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The Interdependency Principle

On May 29, 2010
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

When a person betrays the leader's trust, he also notches his confidence in his ability to lead.

In 2008, the laboratory of a great hospital decided to get certification. Because the technical manager has already been appointed, the hospital management had to assign a reliable person to be the QMR (Quality Management Responsible). A tough choice, because such a position requires professionalism, perseverance and verticality. From the small collective of specialists with higher studies in the laboratory, one person, Bogdan M., volunteered for this position which requires time and competence. The technical manager, as well as the hospital management, accepted.

Although in the previous years there were some differences of opinion between the technical management and Bogdan M., they still started drafting the general procedures. With the aid of a consultant specialized in this field, until the end of 2008, more than half of the procedures were drafted.

But in 2009, because of the financial restrictions in the entire hospital, set by higher forums, the consultancy for the credit was stopped. Not having any other choice, the technical management of the laboratory decided to implement the already drafted general procedures and which were possible with large financial investment from the hospital.

Things are usually judged by their consequences. Just when the laboratory was confronted with the greatest problem, the technical manager saw Bogdan M.'s opposition, who would, under any circumstance, not want to get involved in the certification process. Immediately after having realized that the tasks at hand have multiplied and became harder, he quit his position.

If he had stopped there, he would not have made that much of a harm. But he didn't stop there and incited the personnel against the technical manager, he destabilized the fragile balance in the laboratory, even getting to make difficulties for the technical manager., the consequence being the inability to continue the certification process, as well as the creation of a negative opinion among the laboratory collective in regard to the certification and this QMR position, which was refused by everybody.

Leadership: Are you constrained by the need of the continuity of commitments assumed to place yourself significantly below the standard of your own expression: "What was a gain I counted as a loss of measure"?

Confident people reveal themselves in uncertain conditions. What could the cause of this spiritual oddity determining the man with an important position to get free of any obligations and refuse to take the responsibilities he has when the situation becomes critical and, furthermore, rebel against the very helping hand, with no regrets?

Probably the lack of experience, professionalism, inability to find solutions to tough problems in critical moments, added to falsity and hypocrisy. When a man promises you honesty, but he rewards you dishonestly, when he promises loyalty, but rewards you with adversity by creating difficulties, inciting great hatred among everybody against you, you have no choice: you either quit your position, or get rid of him.

The idea of complementarity, solidarity and the feeling of unity totally lacks the people who are not pleased with a secondary role or who don't have the strength to take responsibility for their own decisions or actions in the case of an eventual turn of events. Such a man, no matter how much respect he would get, he will disappoint you with no remorse exactly when you most need him. In this case, as well, the weight that must be carried, heavy like the entire world, you will have to lift it up and carry it all the way all by yourself.

The measure of your value is lost when you want to demonstrate your value progressively in a context of confrontation with an opposition that challenges your true Self. That self that rationally encompasses only when you start consuming yourself in order to accomplish your mission.

Leadership is grounded as a reaction to the transition to a new maturity stage when the authentic in what you want to represent does not express an attitude of denial to what goes beyond your limits.

The autonomy given by the personal example does not match the definitions given to the pride in case of a change of situation. It hits a barrier called lack of experience that stops you from communicating naturally with others, a barrier you fortify with your views of who is right and who is wrong at the point where you are guilty of everything.

When there is malevolence, grudge, carelessness, hypertrophied vanity, success cannot be obtained. If, for one reason or another, a member of your team starts to make difficulties for you with an incredible fierceness, with the utmost rancor... small stitches, but many and with no stopping... you cannot but feel the chill of disaster through your entire body, you feel being pulled down, that life leaves you and, as a result, you lose your energy and confidence in your own strength.

You wish they couldn't influence you, you wish you made him stop, but if he continues and doesn't stop until he sees you forceless, what can you do? Well, in this case, you have but two choices: you either resign or continue doing by yourself everything, which is very difficult.

Before understanding leadership, you have to go through the most difficult part of the accused’s experience: to assume a guilt for which you first punish yourself, subconsciously and morally.

As a leader, you must prove unprecedented tenacity in following your goal. But without trustworthy people, you will never be able to get too far. You must trust in them, deep inside your being, rely on their words and on their support at need. But, at the same time, you must prepare yourself spiritually for new battles, Because not always things will be so well as you imagine, and the real human nature doesn't let itself discovered that easy. Some people may cause stagnation and not progress.

P.S. A leader's success totally depends on the quality of the people he leads.

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