressed by his soul in the “Portrait of the Emperor” will forever remain a constellation of literary-artistic experiments, an adornment of grace which God has promised to give to all who ask him to learn the mysteries of the Great Science (entrance to a metaphysical world, superior, beyond space and time, beyond life and death).

“Everyone is entitled to do so, and I can only mourn this man, not overlook a fact: his path on this earth has not followed the path set out. But the world will remember him with other feelings. The elders of the earth do not seem to have learned much from him, perhaps rather the little ones. He made his way as uplifting as Alexander, he followed Caesar, the world thanked him as Hannibal, on that rock he lived like Seneca, and his last days were worthy of a Socrates.”

And if you read these words a thousand and one times, you would still not realize that faint trace of the steps taken to return to God, inscribed in the infinite space of the Universe, which some discover only by looking very carefully. Remember that the meaning you give to a creation is important for the belief in a great goal or for the belief in a transcendent time, of a perpetual permanence dominated by the enigmatic word “Mutabor” (symbol of alterity and dream).

The vision you have of leadership is the same as eyesight pointed towards a double of yourself.

This does not necessarily mean living something similar to the experiences of someone else’s life, but to correctly perceive the reality of someone else that only by telling it from your point of view do you have the chance to become one with it. I do not say this in vain, because I lived, for a few moments, in the reality determined by the truth of someone else, no less real than mine.

The Gaze Of The Eyes Illuminated By The Advantage Of An Advanced View belongs to artists who can reproduce the brilliance and expressiveness of the personality traits of their characters through a double reflection: a reflection of the inner world and a reflection of reality that transcends what is transient.


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