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The Holy Eye Of Paracelsus

On December 20, 2021
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Leadership FX-Intensive by Neculai Fantanaru

Any gaze, even if lost, can be restored by a single consideration: “feeling knows everything before actual thought takes place”.

When you walk alone, strongly anchored in the spiritual, you begin to notice everything around you more leisurely. Only then do you reflect best on life, on yourself, on God. And as you walk alone, especially in the evening, when the lights in your room look like miniature silver stars, even if the sky wears its gray cape and doesn’t allow any conversation, you realize how important it is to have a mindset based on feelings, “on intangible assets”, so on what you have, not on what you lack.

And what exactly do you have that is so precious? You have a vision that drives the operations of thought, capturing the real nature of things, as this nature is designed by God for humanity and progress. A view based on science, first of all, but also a view strongly inclined to the supreme heights of art, because that means true spirituality: “to rediscover yourself through the act of seeing things differently than they seem.”

And as I walk alone, reflecting on what sets one thing apart from another, I come to find out what sets me apart from other people, without trying to draw attention to the various superficial conceptions of the nature of unexplored spaces of artistic manifestation which give the impression of incomprehensible depths, or give the impression of smaller or larger miracles, which defy the laws of nature.

Leadership: Can you look more clearly at yourself and what influences your relationships with things around you, through a stated affinity of thinking that goes beyond appearance – to essence?

Like white butterflies coming from another world, the lights still surround me on all sides, soft and preventive, as the darkness of the night grows more and more, but without deepening in my soul. Somehow, I feel protected by a clear thinking that fulfills the condition of purity: to look with your inquisitive eyes through the eyes of God, very clearly and in the finality of being. Because any gaze, even if lost, can be restored by a single consideration: “feeling knows everything before actual thought takes place.”

The famous alchemist, Paracelsus, took into account the feeling aroused by this supreme condition, saying : “And this which you must take heed of is of a great magnitude: that there is nothing in heaven and on earth that is not in man. And God, which is in heaven, is in man.”

This means that the sky, even cloudy, is not devoid of that artistic tendency, deep in the consciousness and soul of man, manifested in the world of creation by researching the expressive values of shapes and colors, the line and the point from which everything is made.

So whatever you see, by investigating and researching the nature of everything around you, tell yourself right away: what makes it more special, what makes it indispensable to the mind, what makes it the best choice for the soul? What high purpose does this have in the eyes of the Creator?

Leadership: Have you developed an attitude of awareness of the things that are required to be penetrated by an orientation of the gaze from the edges to the center, for the sake of a realistic and spiritual order?

If the rule of mind does not belong to you, and if it is not researched in the bosom of Nature, imagining that there is no teacher in the world to teach you, then you will fail in trying to draw a path in the dimension of the sacred. And the sacred, only art reveals it through the creation and discoveries of science that only your own mind, included in the spirit of matter, can cling to without letting go.

Research things well, even those that cannot be seen, bit by bit, far above those that can be seen from a distance. And so the mind, being in favor of artistic investigations, without any kind of artificiality continuously felt, will seek to decipher and understand the divine origin of creation in the composition of all matter. And emotional language must become the instrument of a deep imagination.

Whoever succeeds in perfecting his science only by studying Nature, making his imagination the only religion, no matter how difficult it may be, will only give the key to the full understanding of the Creator. In the end, the man shaped by the artistic act arrives in front of a gaze that looks primarily at him, after which it also looks at itself.

Everything around is art and science, discovery and creation, and darkness best highlights light. Illustrative here is the fact that the clairvoyant eye sees well in both light and darkness. And it sees things that are not the same, although they are very similar. Therefore, man has the freedom to separate things from the whole, to consent to what is happening to him, and he can return to the whole after separating from it, by the fascinating quality of the gaze of capturing the reverse more than the averse of things.

In art, leadership promotes the development of the vision that can be obtained by trying to see the nature of one’s being, but also the image of the Creator, in everything around.

The Holy Eye Of Paracelsus refers to that sense of sight directed toward things that really matter to an extended conscience for the judgment of the things we use every day when we open our minds to the study of sacred science. This science is closely related to the art of seeing the nature of one’s being, but also the image of the Creator, in everything around.

Man who does not study art as a connoisseur will never understand the ins and outs of creation from the impenetrable mysteries of things, as they are rooted in God’s thinking.

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