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The Illusionist, Who Lurks From The Unknown The Extensions Of His Science

On December 02, 2012, in Leadership 360˚, by Neculai Fantanaru

Increase the knowledge and understanding of the "Human" within you, without going beyond the borders of the reality.

Everything that exists around me changes incessantly, but imperceptibly, and almost without my knowledge, as an unnatural emanation of vapors. The clogged sounds of knowledge and self-knowledge made themselves heard, but accompanied by the echoes of doubt. I was at an impasse that could lead to a considerable decrease in the value that I assigned to me, without hesitation, in understanding life and accepting the reality.

How it was possible that any one fellow, subject to a constant pressure, feeding himself only with the illusion of a dream, a stranger, who hurries to bring out to the surface from the darkest corners of the reality his true purpose - to confound and compare himself at a distance of only a few "counterattacks" with another human type, with a passionate player of the reality, with a magician who transforms his magic in a unique way?

Should I, perhaps, conclude that I had reached the result of my own excess of transfiguration, and that all were in fact only one and the same thing, a separatism of my own limits? Was the man within me beyond any mask? Or, was clinging to any illusion, using all sorts of tricks?

The power of a secret understanding

All sorts of well-defined ideas that we abandon in favor of other inconsistencies. All of the convincing resources put at stake in a constant search for something new. But, for something unpredictable. For something improbable. A magnetic battery around which was lined in bunches all the resources, all the creative effluvia, the more subtle ones, dotted with the finest set of qualities. But that was discharged more and more through their own energy consumption.

As a man who learned so much, discovering the more I advanced in my study more and more secrets, I was convinced that I will never know anything. That, in fact, everything was returning against me, like a ricocheted bullet. For I disobeyed more and more my being, through an increase of knowledge. A symbolic search of something incomprehensible, the fight around a convoluted truth. The exclusive exploitation of an understanding, opposite to my own thinking that must be concluded.

I felt placed in the middle of heaven and earth, framed into a certain category of reality - nuanced only at the level of science. Un coureur poussé des nouvelles epreuves. Being limited by an unknown phenomenon, only to a single option: the uncertainty.

I had come to report myself on some concepts that were as foreign for me as the chromosomes could be for Tolstoy. I felt proud and troubled at the same time, like the one passing the bridge of scientific research in order to penetrate into an unknown land, warmed by the purest knowledge, but still so complicated.

The spark was lit, suddenly and unexpectedly, like an eruption of thoughts into a more or less distant future. Nothing could stop the man, under the path breaker forces, to defeat his illusions in the mist of becoming, denser. And harsher. There where nothing can be seen, but where dwell all the answers, and are accounted all the secrets. There where everything changes, but above all it is weighed.

It was all about how well I handled the stick which brought wealth to the mind.

Leadership: Remember what you actually know!

Do you always compare yourself with a human type that does not want change around him and in him? Are all your resources put at stake in a constant search for something new? Have you reached a level at which you abandon some ideas in favor of some newer ones? Do you discover that as long you evolve, in fact, you know nothing about you? Do you feel that everything turns against you? Are you disobeying more and more your own being, through an increase of knowledge?

The leadership can be assimilated by almost anyone, with a single condition, which perhaps only the Greek philosopher Plato expressed it very clearly: "The biggest part of your training is to remember what you already know." And I would add here, "what you already know" is given by a continuous accumulation of values and knowledge assimilated over time, while being determined of everything that changes incessantly around you.

Everything that exists around you changes incessantly, and has a strong echo in your entire way of being. And only if you have that kind of mood of the man who would bet everything on one card, of the man who buries all bridges behind him in order to rebuild them more lasting on long term, you will be able to get up to a higher level of leadership.

In other case, you will remain an unknown person, a simple man, who occasionally feeds with the illusion of a grand future. And the one who clings to any illusion, using all sorts of tricks in order to get hold of the land required for his raising at a high level, will never reach that landmark of favorable orientation. But, will always occupy a secondary role in an improvised playlet, cut off from the truth promoted by the art of leadership.

The critical point of knowledge

A research beyond your limits. An intellectual chivalrous contest between two constants, between knowledge and its applicability, between the meaning of knowledge and updating your possibilities of "to be" a contest where you have to be very careful. For you may be tempted to follow an ideal much too high for your possibilities of achieving it. And, following constantly this ideal, to realize that you actually entered an unknown realm, warmed by the purest knowledge, but still so complicated.

The man, who keeps deliberately to be someone else, to be more than he is, to outdo himself, the man, who puts his knowledge for the benefit of his perfection can reach, from an excess of inspiration, of energy and able to go beyond reality. The converse being as valid, only such a man can achieve maximum potential of maturity and responsibility. Into what category are you falling?

Just as during cell division the chromatin is organized in the form of chromosomes, so the man who fully devotes himself towards reaching his perfection - through the continuous development of ideas, and through enhancing the effectiveness of his thinking process, by renewing his power to fully devote himself, may end up channeling his energies around an empty space. A separation of his Ego. A door closing for the total success.

This is the critical point of knowledge - to go further than you were originally scheduled,  to get to climb a mountain until it falters and collapses. Or to reach the top of it, leaving the others behind you, having in front of you only uncertainty.

At the same time, this is the point where you realize that you are limited by an absolute phenomenon, only to a single option: the uncertainty. And uncertainty, this half unknown territory lies on the border that separates reality from illusion. When you simply get lost in the labyrinth of science, of life, search, creation, inspiration, and of the endless thoughts - with all their additions. Perfection cannot be achieved, unless you succeed to pass this boundary, or to see beyond it. And to become what you really are.

Right in the act of perfection, in the sense of the absolute precision measures, which deserve to be taken for a more accurate assessment of your own knowledge, the uncertainty can be determined if you do not follow faithfully the thread of your becoming, real, under all appearances. You become confused, and you end up not distinguishing anymore reality from illusion, moving away from your destination, deviating from your mission, on the long way towards "absoluteness".

The illusionist who lurks from the unknown the extenses of his science brings to the fore that total change of the man who, by manipulating in a more sophisticated way the science and the knowledge, he comes creating and assuming duties beyond his powers. Moving away slightly of the reality, and after that increasingly more, he ends up isolated in a world of illusions. A world that can falter and even fall like a mountain.

Are you falling into a certain category of the reality - only nuanced at the level of science? Are the limitations of your own knowledge given by exactly this uncertainty knocking on the door of your life, wondering: "Who you actually are?". Do this uncertainty highlights the lack of your ability to analyze the things objectively before coming to a firm decision, before finding out how the things really are?

Increase the knowledge and understanding of the "Human" within you, without going beyond the borders of the reality.


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