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The Hour Of A Lost World

On March 01, 2017, in Leadership eX-Elite, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to capture the reality beyond your own reason, imposed by the verdict of an entity before human consciousness that supports the right to free will.

Mercedes burst into tears. Her woman heart broke in the face of the memories. Monte Cristo took her hand and kissed it respectfully. But she felt his kiss is cold, like kissing the marble hand of the statue of a saint.

- There exist predestined lives, whose future can be crushed by one mistake, she continues. I thought you were dead and would I should have died too, for what use did it have for me to forever mourn you? Only to turn a thirty-nine-year-old woman into a fifty-year-old one, and that’s all. I have denied my love, and as all deniers, I bring misfortune to all those around me.

- No, Mercedes – said Monte Cristo – no ! You have to think more highly of yourself. You are a noble and holy woman and you have disarmed me with your suffering. But behind me, unseen, unknown, angry, is God. I was but his envoy, he used me as a weapon to draw evil out and did not want to stop the lightning I had cast. I take God as my witness, at whose feet I prostrate every day for ten years now, I take Him as a witness that I have sacrificed my life and with it I have also sacrificed all the plans we had.

I say this to you with pride, Mercedes, that God needed me, and I have lived. Search the past, search the present, try to guess the future and see if I am a tool, a work of an invisible intelligence. Pray to the Lord, who holds people’s lives in His hands, to remove the death around me. For as the surrounding reality serves the great poets as a model of ideal creations, so too does the full force of His wrath serve a higher purpose than myself, taller than some life lessons that can better cope with the real course of the world.

The clock strikes the hour of a lost world of everything that was our great love. And even if our fate was decided forever, for us to separate, do not forget that He wants you to understand and to discuss His power. This is why He has given us free will. *

Leadership: Do you highlight your purpose of life within the composition of the ensemble of reality whose significance is found by observing a series of facts and distinct happenings that demonstrate your compliance with the requirements of an unseen order?

By summarizing all the above, said by writer Alexandre Dumas, we understand that the mind and soul are the tools of an unseen intelligence, always constant in what it imposes, that in addition, is superior to that force that we ourselves are and the one that often tends to get twisted in a direction contrary to our internal structure. And the human soul, perceived as a tool of an invisible order, being much more important than a mind in accordance with the truths of life, can be imposed as the existence of a higher force that changes the direction of destiny to another personality, to other social circumstances.

In other words, we are led, without our will, through a series of physical, emotional and spiritual processes, as in the play of light of a fantastic mirage, towards the path of the art of living through self-giving and sacrifice painted on the canvas of a work which suggestively shows the theme or content of a "judicial" decree beyond our understanding.

Solidarity with this form of leadership, superior to the knowledge I acquired through a flash of feelings, through a living and active faith, through a virtuous life and the fulfillment of what ought to be followed, is a cause of the expansion of our consciousness to where we can discover increasingly more about how the world is shaped. To the point where the tendency to judge things is canceled, in which the implication into a cause to our liking can throw us.

The possibility of making up a leading force, superior and stable, is based on the proper positioning of a comprehensive vision, of an image of impact and of a life content, in the sense of a transformation affecting the source of all human actions from what causes a certain experience to what causes a certain consequence.

Leadership: Can the example of guiding your destiny intervene in the interpretation of a “Superior Force” that is required in the context of the expansion of your consciousness to the point where you can discover more and more about how an entire world is shaped?

The true value of high quality leadership, by participating in the formation of a whole system of representing a reality seen through a state of the soul, is a reminder of the point where the affirmation of the human will to "set the world straight" and play an important role in shaping it becomes the condition of making a higher order.

In order to achieve the unity between the essential fundamental of the world and carrying out an absolute superiority, one has to highlight his purpose in the composition of the ensemble of a reality whose significance is revealed by the parallel observation of a series of facts and distinct happenings that demonstrate his compliance with the requirements of an unseen order.

An order which, first of all, ask for an act of faith from man, an act of trust in a reality that exceeds the powers of reason, beyond the limits imposed by life experience.

The fulfillment of a man’s destiny is required to be accomplished by the truthfulness of a world influenced by a superior force whose victory, which establishes balance in everything and everything, is given (in an unseen order) by the observance of an imperative law: “You reap what you sow.”

May God help you, based on your soul !

The Hour of a Lost World is when you recognize yourself as being weak in the face of an infinite universal intelligence built into the living of life, of which you have only explored a small part in a bizarre chain of coincidences. Highlight that reality above your reason, imposed by the verdict of an entity before human consciousness that supports your right to free will only by influencing your life content and the supposed priorities of it.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Youth Publishing House, 1957.


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