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The Highest Level Of Leadership

On December 15, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Proceed in constructing a perfect art, achieving a mix between the experience of ecstasy and the requirements of everything around.

A cosmic silence, born from the integration of man in the landscape, in nature, in the strange life of this country. Once alone with nature, an unusual sensation of self-dissolution in nature embraces you, one of merging with it, perfect harmony. The sensation of the most sublime joy of ecstasy is born. The ecstasy whose laws were the object of so many feverish research, so many meticulous calculations of the artist. Now, however, it has become a concrete sensation. So, the initial thoughts about film are toppled.

He only finds cinema exciting in the measure in which it is a small experimental universe. There will have to be a period of purification, of complete transformation of cinema in which no stone will be left unturned from our dear decedent works. What is around here is much more interesting, incomparably more exciting than any type of cinema. He no longer finds the problem of montage interesting. That of sound even less.

Now, having reached the core of ecstasy, Eisenstein does, however, have an allergic reaction to cinema. "Still, as conscientious as I have worked here I have never worked before." Now, the unique and so coveted voluptuousness of experiencing a harmony and inner unity is born. *

Leadership: Do you recognize the role of a category of forces required in capturing the essential nature of an experience lived through everything that surrounds you, so to bring the creation to the level of timeless art?

Ecstasy is the path, not without meaning, crossed by a man full of knowledge on the surface of a reality of a supreme order, one which we call the invisible plentitude in flowing movement, after he has traversed the vastness of an experience that broadened his consciousness and refined his sensibility. Here It can be see the uniqueness of creation carried to the level of timeless art: by the fact that what you experience through the thing you believe in fulfills you without justifying yourself, without having the other things.

A man who experiences ecstasy, the man penetrated by a content of the sublime, no matter how crazy the sensation of being surrounded by everything good, beautiful, inspirational, artistic is, lives like a true creator according to the rules of a life and an art that means continuity. An art marked by meticulous calculations, by ever more suggestive colors, which gain a certain symbolism, up to the construction of a true arsenal of "fantasy" elements with a landmark value for the shaping of the new.

The man faced with such an arsenal of elements, corresponds in turn to a whole called "infinity", being able to attribute his work subjected to a unitary concept – an uplifting destiny, full of magnetism and virtuosity. He acquires an unusual power, like a shining star, getting closer to the perfection of the one who loves and borrows terms from his own operating conditions, in the authority of an absolute transcendence.

The personality revolving around leadership is that which, by connecting to everything around, manages to create an experimental universe, always expanding, formed out of a dimension of experiences that beg to be shared, out of the dimension of a way of life full of meaning and out of the dimension of a broader theme of creation.

The construction of art, same as the greatness of man, resembles a newer form of leadership, which I call "Inside-Out". Meaning something that happens inside of you, in relation to the exterior that pulls your gaze and bewitches you fully. And to surpass the limit of experimental knowledge, by relating to what you feel in the context of a certain type of answer to what happens around you, is a masterpiece of the sublime.

The forces that contribute to capturing the essential nature of an experience lived exclusively through everything that surrounds you consist in the unity between idea and image, in which is blended a harmony of emotions, thus integrating man into a landscape of the unusual that constantly reinvents itself.

Inside-out is the inner quality of man transferred in value and spirit in the form of a creation that suggests the perfect harmony between nature and feeling. Or the evaluation of the quality of a creation focused on the requirements of “everything around”, meaning that by depending on the features of each model of inspiration, is done in the same way, by the value and inner transfer (in the great book of nature) of a sensitive perception of a counterfeit reality.

The true fulfillment of creation is obtained by experiencing a harmony and inner unity through communion with the life of nature, with its elements, with its forces, with its values, so as to include the NOVELTY of a way of thinking in a theme of great daring, of great visibility, of great interest.

The Highest Level Of Leadership can be achieved only by the man who perceive creation by deepening the understanding of the contexts of exploring the new that depend on the harmonization between the experience of ecstasy and the requirements of everything around.

* Note - Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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