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The Imperceptible Cry Of A Heart Possessed By The Spirits Of A Desolate World (I)

On January 10, 2014, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Carefully explore the unknown within man, in order to find that inner world within him that can give free rein to his individuality’s reunification.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" shouts Marie Jacques with an anxious voice, struck by thousands of feelings, stinging like fine needles, firmly planted in the rustling body. But can they unblock the latent energy circuits that operate in disharmony within the man she loves?

"I am a man who kills people for money. Governments want me dead. Canadians want me dead. And so does Carlos. Think about that ! " answers Jason Bourne, disoriented by an uncertain past, full of error and darkness, where none can enter anymore, not even himself. So many efforts, so much determination he pots into understanding the hidden things about himself.

But the determined woman has within the pocket of her heart a map of the man, a world full of meanings and emotions, along with its operating rule. Only she knows love in its most noble form, the pure part of it, infinite, which requires sacrifice and mercy. Only the woman who is truly loving can perceive the high-pitched cry of a soul that battles darkness, and the spirits of a desolate world. Only she holds the key to Bourne’s inner transformation. But in order for his transformation to be complete and fully lived with all the senses, with all conviction, the vital source of all energies, hopes and aspirations, directed with precision, must generate a positive reaction.

All these forces of intervention that can balance the soul of a man casted by the past into a confusing space, impossible to control, are found within herself, in strict proportions, beneficial ones. They can neutralize flammable agents, any outburst, any anxiety, any sadness, any misgiving and any pain, only if it moves the inner resource – the strength of his soul.

Leadership: Can you prove the value of your emotional intelligence at a defining moment of life that fits into your evolution as a painful simulation of an expanding tragedy?

The emotional intelligence Marie Jacques proved was the ability to make a correlation between what she knew about Jason Bourne’s life and what was left forbidden to find out in a moment of distress without letting herself be intimidated by the effects of a possible tragedy. So, emotional intelligence is closely linked to the decision you are about to take with a life-threatening risk when everything you experience in the middle of events has a great echo in another person’s soul.

At one of the webinars I said that, in order to understand leadership, you have to step farther and farther into the garden full of spiritual temptations, to follow the evolution of future seeds of human transformation, to provide greater understanding of false values, to recognize what gives color to inclinations, to sprinkle a lot of light over existential anxieties. To observe the existing differences in the way a personality is formed, to decode the energy that allows the development of self-consciousness. To properly treat every part of the inner resources that shape human manifestation conditions, those that are or that are not felt.

After that you have to take a shovel and dig as many evenly spaced holes as possible so as not to overlap the two tendencies independent in principle, of isolation or integration. And in each of these holes pour in abundance, with a strong motivation, many senses and meanings. So that, amid the intensive work with your own beliefs, you can stabilize the soil surface which adversely affects fertility of the resources necessary to the rentability of the moral capital of social relationships.

And this is possible only through an intense action of renewing the most relevant and useful characteristics of becoming human, preventing the erosion of personal liberties of thought, feeling and acting according to self needs, inclinations, self-interests that play an essential role in the efficient managing of his whole functioning potential.

Who wants to understand leadership by exploring a broader human psychology, which is measured often by sharing pain or joy, must self-address that profound identification of the man with a specific cause, which doesn’t necessarily have an end, remaining a solitary outburst.

Who wants to develop a leadership that relies on the high pillars of deep human knowledge, must embark on a search for the identity that says: "Do not worship a reality from which vision and your influence over it was omitted."

The Imperceptible Cry of A Heart Possessed by The Spirits of a Desolate World is that manifestation of pain caused by a wandering that leads man to wrong assessments of the situations he finds himself in and over the potential of assuming his own identity.

* Note: The Bourne Identity (1988)


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