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The Golden Lever Of Leadership

On December 21, 2010, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Determined people to realize your inner sense of power, so that they to be able to optimize more effectively the resources necessary to carry out the activities - in accordance with your goals.

Everything began on that late summer night. Colonel Cal Rhodes felt a strange anxiety that thrilled him. He could not sleep, because the living image of his son obsessed him. He could not accept that he died. A small fleck of hope still remained within him, and he could not remove it. He still believed that his son lived, because, after the war in Vietnam, the authorities declared him as being missed in action and not dead. Filled with fear and with a concealed terror, he had to go looking for him without fail and delay.

Since that night, Cal Rhodes was seized by a single thought, which turned into the biggest goal of his life: to save his son from the concentration camp in Laos, since he had received the information that he could find there the last survivors of the war. Even so, he could not achieve his purpose by himself. So he got in touch with the former brothers-in-arms of his son and, with much difficulty, he managed to convince them to give up their peaceful lives for a final rescue mission, but which was extremely dangerous at the same time.

Leadership: Do you hold on to a mission through which others can be aware of the source of your inner power, starting from the premise that feeling is a way to recognize the interaction between remorse, doubt, and synergy?

Cal Rhodes had to hold on this mission, which he alone had planned. His desire intensified by the fear that his son could have been tortured and even killed, determined him to plan carefully the strategy in order to achieve his goal. With a boundless enthusiasm that could break any barriers, Cal trained and prepared the six comrades to face high- risk situations. They formed a close friendship. The sweet taste of this association was due also to the fact that everyone had to share the same vision, the same goal and the same enthusiasm.

Cal Rhodes felt both hate and anger against those who kidnapped his son, but also the pride of becoming his savior. This gave him a certain prestige, strengthened his dignity as a commander and developed the talent of leadership. The six comrades got to have a great confidence in him, trusting his abilities to lead a team. Their cooperation was more than agreeable, because it was made under a moral obligation – they were all convinced by Cal that his son's rescue was a very serious reason for teamwork.

For having believed fiercely in his leadership, Cal has won the trust of the six comrades. They were aware of his inner sense of power to lead (exceeding their personal limits, imposing his will only to find son lost in the mission) - and driven by the momentum of the soul, were mobilized better never to help in that huge task which had taken on him.

Inner power is the result of thoughts that always cross your mind in a format of the type "I will never forget the wounds inflicted upon me", inspired from the reality of the transition from the production of a tragedy up to the triumph of a life that’s been found again.

Leadership: Can you build an influence such as "emotional persuasion" to cause that constant reference called synergy?

Let's not forget that this act of bravery – initiating an extremely difficult rescue mission – indicates a young mind, although Cal Rhodes was an old man past retirement, with full awareness of the eventual and future risks. Although he was old, he was the kind of guy who knew how to proceed and solve every single problem. There is nothing which can prevent him or force him back from what he has planned to do. His son had to be saved at any cost.

If you watched the movie "Uncommon Valor" (1983), you know that the mission was only partially successful, because the team led by Colonel Cal Rhodes managed to save only some of the prisoners, with the cost of losing two of its members, while his son had died long before they got there.

However, it is worth remembering from the movie that unity of thought and action that was created between the Colonel and the six comrades, a strong synergy based on sharing a common vision and understanding, a synergy based on courage, justice, respect, integrity and efficiency.

Just as a painter always takes into account the structure of shape and color in order to optimize the quality of the image, you also must consider the spiritual calling towards accomplishing an almost impossible mission to perfect the means of strengthening life with new possibilities of personal development.

Emotional persuasion has as an effect the impulse of the feeling of communicating a reality that cancels out the burdening drama of an incursion into the past.

The golden lever of leadership is the inner mechanism that gives you the propelling force necessary for achieving a higher level; it represents that great spiritual urge through which you can rise above people by your own; it is that unbreakable faith in yourself through which you can overcome any limit and barriers in order to achieve your goals; it is the essence which sets in motion the appropriate power for your actions; it is the most effective way by which you can increase the value of your leadership.

The great Greek scientist Archimedes said: "Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth". Like any lever, "the golden lever of leadership" must also have a place to stand. And this place to stand is nothing but the team united around you, which you must train and develop in order to achieve a common goal.

The golden lever of leadership designates the ensemble where several forces act: the inner impulse of the leader, as well as his competences, abilities and skills, both his and his team's, at which we add their collaboration, cooperation and cohesion.

Have you built such a lever for yourself?


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