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The King And His Creation

On July 16, 2015, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Turn leadership into the most valuable creation, letting yourself led by the alternating moods through which you can showcase the hidden parts of your understanding of life.

I myself would fall prey to inner fires, and yet I was afraid to fight against them, seized by a kind of fleeting madness, like wanderers through infinity, in the unpredictability of the evolutionary process of an existential sense search. The alternation of moods based on which I managed to highlight the hidden parts of my understanding of life and transpose them in a garden full of burning flowers was strange, to pulse the surprise like a mild breeze where the straight current of integral truths would get interrupted.

Literature became a path towards a beyond that called with necessity the deep meaning of my nature, contributing to the transposition of the truths concealed in a high-level language, often metaphorically, in a science that proved to be more and more as a genuine instrument of maturation.

The oven in which the smoldering fragile bones of science and the scented wood of the course of life burned in, the combustion of all remnants of thoughts free after the harvesting of new imaginary evidence, later distillated in beliefs, even if at times an explosion would burst and before me a new grand attraction rose, made my power crystallize, in text, into a diamond. I was the king of a kingdom made up of infinite treasures.

The creation of a thinking that relates to the universe of life, referring to the understanding of a detached and receptive state of mind, aims at choosing a story decoration that provokes an “Amazing !” feeling.

But literature has a thousand bent swords, and just as many deaths and resurrections. Even if you could glimpse the abyss at the horizon, a lack of inspiration, and I was battered by the feeling of giving up, a voice screamed within me whose hissings gave a certain force, revealing to me a glimpse of world history:

Henry III of Navarre, pursued by archer assassins, said with fear in his heart: "You believe that I will ever be king again, me, a fugitive?

Florentine Rene, artisan of perfumes, replied: "Behold, sire, showing the king a visible star, shining, behind a dark cloud – it is not I who says this, but her."

Leadership: Can you demonstrate the great meaning of your achievements in the sphere of knowledge, by expanding your hidden dimension to the side of a sense of absolute power and control of reality?

When you know how to orderly use everything that is scattered in disarray, when the inner cry seems to get answered by all the elements of meaning through which subjectivity is realized, in the case of the creative process a certain approximation to superiority through the broadening of the content of the "interest" notion can be seen.

You become more interested in what represents you as an artist, as a measure of those processes of creation that launch the theme, so realistic, so complex and yet so sensible, which the majority do not master: LIFE.

And through the steadfast perseverance in committing the work conceived after the model of life experience, through which thinking draws its lifeblood, reflecting it in the expressive force of the talent of being, within possible measure that chemistry, that fusion between calling and turmoil that fuels your transformation into a "king" is created.

You become the king of creation when you resist all "deaths" and "resurrections" caused by the lesson of life from which you not only learn how to find the main ideas, but also from which you realize how much more you still have to learn.

Leadership, with the possibilities of applying its laws as fairly as possible in the development of science and man, means to instill your personal creation with an entirely original vision and make it unique placing into it your own knowledge of life.

Therefore, to demonstrate the great meaning of your achievements in the sphere of knowledge, by expanding your hidden dimension, must not result inly in a story that surpasses life, but rather in an overview that lets you better understand its dimensions. Life is a star at which can hardly look away from, and you are its creator.

Experiencing a feeling of absolute power and control of reality can be manifested through an awareness of the relationship between what you represent in the creative plan to change the meaning of life and what you are prepared to learn about yourself in an artistic act, subtle, such as the arrangement of words in a world of writing.

The King And His Creation highlights the degree of acceptance of a style of thinking and reflection on what you’ve gained through the trials of life, transposed into your own version of being that honors the sense of openness to the highest stage of creation. But, as someone on a web page said, any artistic act starts from experiences, because creation is a way of a being to confront limits, destiny.


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