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The Hidden Side Of Leadership

On January 26, 2017, in Leadership eX-Elite, by Neculai Fantanaru

Examine your life through a subtle selection of meaningful happenings, at the opening of which often shake the awareness and perception of the deep truths of your being.

- You say you believe in God? Asked Caderousse, gravely injured. For me, God does not exist !

- If I would’ve had the misfortune to believe up until now, answered Monte Cristo, I would believe now, watching you suffer to death !

Listen, the Abbot said to him, reaching with his hand for the wounded as if he’d want to command faith to him: this is what He did for you. This God you refuse to recognize in the last moment of your life: He has given you health, power, steady work, and even friends. Finally, he has given you life, as man should have it for him to be kind, with the peace and consciousness of fulfilling his natural desires. Instead of using God’s gifts, so rarely given by Him fully, here is what you have done: you have let your fall prey to sloth, envy, pride, drunkenness, and in your drunkenness, you have betrayed one of your closest friends.

- Such a strange priest you are, those of you who despair the dying instead of consoling them !

- Listen – continued Monte Cristo – when you have betrayed your friend, God began not hitting you, but warning you !

A second unexpected wealth came down from the heavens upon you, you have once again found your money and peace, you could’ve recommenced living the life you dream about. And then, outlaw, then you have again begun to anger God. You became greedier, more arrogant, more selfish, and more without spirit. "I do not have enough", you’d tell yourself, when in fact you had more than you had ever had, and you have committed a third transgression, senseless, inexcusable. And God endured you no longer and punished you. *

Leadership: Do you have to generate a superior understanding from within the cause of your states of "blindness" and not from outside of secondary conditionings?

The man who examines his life through a subtle selection of significant happenings, at the opening towards what often shakes consciousness and perception of deep truths of his being, has neither as a support of self-assessment the gift of a clearer vision, nor the gift of an extremely intuitive mind, inclined towards research.

Complementing the picture of a life that finalizes its experiences and ends the struggle of a state of wakefulness or rebellion from facing all challenges, this man sees himself compelled to project his spiritual complexity over what forms the object of a background, universal judgment. Which is not devoid of, naturally, the fear of punishment, the conscience of committed sins.

Always the man who aims to reveal the truths he’s made out of, sees himself put in relation to what comes from the outside, to what is brought to his consciousness, to what is reminded of him in his moments of doubt, for him to become the protagonist of a new beginning or of a troubling finale.

And one of the features of the realism of a man who probes his truths resides in the sum of two instances of the model of transitioning to a new reality.

An instance called "Guide", stemming from the conjuncture of events with a taste of remorse, which help him exhaust the possibilities proposed by the integration into a sad scenario. And an instance called "Navigator" which contains a reference of what needs to happen for man to understand the true value of what is desired to be corrected through direct and immediate experience.

The validity of your power to build a significant life, which prevents possible disharmonies in the shaping of personality, is outlined from the necessity of assuming your own experiences in the form of a recap.

Just as Napoleon Bonaparte would do, get used to recapping important events at the end of the day, and think of what exactly constituted an exception to the rule, a coincidence, a divine intervention, a warning or a feeling ! Can you find a meaningful correlation between all of these?

The man who approaches perfection is the one who experiences "living in awakening."

This type of self-exploration, caused by contradictions between the good and the bad, which cross the infinite stretches of meaningful existential sequences from the past, puts into function that freedom of the spirit to push man into a certain conjecture. And makes him able to constitute himself as a basis for his liability in the exclusive conditions of aspirations of ascension above daily living, contained in the narrow edges of needs and concerns.

Just as allergies pass, but do not completely heal, so too do years pass, but the somewhat disturbing feeling of an action happened long ago returns. The Ego itself doesn’t forgive the facts and the fundamentals that generated them.

The experience of guilt, of the lack of merit to life, of resentment, the unimaginable weight of abandonment, these are some of the signals telling you that you relate to an experience that happened to contain the saying: "Give man the mind of back then, namely, that final wisdom before something happens."

The Hidden Side Of Leadership sees the shape of your own existence that turns against the foundation you built yourself upon.

A man open and receptive to what wants to be, which is not in the future, but are already present, makes a step forward towards strengthening the power to act like a responsible man, not as a sheep that doesn’t resist the one who shears it.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Publishing Youth, 1957.


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