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The Gift Of Living Under The Mark Of Art

On July 09, 2018, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Evaluate objectively how you use your knowledge so that your work will restore with the means of artistic perfection the confidence in a new era of aesthetic evolution.

Science is a painting experienced at maximum intensity, a consistent infusion of creativity belonging to different levels of experience. Sometimes it is a fervor, tension and excitement, mostly derived from the tension of dramas and conflicts of real existence. What I experience in between the visualization of aspects and details, admitting that the hazard alone has created everything I see around, resembles a living dialogue between the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. But at the same time, it means to accept the almighty role of chance and the need to preserve biological diversity in the evolution of life.

In artistic language, I notice the same refined note of complementary tones, through allusions and postmodernist references, between transparency and poetry, between the primordial reason of existence and the instinctual determination of writing, maintained in the state of maximum brilliance and saturation. Demonstrative, I am building that energetic symbiosis that is absolutely necessary in order to intensify the irradiation force of the word full of core, written with much grace, with much talent and with great dedication, dominated by that tendency of rapprochement between the power to embrace the universe and the power to exalt the feeling of life.

A brilliant mind never refuses to conquer a negotiation with time in an alternative space, reflection and dream. It experiences an ambivalence determined by an epistemology of depths, so it does not decline its belonging to the artistic conduct of an esthetician who knows how to turn any idea into a composition, every banal object in such perfect qualities that they seem human. Artistic science, by investing the color with the radiant energy of the inner life, is related to the ratio of symbolic forces, emotions and emotional qualities that cannot leave the viewer indifferent.

Whoever stretches out a trembling hand, detached from the theme of a painting by Salvador Dali, whom the persistence of memory always carries with other meanings, will be touched by that magical emotion called ATTRACTION, by that glittering genius characteristic of unforgettable compositions which impresses with a thrill of wonder in front of the essential things otherwise seen and treated.

Leadership: Do you demonstrate your competence to carry on a continuous activity as a motivational factor in the artistic education process that determines your willingness to return to the "formidable" position?

In the most passionate art, which only the philosophy of pure ideas raises to the quintessence of innovative sciences, there is a unanimous opinion, a hint of truth justified, a law valid until the end of the world, trivial to theories of change. That if you have not mastered the secrets of any art until 35 years of age, if you have not finished your own style of creation and chromatic harmony, and if you have not made a major change in a particular science by recalculating your coordinates from one pole to another, then you will certainly never succeed in doing it. You’re just a dilettante !

In this case, as is demanded by the rigor of technical execution that does not sigh and doesn’t roll its eyes when faced with artistic splendor, you have to distinguish between the influences of certain thoughts and the material testimonies of science, in the great equation of a highly refined inspirational intellectualism.

You will never be delighted to know a man who holds any important function or position in society if you know that his whole life has been a great ZERO in science, the art bypassing him with a stubbornness almost incomprehensible, with a short turn to a great dead-end, called: apathy.

The formidable position is attributed to the artist who knows that the work no longer belongs to him if he had dedicated it to science, becoming an emanation of inspiration that gives the world the opportunity to discover the deep levels of his being. What does your name resonate with: a public function or a great scientific breakthrough on the higher aims of art?

Leadership: Do you understand your self-realization as a form of enrichment, styling, or spirituality obtained from a creative effort that leads to an original derivative work?

If you put yourself in the place of the author of this article, trying to look at the future of the technical civilization and the future of artistic education, then you will probably gaze over the lines of writing in eternal ink as if you were trying to predict their reactions. Immediately following this action replaced by artistic contemplation, the feeling that you are forming a superior entity of human condition by shaping all external forms into new artistic content.

Your mind will encounter things hanging from the walls of the houses opened for sale, surrounded by a staggering number of lines, shapes, chosen decorative combinations, vivid colors, pastels, and dark tones. They mark the nuances of future forms of expression. With time you will try to establish a boundary between kitsch and true art.

The most inspired writing captures the art of perfection of a world that can be made up of every little thing that comes to your way, just as pearls are formed from a grain of sand inside an oyster.

Leadership: Are you ready to accomplish something that exists in the germination stage of your natural endowment that tends to update new perspectives potential resonance?

I was just reading an article about Sir Tim Berners-Lee, nicknamed "the father of the internet". He did not hold an important public function in society, but the present and the future of the world depended on him at the age of 34 when he invented the World Wide Web. Practically, he was more important to changing the technology and form of society than all the presidents of the world’s great states.

As for art, I read somewhere that Leonardo da Vinci educated himself to learn to read the handwriting of nature, which can be seen everywhere: in wings, in egg shells, in clouds, snow, ice, crystals and other random combinations. He used this understanding to find new ideas and solutions to problems. He could probably get ideas from the shoe of a messenger.

Both one and the other, in a similar way, have touched the same sensitive line of creative power born out of the curiosities of the world of science and the environment. See? The whole world and all the progress of society, in a dialogue with a God that is revealed only by faith, that is, through the wisdom of experience and of the individual study, actually relies on the creativity of artists and scientists who have reached The Holy Grail by their own power.

Without them, we would probably have been so far behind, at the "story skeleton" stage of a universal night that never had a dawn for the progress of mankind.

Personally, I attach great respect to artists and scientists, in no case to individuals who hold various public functions. Because only from the first I really did learn to fundamentally change a whole society.

Leadership touched by the influences of art can only generate the change of an entire society if it reflects the positive and constructive attitude of the foundation that creates prerequisites for updating new motivations of learning based on the perception of creative immanence, not theory.

The Gift Of Living Under The Mark Of Art is a part of a formula that genuinely expresses the call to the heights of the great human ideals toward giving birth to new, innovative and lively impulses such as: "Enjoy every little thing and appreciate it to its true value, that is what makes the big difference !"

The evolution of aesthetics begins with an exciting description of the way you approach things from the perspective of elating to the value of the artistic act, the consumption of uniqueness and the reduced reality to a metaphorical correspondent.


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