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The Intense Echo Beyond Death

On October 27, 2013, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Turn On the engine equipped with an autonomous filter of intuition, in order to achieve that powerful thinking that goes beyond reason.

In the face of a corpse everything becomes ridiculous. Especially if the rotational axis of the thoughts passes through the center of gravity of an opposing force, that has something to say. But one that can be perceived only by a mind in which a new property manifests itself: thinking beyond reason.

Clarice Starling surprisingly observes – a result of an attention stemming from a priori experience – that something can still be found in the corpse’s mouth. And this something asks to be uncovered, searched to the last crevice of the being sheltering the mighty fortress of truth enclosed by thick walls. Does she suspect anything, or is it just her imagination?

Thus, she is trapped in a narrow area of control, in which the contact points with reality are just tangential, intersecting only on the evolved territory of a profound mind. This is what is killing Clarice. And, at the same time, gives her life. To start a blind search for a support surface to match some puzzle pieces.

In an instant, Clarice changes the rules of the hide and seek game she was involved in during the investigation. Enticed, she wanders through an underground labyrinth, a huge and endless one, beyond the realm of death, with the unwavering determination of a chemist who makes his experiments in a rigorous manner.

Leadership: Can you highlight the image of a totality of homogeneous elements that form the meaning of a correlation between what you know, what is seen and the novelty discovered as a consequence of life situations that require certain knowledge and skills?

You could say this lifeless body, found in a state of putrefaction, generates a force of immeasurable energy that is contained in the segment of time that can open the gates of the soul. Or rather, those gates of perception that lead to the depths of the subconscious. It seems to emit invisible radiation that is absorbed by Clarice’s hunter of echoes instinct.

This body, rigid and inert, offers some clues that need to be pursued and investigated, new secrets, new details and aspects of how the crime was committed. As if being provided with special transmitters whose waves are intercepted by the finest senses. At an instinctive level, Clarice puts it all together.

Two forces interact, attracting each other like magnets – a force coming from the depths and a force of feeling that picks up the diffused signal from the intermediary discharge circuit of the life giving energy. At a subconscious level, between Clarice and the body without a heartbeat a communication beyond death takes place, an invisible bond that modifies the state of some of the elements of her way of thinking.

Leadership: Can you capitalize on the experience you have gained in years of professional activity in a “I demand Justice” context, whose causality echoes at a fixed point where an order can begin?

Of all the cops in the room, only she, Clarice, has developed such a sense of observation. It seems that she is the only one placed near the emissions stemming from the inert body, small particles of energy that propagate undetectably in the form of rays in all directions. Only she perceives the low frequency pulses designed to penetrate only a warm heart with a strong will.

This freak event does not seem too crazy. For, indeed, the coroner’s photo does not capture the frames in a lively way. That which is untangled, the thread of the whole ordeal, only the inner voice can fix.

The deafening roar of the spirit greatly frightens Clarice’s heart: "I demand justice ! " An echo whose processing pushes the mind’s power to extremes, making it possible to detect those elements and strong clues, necessary to catch the criminal. A single fixed point of Clarice’s professional evolution, from where an order of superior logic can begin, can give reality (experienced through coercion) a new meaning: that any novelty in terms of facts and life situations may leave room for a compensation of strength and personal assertion.

Leadership: Do you understand that the undertaking of what you are experiencing through professional considerations may have the consistency of a psychological phenomenon called “a defining moment of life”?

Clarice experiences a defining moment of life that is tumultuous, deployed in her consciousness as a kind of echo beyond death, which opens another perspective on the events that she considers of major importance to the case. She suspects that the deceased was a close friend of Buffalo Bill’s murderer, and not just that, but that he was part of a larger experiment that is still in full swing.

Leadership enters the field of primordial Human Resources – patience, understanding and acumen, to help him internalize beliefs like "I am capable". And to acquire skills which ultimately guarantee excellence in making decisions aiming to put together tangible and credible truths, in order to set up a new vision.

And this focus on the essences and not on the contraries, this vision springing from a microcosm of thoughts and feelings that turns the interest and attention towards a higher level of knowledge and understanding, depends on the dividing line between what man believes to be "normal" and "abnormal". Between what happens in one respect and something that cannot happen.

Leadership can be imposed as a prospective solution for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of thought and action, not as an option that buries the truth or limits the potential in achieving professional perfection.

Depending on the way in which the leader responds to the observations determined by the omission of some facts that negatively influenced the course of events, reviewed under a lot of aspects, he will be able to apply new thinking to the design and functionality of leadership. Customized and modified to meet the desired end: the power to overcome oneself.

Leadership: Can the truths of life that you extract from a known fact to establish an unknown fact be formulated when it is too late to matter?

In order to recognize an indisputable truth, you must have a fine lever, a fact that has happened and has every chance of repeating itself.

In Clarice’s case, the truth that eluded her every time is able to bring important information, but that can no longer change the past, it cannot resurrect the dead. She realizes this, and conscience repeats it as a Chinese gong, that what matters is not just the capture of the murderer, but the prayer for the dead (victims ill-treated with bestiality) that would relieve her of any sadness and give her the strength to release herself from the memories of their image.

A force coming from the depths and a force of feeling – are the two key points of the guidance infrastructure of the leader, built more under a convention of fundamental objectives of its research and the unpredictable effects that they have on the assessment of the situation itself.

In order to dismantle that limited thinking that stems from observations and premises that everyone agrees with, not having a background formed by individual sensations and complex and extremely refined perceptions, he must direct his attention sequentially towards an aspect that is ignored or neglected. And then to correct it.

Search well, future leader ! Search between the two rivers that cross their streams between truth and doubt. Go on the search of deep satisfaction that can calm your curiosity; that can ease your unbearable weight of obligations undertaken with great courage.

Turn on the engine equipped with the filter of the finest intuition and engage yourself in the insane match between the points of view too little grounded. Do not settle for the reality that the pillar of support of research indicates. Change the rules for the hide and seek game you are involved in during the course of your own evolutionary journey.

Leadership is a defining moment of your life, corresponding to phases of development where emotional or behavioral stimuli are dependent on strong connections with those you could not help.

The Intense Echo Beyond Death highlights the necessity of researching the elements seemingly insignificant for a limited thinking. And to address them in a particular way, obtaining clues that others cannot find.

A counsel for you, future leader: research and dwell upon, but do so without losing the essence of things.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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