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The Intervenient's Handcraft Mark

On May 01, 2013, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to anticipate the reactions that depend on people’s sensitivity, so that you can intervene in the expansion of their evolution.

No feeling, no emotion, no thought rustles so strongly in the retort of Laura Quinn’s existence in order to reduce her resentments and frustrations. For the first time, the typhoon of change tries to rip her from the state of indecision where she had been laying for a while. The relation in which her functionality state is comprised can be written as: contempt + negative stimuli = adverse reaction.

The truth that saddens man is the suffering he cannot accept as an utter absurd fatality. The news Mr. Hobbs delivers, that she could get fired, throw a sharper look in the shadows that hide the truth, revealing that imbalance, the black flag of her own emptiness. The decomposing speed reaction of inanimate matter, acting over the activation energy of the intrinsic conductor is accelerated. In a moment, the wall that shapes her personality starts shaking.

Laura receives with obvious inconvenience the news that the leaders of the company are planning to fire her. There’s something caving in inside her, like a foreign body had gotten hold of her, the white cells being incapable to fight with the viral aggression. Indecision aggravates her mental state. Her heart acknowledges despair. The self control she’s trying so hard to preserve, like a sterile drape on a deep open wound can’t be kept under control any longer. The burden of an artificially maintained dignity slips from her shoulders. The gavel in her heart nervously intensifies its beat. The gong, which announces the coming of a crisis, sounds scarier still.

A chemical system maintains its constant volume until a burn reaction is produced. Laura can’t hide her hate, amplified by the troubling news she received. Tormented, the small tyrant inside her, who has a hold over everything, can’t contain himself. He erupts with a maximum effect, on one hand paralyzing, on the other hand irritating and disturbing. "How do you know all this about me? How could you?"

Leadership: Does the whole measure of your value focus on building an original image of yourself, expressed through the consciousness of a spiritual tumult containing a high spiritual thought?

At this point we don’t recognize Laura as a perfect entity anymore, but more like a being made out of flesh, blood and nerves, created for pain and revenge. All protest, distrust and awareness forms awaken inside of her, and the energy of her entire being vertiginously consumes. Her A+B characteristic constants, self-love and self-respect seem to lose themselves.

"I only want to help you. I am the only one you can trust. And you are the only one I can rely on. Our future is at stake." says Mr. Hobbs – the person who braids the hairs of the present and future, the person who understands the most significant particularities of her being, the expansion laws of her evolution, with the same self-assurance of a chemist who sets the laws of time expansion for chemical reactions.

Her restless thinking, but at the same time subjected to a high spiritual force, has to do with a sort of escape from a sad and deserted life, continuing to warn her: “Be much more than you are now, be more open to alternatives and reveal yourself as a defense act against any suffering.”

A high spiritual consciousness is the cover of a determined and unwavering personality that manages to make certain things possible by self-updating the mentality to the possibilities of the future.

Leadership: Can you experience everything from the amazement of the victory of a thinking focused on the analysis of destiny, in which the Ego reveals itself as an attempt to balance the relationship between what is offered to you and what you can take yourself?

Daring to act over her with a different reaction force of the same size and direction, but with opposite meaning, Mr. Hobbs raises a great psychical and emotional edifice, incomparable with any other construction in her existential structure. For Laura to interact with the functional group that’s still free within herself, untouched by the beam of absolute restlessness, he’s trying to drastically reduce the psychical suspension conditioned by the conversion of her being from the trueto the falsevalue.

In the middle there’s the deepest, inner voice that whispers Laura, showing her there is a middle way. Now more than ever, she needs to escape the immutable state that torments her, before her soul precipitates in the darkest pits of the unreachable. To totally transform the excessive X-reactant that during her angriness reaction tends to deplete her resources. To adapt to new antigenic stimuli and through the antibodies it produces to defend herself from her own decisions and negative thoughts. Don’t do anything rash.

Step forward, Laura ! Step without any hesitation on the road towards happiness and complete joy ! The victory of her thinking of destiny has as a landmark the contestation of any regret for the deeds to come, the absence of any excuses, of any scruples. But at the same time, when Mr. Hobbs offers a helping hand to change her course of destiny, she accepts any risk, being aware that acting alone, or without stepping on the flames of a sure-footed idea, no one can guarantee it a certain stability necessary for the performance of sustaining herself financially.

Leadership: Can you turn the purpose of your personal development into the guarantee of a spiritual provision that contains a spiritual thought, expectation and hope, in accordance with the relationship between consequences and punishment?

Changing a man depends mostly on the leadership the intervenient applies. By adding some foreign elements and retouches, he can gently modify the characteristics of the alloys man’s made of, decreasing his resistance only by a few. Like professional speaker John Fuhrman confessed: "a successful leadership comes from the availability to make something incomplete or incoherent in the beginning, to suffer the consequences, then to adjust and restart – until everything works out well."

So, the intervenient has to see man not as a self-standing, moody and dominant being, neither as an inventory object given into use for his acquisition price, but as a being formed by a multitude of qualities that need to be brought to light.

He can clear his own doubts regarding his capacities to produce change; he can prove the vulnerability of his hopes in relation to the formative role of practiced leadership, when it is proven that, actually, people don’t reject its incursion into their lives.

Laura Quinn needed Mr. Hobbs to build another life for herself, another future. Her spiritual provision contained a spiritual thought, expectation and hope, in accordance with the relationship between consequences and punishment: “The effort of man to measure the strength of his character consists in overcoming the moment when regret leaves a heavy footprint on his life.”

The real test of man’s will to change is the life he lives between doubt and regret, with the reasoning that the only absolute of his evolution is the motive of an act he can only gain from.

The intervenient's handcraft mark has premium expectations because it’s harder to bankrupt it. Represent the emblem of the most cunning leader, being a value that can’t be "copied" or "stolen" by competitors, an additional characteristic that helps him understand the most significant particularities of a person and the development laws of his evolution.

In order for you to intervene in the development of someone’s evolution, try to anticipate the reactions dependant on their stability. Strive to totally transform the excessive X reactant, which during its negative reactions tends to deplete all their resources. Try to act over people with a different force of reaction equal in size and direction but with an opposite meaning, so that you lift a great psychical and emotional edifice, incomparable with any other construction of their existential structure.

* Notă:Flawless (2007)"


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