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The Knowing Being Whose Reflex Is Becoming

On October 10, 2013, in Leadership Pro, by Neculai Fantanaru

Scan the whole structure of your orientation forces in order to discover the guidelines that could have a positive influence over your professional level.

Death doesn’t have much waiting left. Invisible, this suspended body regulates all its liability functions entrusted by nature and waits for a sign to take action. It announces its presence silently as it receives the necessary space to unleash unpredictable and compromising forces that accelerate their supreme will vectors in the direction assigned by destiny.

But even death starts to doubt, a lack of continuity in its projects, in the leading act, a premature failure of the operating system when the human mind retakes its focus and remains constant in its results, in the vicinity of a spiritual and spontaneous surface.

Leadership: Do you project your goals on the basis of authentic reality, based on the individual experience of previous knowledge, by your own understanding and by the interpretation of your own being that someone else proposes?

Hannibal Lecter gives no conclusive clue about catching the murderer, just bits and pieces of flashbacks and questions with ambiguous answers, impracticable mental and emotional roads.

Accordingly, Clarice Starling must use her mind, scan her whole structure of orientation forces and grant them certain acceleration towards a fixed target. With one try, she has to bring her active elements to a perfect stage, controlled by intuition, sensibility and conscience. Unprecedently, to achieve a change of substances and energy in her action environment.

The FBI draws a map of the committed crimes. In the surroundings, somewhere there, all alone, Buffalo Bill is hiding. Clarice, hurry up ! Poor Catherine’s life depends only on the agility of your mind. Time is running out !

Just as an archaeologist grants certain finesse to the movement of his hands and body in order to dig out a priceless object, Clarice schedules her mental decoder and diligently looks for the appropriate channel at the number of the region where she could find some obvious answers, tracking at first the application pattern of a systemic algorithm. Her mind creates new judgment reflexes; it assumes other valences, which encompass reality.

Clarice has a difficult and ambitious task ahead: to invent a general orientation scheme, thanks to which, she might discover the guidelines that could influence the destiny of poor Catherine, kidnapped and sequestered by Buffalo Bill. But in order to reach her aims, Clarice has to introduce a unique reasoning in the evolution of her orientation construction.

Basically, she is on a mission to discover, behind becoming a professional, a being who knows the human psyche, whose reflex is this exact becoming.

Leadership: Does the prospect of what drives you towards achieving results pushes you to be completely different, against your will to simply recognize a certain reality?

Clarice overlooks a single aspect in this complex search for clues: she does not realize that someone else has actually programmed her whole mentality, that in fact she is forced by Hannibal to become someone else, a psychological product with much deeper qualities.

Practically, she engages in a difficult approach against her will to simply recognize a certain reality: that in fact she is a guinea pig who cannot make decisions by herself, but always waits to be given support in the search for information, a certain frame of reference (intellectual, emotional) to help her follow the right path of clues and discoveries.

Based on what criteria do we prefer an „industrial" way of thinking, that generates poor and subjective perspectives, instead of a way to approach a knowledge well-grounded in the rough material of a judgment that awakens and maintains interest for research activities developed for the benefit of becoming, requiring the same practical considerations?

Leaders’ advancement towards a superior professional level, due to the large scale production of judgments, calculations and logical mechanisms is very pretentious. We reach a situation where we achieve different estimations, assumptions and scenarios about the nature of research, meant to satisfy a one and only hypothesis. Thus, a certain ascending evolution of leadership is registered, although small in comparison with true evolution.

In this case, it turns out insufficient to discover complex and multiple guidelines that could majorly influence the existence of a man subject to a negative foreign influence, having within its boundaries a continuous rush of clues and suspicions.

Leadership: When confronted with a life test, do you allow yourself to get carried away by the tendency to position yourself, generally, at a level far below your own pretense of being "privileged" in a particular science?

Two ways of thinking are defining for developing leadership. Rational and analytic thinking, corresponding to the evaluation of research results, which lead to reaching a moral and social target. And the thinking that grants certain acceleration to its own leadership potential, but corresponds less to a productive becoming towards something higher, towards an excellent self-knowledge. Between the two, the first usually wins.

The option to generate value, behind becoming professional, is achieved according to somewhat strict criteria, according to certain stability models in the practice of leadership, according to certain rational rules and certain arguments. Having as objective a deeper knowledge of human nature and its transformation, even after the interpreting type of the orientation scheme is achieved based on the judgment reflexes that must separate the leader from a stoned analysis and knowledge system.

Leadership implies a consequent monitoring of consequences that hypotheses and conclusions, and obvious or uncertain answers have at a professional level. By sustainably covering a profound way of introspection and awareness, but also thanks to a coordinated intuitive vision, sensibility, robust scenarios and unique reasoning that influences research, you have to bring your active elements to a perfect stage, in order to trigger the becoming process.

This becoming is reflected in your results. And it depends on how much of the human psyche you know.

Leadership is the experience you get through autosuggestion, or a personality transfer that is not available to everyone, noting that you must not turn into an experiment for someone else.

The Knowing Being Whose Reflex Is Becoming points out the road a leader has to cover in order to achieve the expected performances. This road, that is expected to have an ascending trend, is inimitable and it’s build in time. It can have a course full of obstacles and detours. Or it can be straight, depending on the leader’s previous knowledge, abilities and experience. It isn’t built according to arithmetic formulae, but it always involves elements belonging to the unique and personal development fund.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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