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The Magic Formula Of A Free Soul

On February 05, 2011, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

The more the leader's beliefs are deeply rooted, the more his ability decreases to broaden his horizons and human relations.

A sequence from the movie "Leon - The Professional (1994)"caught my attention in particular. If you remember well, Leon – the killer valued in a particular way a small plant in a pot which he leave on the window sill. He took care of it daily, taking with him anywhere he moved. That plant brought him little peace of mind and softened his life.

At one point, while watering the plant, smiling and gracious, Leon says to Mathilde - the girl that he had saved from death and that he "adopted":

- This plant is my best friend. It's always happy and doesn't ask questions. It's like me, see? It has no roots.

Mathilda hesitated a longer moment, thinking better over the words of Leon, and then responded with a weak smile:

- If you really love it, take it in the middle of a park, to make roots.

Leadership: Are you returning to the example of a life lived in spiritual values, because the way you understand the world leave traces in yourself?

Since a child Leon was trained to kill, the secret missions, and basically antisocial, was accompanying him everywhere, continuously, so removing him from other people, of love, compassion and true happiness. Always standing in the wings, hidden from the eyes of others, failing to communicate with people, he could not realize the true value of life. He never had made new plans, he never gone searching for meaning in life. His world was not a world full of dreams in which, always with hope, always with serenity, always with faith and desire for life to seek happiness and find it. But it was a dull world, hidden, and he was the robot that only responded to commands.

I think that the words of the famous writer Danielle Steel from the novel "Loving" which I reread it recently, render quite well the thoughts of Leon:

"My soul, so old, so empty, it is afraid of me, of my life, until my dreams, shiny new, will start again, in a different landscape, in another game, finally aware of what they know, of what they think, of what I am and I feel..."

Maybe we should think well through the words of Danielle Steel, respectively to Leon's thoughts, and instead of seeing the world through the prism of resignation, to start in the pursuit of happiness.

Leadership: Are you a number that divides in itself, or a number that varies depending on another number?

I have said countless times that leadership is based on the saying: "Man isn’t a number in life that divides in itself, but a number that can be raised to "n", as long as it varies depending on another number." The question is: Can you find out the absolute value of the number that repeats itself?

By this, I am trying to point out that a person who pays attention to any clues that could uncover their true character, learning to look at the scanning and managing tasks of the self as some objective tasks that they need to face, counting on their true deeds and their consequences; they will be able to self-condition themselves consciously.

To condition your psychological answer "I can" to the sound of the alarm "I will be what I want to be", as a consequence of the results of your own evaluation, means to be at peace with yourself and to coordinate your existence so as to accept yourself with good and bad parts, without forging the data of the situation.

You shouldn’t understand that you’re not allowed to enjoy the results of your determination (to change and transform your life) that you easily consider self-explanatory. But everything takes on a different importance after you realize that the hardest way to reach self-love, or the "normal" status, is to think about yourself as a sinner, unable to forgive the sins of your past.

It is essential to perceive, through a thought process that resides in the analysis of counter-arguments, with the purpose of uncovering the truth, to open up for yourself, not for the world around you. Nobody can offer you a maximum of certainty regarding your spiritual base, your relations and bonds with others. That is why, the great interest shown for your life experiences, in different states, as you live them, constitute a major aspect for a harmonious development and for understanding the dominant role or the dependency on others.

A repeating number is a representation of the amount of action you want to get involved in, starting from that magical lever that triggers a reaction to the important events that appear before you. The absolute value of this number is given by the relationship between the objective and the subjective with which you perceive your suitability in the determinism equation that leaves room for free action, unconstrained by norms, rules, and principles in which you do not believe.

Leadership: Do you isolate yourself in your own universe, thinking that you will be able to find yourself, thus neutralizing a potential opposition from others ?

To do something against your wishes and aspirations is, certainly, to isolate yourself in your own universe. And if that happens, then you could not appease either with the inner world of other people.

Mathilda helped Leon to see another side of things, helped him understand what is joy, what is good because her way of seeing the world was not as limited as his way. She changed his beliefs and values, changed his habits and direction in life. She helped him to find and develop his true "roots". Leadership begins with a change of attitude.

With the plants, it is the same as to people. Eventually their roots rot if not water. Similarly, people who do not develop new horizons and new human connection end up by closing in themselves, by separating involuntarily of other people. A plant, sparingly watered will be more vigorous, as a grown man in the spirit of a life full of joy and contentment will broaden his horizons.

Leadership: Does your state of mind transcend common reality, able to live in other dimensions of the convergence of content that you receive from the surrounding space?

All the beliefs and feelings that you're forming it will create the life you will lead with all the daily circumstances. The more your beliefs are deeply rooted, the more decreases your ability to broaden your horizons and human relations.

You have a personality, a soul, an "ego" that makes you unique. You can change your own life as well as the others if you remain open to diverse viewpoints and perspectives. Detach yourself from the beliefs that "pull" you back, detach yourself from the thoughts, feelings and unhealthy values and principles, to free your mind to see and accept alternatives.

The content you receive from other people, such as the transmission of total affection or the amplification of the motivation to live with the awareness that you have a goal to accomplish, must resonate with the multitude of decisions that occur under randomness.

On the other hand, the content you receive from the surrounding space refers to the materiality of extremely diverse objects: from the transparency of crystal, to the hardness of metal, and the fragility of the dandelion puff. And one of the dimensions of this content can be the intensity with which you get attached to one thing and evolve alongside it.

But, as someone said on the internet, the problem arises when you get attached to something more than to those you love. Or chasing after possessions day and night, instead of stopping for a moment and appreciating how valuable and unique your life is.

The motivation to be someone else is based on what you get from life when you always wake up in the midst of things that shape you.

The Magic Formula Of A Free Soul is given by your opening towards other people. Your leadership is still far away from reaching that level of quality that best reflects your strongest values, if you do not adapt to the environment of others, if you do not experiment new ideas and new options that you have available. To widen your horizons and human relations, by all means you need to change your beliefs and reconsider your values and concepts.

Everyone is free to think as he wants, is independent in thought and in action. But he also must be in line with the thinking of others, with the possibilities of action, but also with the existing legislation at a time. The isolation in the own universe, the non-acceptance of a new way of thinking and the lack of a broad horizon are unfavorable for the leader. And to act outside the law because of the rigidity in thinking attracts harsh penalties.

What would be the magic formula of a free soul? Nobody can accurately define it. The fact is that the leader, as other people, must strive to create something great in his life. This can be achieved only if everyone is armed with a healthy thinking, if everyone is open to a broader horizon

A perspective vision, an effective communication, open, an action within the legal limits of generally accepted or even required, will allow you to develop your "roots" increasing your vigor and even your authority.


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