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The Human Side Of Leadership

On November 20, 2018, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Restrain your feeling of deep sorrow that you feel before consciousness, do not allow yourself to be led by it !

My name is Cella Serghi. I will have to talk about myself, with the detachment given to me by years that have passed since then. It is now said that I was disturbingly beautiful. I think it is an exaggeration. I never thought I was beautiful. And precisely because I was insecure about my physique, dissatisfied, I was so chic, I was preoccupied to be liked. And I managed, because I was alive, anxious, vibrating like a leaf to the lightest breeze, permeable to all that life is.

Preoccupied to be liked, desiring a great reciprocated love, but life had denied me just what I was looking for. I had the anxiety of Cinderella when she lost her shoe. Maybe I was looking for my magic shoe, maybe for my childhood, maybe for myself, maybe a different fate than that which is usually accepted by women. Maybe I resembled no one, because it seemed to me that I always had to start over from the beginning and everything had to start with me.

I do not know how I understood, or felt, that only by doing something unusual, I would be myself. But I was looking, I was looking for myself… It was a search that kept me in a constant state of wake, in an anxiety that I was conveying, as if I was stopping and wondering where to go and everyone felt they could be a possible guide and approached me. But I, as in the game where someone guides you to find the hidden object, saying only "cold", "hot", "warm", "hot" (as you get close or stray away), I was looking for the "fire".

Leadership: Can you crush the gear of time without an apparent essence in which you have become just a simple wheel, always having a certain perspective upon yourself: you yourself within a world that denies and asserts itself both at the same time?

Do you have the courage to fight against that factor that stifles you in a state of denial of small and great joys? Do you feel abandoned in a world full of unrealistic expectations or too high in relation to your chances of satisfying them? Are you filled with poor and gloomy feelings that fully dominate you? What is the nature of the links that are established between your defining elements? Do you abandon the most precious values, everything you think is the reason for new choices? What is the only component in the system that defines you as a human, which can react in a unit of time, on a particular path?

Great American tycoon Warren Edward Buffett said: "The price is what you pay. Value is what you get." These words contain a wealth of meanings, but also a meaning that covers the whole essence of our existence.

A world that denies and affirms itself both at the same time is an encyclopedia of vanity that blurs the existence of all who live in the realm of a story that is hard to accept, one you will probably never meet again, but will find it many times in memories. Remember that in one of your dreams, in which you have founded a new world with a symbolic role of chasing out any regrets and pains, a character you have not immediately recognized, but has marked you by the fact that you have realized you have destroyed the possibilities of becoming a definitive substitute for reality.

And a time without apparent essence is an interruption of a life full of ideals. At one point, in your dream, where you have established a true kingdom of glory, a measureless glimmer, you have come upon an old man who has been burdened for years trying to pass of as a teenager. This old man seemed to have assumed for many years the role of welcoming strangers, being sadder as he so desperately wanted to be noticed.

The feeling you experience in the silence of a retrospect look at life can be a proof of the virtue of believing in yourself, or a consequence of the tendency to resign yourself. Living the complex illusion of a frequently encountered reality that surrounds you and keeps you in a state of uncertainty, bumping into the un-probable abyss of despair, ignoring the essence of life and the primordial purpose of the ego (to increase the perception of personal value).

This is usually the price you pay fully, the consequence of establishing relationships with other individuals, of another case, which did not have the content corresponding to your own aspirations.

A man endowed with the virtue of self-esteem overcomes his inability to react to any kind of disappointment through the exercise of confronting the image of a world that is revealed only under certain conditions of observation of life lessons that motivate him to better understand the path to follow.

Personal value, which often results in a total inconsistency between the asking price and the cost (what you want to get from life and what you are willing to pay to obtain it) is reflected in other indicators, in the level of professional performance you register – relative to your level of involvement in your personal life. This value reaches the zero threshold if the ratio is not continuity, but rupture.

The most experienced people do not find their brilliance where the sun shines, but where the dark nights reign, when the stars are lit and the stars in the sky are admired – they point the way to true self-understanding.

Like Cella Serghi, the people endowed with the virtue of completing themselves after a difficult attempt put the essence of their existence at the forefront. If you do not want to fall into despair and get stuck in a denial of reality, if you do not want to turn into an idle robot, if you do not want to fall into a compromising and lamentable extreme, if you do not want to be tormented by the tendency to become locked inside yourself, then strive to crush the gear of time without apparent essence in which you have become just a simple wheel.

Strive to remove, to free yourself, to prevent those circumstances in which the shortcomings, the aspirations show their true face. Break the bonds that keep you in captivity, which could definitively disqualify you from the race to the great prize: fullness. The most important lesson of life you have to learn from yourself is the following: "seek to understand your personal needs without deepening in the anxiousness of Cinderella who lost her shoe."

Leadership: Do you allocate time for your personal development in a one-on-one relationship of the inner world and the struggle with the outside world, without assuming the privilege of living in a space that shelters only the past of an illusion?

The importance of the path you are pursuing towards excellence, with all its add-ons, such as the ability to self-identify or identify with something that captivates and makes you special, is closely related to the relationships you establish with other people, especially professionally.

The importance of these relationships is not negligible in the slightest, because they determine the experiences you are going through. Inner conflicts are a loophole of insecurity, the most sensitive part of your entire process of functioning and existence.

A space that shelters only the past of an illusion can be an attraction that limits your personal freedoms or fidelity to a belief that is no longer of use to you. The situation in which you are a prisoner, actively, as a personal insecurity factor, accelerates your expansion to the limit, finding its outcome in the great wave of change. It all depends on your perception of what life means, on what the assimilation of a way of being means, solid and healthy.

The one-on-one relationship between the inner world and the struggle with the outside world is given by the simultaneous command of your "frequencies of agreement", that is, the way in which you structure your meaning of life in relations with other people. These pulse-like frequencies that put you in touch with yourself, are sending warning messages about any changes or personality changes resulting because of others.

Do you sustain a professional change that affects your personal life? What are the pros and cons that the agreement frequencies command you to heed?

Leadership is the opening to a spiritual plenary life that begins with: "I will have to talk about myself with the detachment given to me by the years that have passed since" and continue with the search for an ideal of essentialization of the present moment of life, meant to keep you in a constant state of wakefulness to the changing flow of the world.

The Human Side Of Leadership captures the expectations of a world that is hitting the nostalgia of a spiritual or emotional resignation, deaf and revolted at the same time because of some purposes of life that will never be the same again.

The primordial condition of the man concerned with the Ego and his reputation is not to accept defeat by the limits of one’s own power or perspective, but to endure the exaggeration with which it follows the tendency to isolate itself from everything.

* Note: Serghi, Cella - On The Spider's Thread of Memory, Polirom Publishing House, 2013.


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