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The Madness Of Perfectly Achievable Requirements

On April 24, 2014, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Establish the standard value you bring specifically and exclusively to science, so that the convergence effect towards yourself will be a visible and constructive one.

I hoped to find within me the very promise of that sublime virtue, under the form of the particular tendency of combination and association between the functions of the points of contact of a deeper reality. In which the supporting surface of the support-creation ensemble, determined by measurements of time in explicable and inexplicable phenomena, did not represent a risk for the imagination. Madness is man’s demand to concomitantly reply to numerous requirements, without investigating the set of ideas that form the limiting framework of his whole thinking and experience of the world.

Something pushed me away from the strict routine of metaphysical thinking that I owed to a plethora of architects of the creative revolution, forming a new base of scientific support. The quintessences that trap within them all that means realistic standard, something that withheld me from enjoying the experience of supreme consciousness.

Basically, I was working with a lifetime’s work of research that only the impossible of an eternal miracle made it more mysterious and powerful, due to the care of the incredibly tried life of a character trapped in a square of transformations beyond limits, not understanding the rehearsals and their sources of being. In the most ingenious way possible, I struggled to put another brick to my future plans in what regards the creation of an alternative thinking, formed from other, ever increasingly interconnected thoughts.

Leadership: Can you impose yourself as an unexpected consequence of developing more sophisticated reasoning models without falling into the trap of giving assumptions and approximations that can be abandoned in the space of an abstract representation of reality?

Rather, I think I was trying to resurrect a way of thinking that has been dead for thousands of years, without going through the trouble of reflecting on what I myself represent as an inventor of new forms of thinking. I felt somewhat embarrassed, uncomfortable in the presence of random thoughts, as if I had to cut down a tree with a blunt scythe. As if I had to create a new reality out of the nothingness of a black hole, a last hope that will surpass any imagination simply by accessing an already past literature.

In the volume "The wisdom of the ancients", famous philosopher Francis Bacon asked a single pertinent question: "When you put forward a simple body of light and truth, what use is there in placing in each corner small pale combatant lights? Why, when doubts are destroyed, stir up and somehow give rise to other doubts through resolve itself?"

The sadness that becomes a state of mind is justified only by the weight of defining a new reality through the prism of what man deduces from the laws of life, complicating them with assumptions that are not true. In this equation, I was gripped by that madness that marks the need of a new experience of knowledge that is very difficult to achieve, according to the general criteria of individualizing the manner of making art.

Leadership: Is the effect of convergence toward yourself realized by means that allow you to achieve real or imaginary virtues?

Man cannot be truly helped to surpass himself unless he is able to know his individual way of developing. In this regard, important role is played by the feeling of waking up from a deep sleep, that sort of liberation towards an aspired model of personality, with aspirations above its possibilities of progress, guided by the belief that he will be able to accede without stop from the essential and prestigious roles from his area of activity.

Leadership is formed and develops in a game of verifying the potential of surpassing yourself. But this effect of convergence towards yourself, towards what you do, towards your direction of development considered natural, to gauge the value you bring specifically and exclusively to the science you represent, must be pursued and achieved by means that allow you to achieve real virtues, not imaginary ones. Reaching values not able to be understood before, by living and feeling – only these can lift your being from an "Inferior Man" to a "Superior Man."

If you try to draw up a new base of scientific support, reviving a way of thinking that’s been dead for thousands of years, without going through the trouble of reflecting on what you represent as an inventor of new ways of thinking, would mean to assemble a race car from various random parts.

This process of composition and organization, from pieces, of a scientific structure that helps you get as close as possible to great personal realizations, to test your limits, to discover yourself, challenging you to go beyond the border of palpable reality. And discover a new world.

But doesn’t allow you to go beyond the walls of the imaginary prisons built over time in the process of adapting to a real that you cannot fully control. That, besides the fact that it restricts your access to the existential patterns and to the conditions of everyday living.

Leadership: Is the experience of seeing within yourself opposed by an experience that contradicts it?

Obviously, you can find motivation in your efforts to apply excessive force to overthrow the habit of thinking in the past, in the specifics of an identity in "balance" which you can carry in the relationship with the role you need to play in the game of verifying the potential of surpassing yourself, whose end you do not know. But I can neither be a guide for madness.

The experience of seeing inside of yourself, a part of the act of self-knowledge, is opposed by another experience that contradicts it, that of diversity of ideas and visions, when you become a prisoner in a square of transformations beyond limits, not understanding the repetitions and their sources of being, struggling to lay another brick for your future plans in what regards the creation of alternative thinking.

The image of reality focused on the experience of looking into yourself is the truth that returns to you after you have previously imparted a less expected, less predictable direction to reason.

The Madness Of Perfectly Achievable Requirements aim at the apparently untouchable developmental aspects of leadership. But when you passionately want something, when you want to contribute to this vast area and find the means of reaching the highest peaks of performance, madness turns into something grand and unforgettable.


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