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The Internalization Of A Creative Experience

On September 25, 2020, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

You must always keep in mind a certain intrinsic linearity of the visual before exploring the spirituality of your own nature in a space of creation.

The creation is the result of a work from which you have to gain moods of immortalized places and elements, or it is like a long sleeve that you always pull up to the elbow to get a different look. Creation is an hourglass in which you put sand and someone must always turn it, but in time, so as not to lose his symbolic body. Of course, in order to come to understand all this you have to know how to look in the right direction, and this is like seeing a rare bird flying in the sky, it flies and everything seems created by an architect, as if someone were urged to float between heaven and earth.

Yes, creation and God bring together all the qualities of a being whose sensitizing dimension is always active, defined by purity, candor and light, and the criticisms in this direction are sometimes sharp, sometimes conscientious. We can’t make a hierarchy about it; we should be either harsh or clairvoyant. What we prefer to know about creation is as a development of the seasons of the soul. Physical movement is an elementary expression of life, it results in an inner dynamism as a capturing of healthy living.

Creation is silent before it becomes famous, sometimes it is silent because no one notices its value. All silences have something in common, they are a kind of revolt of images that, although we do not want to, always appear in our minds… some silences annul, others suggest, and others make us live a poetic life.

Yes, silence is an unwritten book, but pawned, and the creation also awaits its poetry, just as the poet seeks his most sublime words to describe the world in which he retired. We notice that in all the painted paintings there is a pronounced, sensitive, tender exuberance, full of mystery and metaphors, like a poem, sometimes it strangles the fine tastes, sometimes it produces frenzy. Here, too, there is a softening of life, as a purification of the lines of force of the poetic language that gains in elegance through a finesse of the taste for artistic writing, from which BEAUTY results. Of course, the creator is not a puppet from which words flow, it is rather like a window through which today you see something and tomorrow nothing.

Leadership: Does your creative experience give you the certainty that the place that contains your degree of spirituality determines the organization of the perception regarding the reflection of your personality in other personalities?

From creation you can go further, to perfection, the latter being like a value note sent in white: it depends on who values you, how decisive and effective it is. But, more often, the creation can manifest itself as a color that catches your eye only if it is executed technically and if it is a beautiful and modern interpretation of future trends in art. And the perfection that is reached is just a lively description of the length and consistency of the color, sometimes it is the real state of the beloved artist, other times it is hard to believe, all related to situations at different times.

Remember the famous English painter William Blake. He manifested himself as a dreamer and visionary as a child: he once saw a tree full of angels; later, in the cathedral of Westminster, the ancient kings of England appeared to him, and until his old age he was surrounded by creatures from the world of imagination, in a mystical illusion. He was not deprived of the chance to learn from his own pictorial experience, and he learned that everything that can be seen in the creative space is a reflection of his personality in other personalities, which in art can crystallize as a kind of finding the correspondences between Self and Super-Ego, or between Matter and Spirit.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that God would not exist without art and creation, I admit this aspect as a fairly solid basis. I have often felt that someone or something has taken me from the sun and secured me a place in the shade, thus being put in the guise of an artist working according to the so-called intuition – he knows how suddenly and unexpectedly a form invented by him begins to displease him, as Kandinsky said.

Yes, we live in God’s arms if we have Him in us and it is not difficult to accept empathy, kindness, faith, acceptance, unwritten laws – even in shadowy conditions, they all empower us as human beings if we feel the artistic in nature, and God’s warm soul in the sun’s rays.

In terms of spirituality, my personality as a writer can become the reflection of another personality when my self is developed or aspires to develop at the level of an artist who feeds on the euphoria of creation and manages to turn his creation into the expression of a divine will.

Being an artist yourself is not about boldness or courage. Do you know how different people can behave in different life situations? Nothing in art is harsh with anyone, people live, succeed in life, only death and nonsense do not change. Art is always taken to another level, while creation is revealed as a coherent speech of God with people. Therefore, man is a jewel of precious stone if it reaches the right hands, if it is finished with the right tools.

It is no less true that any creation is always explained by lines and colors, by imagination and originality. What’s the point of telling me that you see yourself as an artist and that, somehow, you lack art? It’s your problem how you see yourself in front of the easel. Maybe you’re just living, and life sometimes seems like an unopened letter.

The Internalization Of A Creative Experience is a consequence of man’s ability to use a part of his senses, feelings, thoughts, to contribute to universal harmony and to reach that exaltation of the idea of human perfection. Art means creation, man means interiority, and any creation is manifested through the interiority we are dealing with in the context of the correspondence between Self and Super-Ego, or between Matter and Spirit.

From all this I wanted to highlight the BEAUTIFUL, but not any beauty, rather that beauty of the fictional, of the feeling that I am part of another existence, much more lavish and more provocative than a normal man can imagine.


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