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The Key Testimony Of A Mysterious Art

On June 17, 2018, in Leadership eX-Elite, by Neculai Fantanaru

A convex mirror placed in the center of artistic composition can make all traces of clutter disappear behind a beautiful facade.

I have learned a lot of skills in a myriad of fields, but only while there is a mystery to unravel in a real process of exploring the space of another world. Like an artist of dreams and fiction, I imagined that I was just playing with an intuitive puzzle, an indicator of the solidity of building a labyrinth that matched the realities of soul, culminating in a charming wandering through the areas of painting.

This equated with the assumption of the condition of the one who devoted all his attention, skill and existence to creating a universe in continuous expansion.

It was as if I had to discover a concept derived from molecular genetics as a result of a chance that tries to succeed with that "something" waiting to come out at the right time. The life-changing challenges we attribute to symbolic value in an exceptional translation of a work identified by researcher Michael Finkenthal with the secret destiny of humanity, presenting an opaque, esoteric character despite a "nebulous" logic in argumentation that incites reflection.

A man who fails to lay the foundations of a science can never be himself as a science. I still wonder if in organizing the missing parts of this puzzle we have to look for the genetic differences between every aspect of creation and the Creator, opening up new perspectives in evolutionism. Hazard is, from this point of view, a determining factor in convincing me of the value of a reality that does not belong to this world.

Slowly, I close the door behind me and step on the steep path of a strange feeling: I exist only in the image of a charmed mirror, obtained by using and manipulating a conceptual universe exclusively dominated by instinct.

Now I wonder, with the endless desire of creation of the painter who uses chromatic modulation in his works, if I have not rushed to generalize the few certainties that I had, starting from the hard to capture mystery that dwells in the fires of an image, of apparent fidelity.

Leadership: Do you try to give your form of expression accents of the "effect of a game of suspense" without arguing the specific viewpoints of the aestheticians that give the lecture the authenticity of a great discovery?

The concentrated fluid of pure, true science, in which I believe with all my being, flows through an orifice given in a higher time than another in another imaginary universe than the one represented by a white, chromatic background of a median portion with a gray background, like a shadow that is only collected from the stars.

Always an enigmatic being, a writer full of force, an artist crowned with spectacularism, fits his knowledge in a labyrinth verified and tried by a real, external space attached to the symbolic space of a work with hermeneutical depth, in the atmosphere of a contest of circumstances which raises many questions about an existence that awaits its resorption within the cosmic.

Even in passing, we have reached the point of maximum illumination in which the artist uses the shadow, the dark play of the white-gray-black colors in manifold forms of cosmic matter, illustrating the contrast between recurrence and difference as a means of viewing the sacred throughout its entire work.

A convex mirror placed in the center of artistic composition, in terms of running a retrospective of life to learn from the past, well placed in a microcosm of objects, attitudes and relationships, stated or implied, makes any sign of disorder disappear behind a beautiful facade.

You cannot give your form of expression accents of "the effect of a game of suspense" without arguing the specific views of the aestheticians that give the lecture the authenticity of a great discovery.

Loaded with symbolic meanings coming from a superior intelligence but sensible in every moment of thoughtful and profound reading, forcing me to "continue burning", appearing to be a challenge embraced only by the chosen spirits, the painting I outline here and now seems to be the victim of a misleading vision, the sacred manifesting itself through an attitude hostile to superhuman principles.

Thus, we violated the rule of proportionality between forces and deformations of logical constructions such as explanation, analogy, and deduction. However, the representation of the substance-subject concept seems real.

Leadership: The authenticity of your work contains an expression of the "contest of circumstances" type which is very meaningful and explanatory for the idea: "I define myself as a space of mystery and as a place of dream revelation".

A mind stemming from universal memory, known as the author of "Les Misérables", said that the only paths that open to despair in the dark are tempting. Here is questioned a whole investigation concerning the pictorial representation of the sacred.

At the same time, the artist in me starts studying color from understanding the mechanism of visual perception as a fundamental moment of human existence and expression, having as experimental character that labyrinth of the imaginary in which man is lost among so many mirror games, offering an enchanted, picturesque universe, space of emotional effusions, but also of mystery.

I know that I am at the disposal of an argument that seeks to rationally justify feelings remaining active in an area of the real that is not accepted as a design hypothesis. And an artistic leader engaged in exploring the subtlest side of the significance of darkness knows how to draw up a whole list of challenges in a dialogue that does not have an "a priori" established plan, but which is structured as it advances in discussion.

The expression of an artistic-literary culture and spiritual affiliation to something more magnificent than the sea, the sky or the mountain is the hand that pushes the cradle of a history that turns into a votive picture, facilitating the living in the universe of a story about a genius idea. The most versatile detail of the anatomy of a painting resides precisely in the power of reflection of a combination of two or more secondary colors, from which a primary originates: the conviction of an interesting experience.

True science is based on remembrance, starting from the realm of the story that deserves to be understood and rediscovered, inducing the sensation of entering a space of mystery that offers cherishing and immortality, to the purity of a work of art that is not judged by its logic or argumentation but by the resonance it produces in the consciousness of others.

The Key Testimony Of A Mysterious Art is the very form of expression, energizing and liberating, which you define and use as a variant of concept to develop a new vision that makes you not only an art-inspired artist, but also a leader of the science of personal development.


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