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The Glow Of A Sensation Of Reawakening

On December 17, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop yourself as a consequence of observation taken beyond obvious findings so as to reach the consciousness of a new dimension.

I moved easily from one stage to another, when everything was losing its meaning, like the form of some enigmas no longer aroused suspicion, telling myself so many times, in a constant search of every drop of change, that other questions awaited me, other answers, at my next passing from a block of "analysis" based on the transformation of hidden causes. Nothing in the meaning of the things I was deepening, in the riddles I was trying to unravel, seemed to be limited in my consciousness in terms of the things around me, which seemed to urge me to adopt an attitude of withdrawal, la disponibilità di essere vulnerabili , and pretend I don’t see, hear or care.

He who once tasted the fretting pleasure of virtual journeys into a space of abundance of color, forms, and strong subjects, who tasted the spicy drunkenness, foaming of such a foolish escape from the real, he is the one who burns from the desire of always experiencing it again, acting with integrity on a system of personal redefining.

What I observed around me, carefully but also with a certain dose of uncertainty, the things that assailed me through their very wide variety, was directly proportional to the entry into a kind of fiction of John Fowles, full of masks, complicated sets and dozens of different poses. Basically, I was experiencing the sensation of a fantastic trip to a familiar land, but without knowing where to start, what to start once I reached my destination.

I was just like that girl, Rachel, from the movie “The Girl on the Train” who goes every morning on the same train to a known destination. She always sees the same things, she remembers others, and her life seems devoid of any joy, no expectation makes her heart beat faster. Her life seems bland, an endless drama. Until one day she sees something that shocks her. Everything changes and Rachel has the chance to take part in the lives she has observed only from the sidelines.

Leadership: Does the experience you have by traveling the distance from one point to another have as its main determinant the promise of a particular revelation, such as: “I am someone other than I am in reality”?

And, suddenly, everything changes, things take on a meaning, life begins to be lived with bathed breath. To paraphrase a great writer, such a man throws himself again and again into the foamy, fiery waves of devouring anguish, only to relive that "charming sense of self-importance", this golden drunkenness that replaces and surpasses a thousand times over all vulgar stimulants, alcohol, and nicotine.

In fact, it was a process of personal reforming by exercising forces of interaction with a sort of state of completeness, the feeling of endless imagination, along several corridors, with a character of deification in relation to the accessories of a time that doesn’t take charity. From here it would start the increasingly comprehensive drafting of a sublime character, of a portrait full of authenticity that could honor the ideal dimension of a new consciousness.

The feeling that everything was true and revealing, as if in a sort of reality born out of an untamed force, the feeling of being something, of having done something important that attracts all this light of ineluctable rationality into a place presumed to be infallible, when between the last degree of perfection and the first degree of doubt it is impossible to make a direct calculation, it seemed to reveal something to me. Something with symbolic, bookish, and magical connotations.

However, I would like to not be taken by surprise by such a feeling, for when you try to be more than you are, slowly but surely you begin to drift away even from the shore of revelation and you start diving into someone other than yourself.

Leadership: Can you engage in a process of personal reforming by exerting forces of interaction with a sort of perfect state from which a new consciousness can grow?

In the famous novel "The Magician", writer John Fowles compares this feeling that I was also experiencing with a star found not closer, but in a state of isolation, like when viewed through a telescope:

"The star was not part of a constellation, it floated alone in a black and blue space, in a void. I remember how I saw the star on a globe of white light, which produces and absorbs the space in which it is found, me being at the other end, suspended in a space of darkness. I watched the star, the star watched me. We were in equal positions, in balance, two equal dimensions, if one can speak of the consciousness of a certain dimension. It seemed to have lasted for a while, I don’t know how long. Two bodies suspended in the same way, opposed in the same way, devoid of meaning and effect. The feelings of beauty, moral, divine, of geometry were replaced by the feeling of situation as any animal perceives it."

He who knows and feels nature and the charm of revelations, which sometimes have symbolic consequences throughout life, often lets himself moved here and there in the journeys of his successive existential torments, leaving the alleys of ordinary forms of experience. He constantly seeks an answer to his troubling existential questions through the extension of a way of identifying with an ideal image, an image he would like to achieve or pretend it to be the hope, wisdom, and understanding beyond the obvious and the physical.

Before defining leadership, exclusively dependent on the objective elements of perception of the reality you compose and present there needs to be an attempt to define the concept of an image of which you could say: behold, this I could only see by diving into a certain state, into a different role, into a place in which I can find myself and help me overcome my failures.

The man who experiences the possibility of observing everything from the perspective of exploring an image from a different angle, applied to a symbolic constant, will always plead for the existence of a different, spiritual dimension, fuller of meaning, beyond that of the usually perceived world.

And the man who takes his thinking to a higher level is the one who forms and imposes as a consequence of observation taken beyond the usual findings, managing thusly to reach the consciousness of a new dimension. A dimension of what you are that results from the content of an act of individual living.

And such an act of living evolves based on what you perceive in comparison with something that exists through the things you follow, through the aspects that feed your inspiration.

The Glow Of A Sensation Of Reawakening highlights that boundlessness of feelings belonging to the man who wants to continue his knowledge beyond what appearance is at a certain point. Thus, it is initiated the increasingly ample outlining of a sublime character, a portrait full of authenticity that can honor the ideal dimension of a new consciousness.

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