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The Magic Of Leadership

On November 09, 2010, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Transform your leadership in a masterpiece, in order to remain forever hang in people's minds and soul.

Some memories are too vivid, too clear, and awake too many forgotten feelings. No, you can't lock them in a heavy box and then throw it in a well – you hear it splash, and then it disappears. Some memories do not disappear, never die, but remain deeply imprinted in our memory.

One painting – depicting a field of flowers of all colors, in the foreground having a bright purple lotus flower – says a lot about the painter who painted it. This picture reminds me of him, my master whose talent proved to be remarkable. The painting, which brings out his talent for combining colors, leads me to the past, when I used to stay with him for hours and listen to him speak so beautifully, sometimes touchingly, about the mystery of art and of the great secret of painting. This painting, the execution of which was very thorough, reminds me of the ease and grace with which the master used to move the brush on the canvas tight on the easel, revealing his passion for painting, risen from deep inside.

There is no forgetting. When I look at this splendid painting, I think of the past, I hear his words, the advice he gave me, trying to show me the path to the true knowledge of art. Talking with him, or rather listening to him talking, always with deepness and full of enthusiasm, watching him painting as striving to develop his senses, I penetrated many of the secrets of art. From him, I learned about the method of the shadow of figures projected on a wall or a screen, which was used by the ancient Egyptian ceramic artists.

Leadership: Your spirit moves freely among the people devoted to your "creation" ?

An artist's work is his life. You cannot detach completely from him, from his work, from the art he created. When you look at one of his paintings, you find yourself deeply excited, you keep quiet and respect. The artist surrounds you with his presence, which you cannot see, but which you can feel deep inside you, you feel it like being part of you.

To one man, one man on this earth, exactly to him, who felt an infinite passion for art, only to him, of all people, I owe my knowledge. Many, too many years I sat around the master. And I enjoyed a lot of affection from him. Often, when he talked to me about his knowledge, he looked at me kindly and told me: "Nicu, the more original a work is, the more it reaches perfection." His mastery was unmistakable. I realize this every time I look at his painting.

A consummate leader is a vivid and continuous presence in people's minds and souls. He resembles a painter who, even when not around you, has a great influence on you. Or, he's like a writer who stays in your mind long after you closed the book and put it back on the bookshelf. His spirit moves freely among the people devoted to his "creation".

Leadership: Can you reach a climax through the mastery of representing with skill what is most important from an expressive point of view in an unforgettable, living way?

Only one who has the ambition of a great and original style can manifest a particular interest in spiritual things. Only such a man can penetrate the great mystery of art and give expression to the highest ideals, values and principles, through his work. Only such a man, crossed by an intense passion, highly trained, gifted with a keen sense of professionalism and tending to perfection, can have a substantial contribution to creating a quality work, a work that would remain forever alive.

A true leader makes from his leadership a masterpiece, which focuses on Father-Son relationship. Leadership is like a painting that remains imprinted in the minds of people the more it is better realized and more beautiful. And it can be elevated at the rank of art only if the two entities - mentor and disciple – meet, intertwine and complement each other, only if these two entities are in a relationship of "part - whole".

Have you found someone highly trained, which would join you in your journey towards performance, and with whom you can form a whole? By achieving its full potential, is it creating a foundation, a synergy, from which and you could reach your potential?

You reach a climax through the mastery of skillfully representing what is most important from an expressive point of view in an unforgettable, living way, when your artwork creates its main consequence in the power to move hearts and in the right to pretend the belonging to an entity of an associative type with the personality you admire.

The climax of the path towards understanding art is represented by what you begin to appreciate when you have to experience the sensation of a direct contact with the great artists that serve the idea of "a Living Artwork".

The magic of leadership is nothing but what a quality leadership leave in people's minds and souls, even after the leader is gone, but having completed his mission, reaching his goals. It's a great performance for someone's leadership to remain imprinted in people's minds and souls, which indicates that it probably was of the best quality, which means it was not only good, but very good and worth following.

It would be absurd, and it is impossible for people to have a good opinion of you and accept your essence – your interest and your values – unless you don't master the magic of leadership.

Transform your leadership in a masterpiece, in order to remain forever hang in people's minds and soul.


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