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The Healing Force Of The Soul

On April 26, 2015, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Identify new ways of transmitting the revelation you own, imposing the meaning given to it by your soul.

- Did you truly believe that I could console myself? Asked Maximilien, bitterly looking at the count.

- Listen – said Monte Cristo – understand my words well, Maximilien ! When I ask if you have consoled yourself, I speak to you as a man for which human hearts hold no secrets. Come now, Maximilien, let us descend together to the bottom of your heart and investigate. Situations exist that people can feel instinctively, but they cannot discuss them with their minds.

Do you still feel the burning impatience of the pain that makes you jump up and down same as the lion bit by a mosquito? Do you feel the same searing thirst that is only quenched in the grave? Are you still the prey of the idealizing of self-pity that flings the living outside of life, in search of death? Or do you only feel the carelesness of those tired nerves, the boredom that stifles the ray of hope that wishes to shine? Do you feel, I wonder, the loss of memory, bringing about the impotence of tears?

Dear friend, if this is what you feel, if you cannot cry, if you feel your numb heart dead, if you have no strength other than that of God, if you have no eyes but for the heavens, then, my friend, let us leave aside the words too tight for the meaning that our soul gives us. *

Leadership: Can you find a good use of the potential to control what people see in you, by calling on the strange game of association between the tremendous aspects of life and the memorable images of patience faced with seemingly inescapable situations?

The process of maturation and of consolidation of personality, involving advantages of increasing emotional information for a better reception of the message you transmit, in the sense of an intervention that can support your way of being, the performance, objectives, ideas and their making, can be distinguished by a less usual characteristic, uncommon.

Namely, the control of reality supported by the power of the soul to assimilate it, produces or transmits a state, an emotion, a message that can be directly or indirectly dressed up into a meaning that sits between hope, doubt and revelation.

The famous writer, Stefan Zweig, wrote about the founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker-Eddy: "She observed that indisputable truth that any imaginary representation of a feeling, therefore of a pain, contains in itself the tendency of transforming itself into reality and that, therefore, a preventive suggestion removes the fear of getting sick which is as dangerous as the disease itself."

The meaning you give to your soul and transmit to others, rather by supporting with humility a revelation that doesn’t need evidence to realize a new image of reality, turns you into a man adaptable to life, to its circumstances, to the context in which people live, develop and are fulfilled.

The consolation effect fills you up with emotional states that you did not suspect you could experience, justifying the pain you feel when you think someone has something that belongs to you, especially that spark of intelligence, kindness, and wisdom that come from the mind and heart in respect for the values of life.

And the only suggestion that you will receive from someone truly experienced in the algorithm of life, from a truly impressive spirit, is to find a refuge in the face of the difficulties and contradictions of your personality, instead of worldly vanities, in the place of numerous passing adventures.

Leadership: Can you be yourself in a world that constantly tries to mold you into something other than what you are prepared to accept as a restructuring phenomenon of your inner world as compared to the plausible interpretation of reality that you cannot deny?

When you want to help a man first you have to open his interest to the meanings of a higher revelation. Revelation requires self-disclosure, a disclosure of your will or of a superior entity, as an initiative towards a representation of certain points of view, alternative and motivated vis-a-vis the way in which the aspects of life should be interpreted. To mutual benefit.

If you have embedded within you the ability to believe in something superior, bending your reasoning to the most favorable approach in what regards fulfillment and gracious force that nothing evil can penetrate, then you will fall prey to the "idealization of self-pity that flings the living outside of life, in the pursuit of death". Letting yourself be influenced by a superior spirit means believing in a reality that cannot be denied, one that at any time can turn into an inner dynamism force almost to shake up any understanding of life.

The most poignant leadership bears the mark of that mentality based on the recognition of the "unseen" spirit that a superior entity – providence – offers in the darkest situations of life. Providence is the answer you give to life when you are led by a superior understanding of the necessary renunciations in order to achieve effective and outstanding results over time.

Finding a new order for the great answers of life, which God prepared before you merged with them and understood them even in the pale light of pain, as a glimpse of certain truths progressively revealed by subjecting reason and consciousness to the will of the heart, is necessary for a good use of your potential of controlling what people see in you.

What people need to see in you is not "the gaze up to the heavens" that is required by the most powerful faith, but what makes you feel alive when the meaning that you give to your soul causes a reaction of pushing the limits, of the type: "I am more than what I am."

The Healing Force Of The Soul is won by the momentum given to the virtue of behaving disciplined amid the disorder of life. If you manage this performance, which involves a series of compromises, but especially a large dose of belief in something good, only then will you be able to get other "souls" closer to a state that can be motivated by faith in a superior entity.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Youth Publishing House, 1957.


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