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The Magic Of The Sorcerer (II)

On August 03, 2009, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Highlight your skill of shaping characters, by adjusting your leadership potential according to your virtues.

There was a mysterious line in everything that happened on the island, which no one could understand, everything was driven by a strong, unseen hand, that of a sorcerer. No soul on the ship had suspected that that old, quiet, gray man, who lost his youth, was an exceptional human being who would amaze everybody with his great wisdom and which, using his magical powers, as he pleased, would condemn the guilty to terrifying ordeals. The past has been avenged.

Prospero managed to attract his two enemies into the trap, dominating and controlling them through his hidden power, subjecting them to tortures until they have repented of the injustice they made to him. With tears in their eyes and words full of grief and real regret, they have finally confessed sincere remorse and begged for forgiveness.

If you read "The Tempest", a play by Shakespeare, then you know that there was a happy end. Prospero reconciled with his enemies, returned to his native country and took possession of the dukedom.

Prospero has shown his brilliant leadership abilities through his power of shaping the human character according to his will, by using his virtues gained through faith and knowledge

Leadership: Do you have the power to detach yourself from the self-imposed artificiality that brings with itself an escape from the past?

For Prospero, the self-imposed artificial was an imitation of the power of nature impregnated with magical nuances, which he had integrated in a process of expansion of his own personality, beyond the barriers of the conventional. On the line of addiction to giving everything around a plausible explanation through a creator figure with clairvoyant capabilities, he managed to leave the past behind, being at the same time absorbed by a single possible motivation: vengeance.

We can indicate the trajectory of leadership starting from the idea of a relative knowledge of the investigated human Universe, or moreover from the parallel between the expected objectives and results that participate in the personality expansion process towards an uncontested supremacy.

On the bases of common characteristics for some identity processes, which have been developed in contact with a complex reality about which the common human doesn’t hold information and for which he is constrained (by the uncanny evolution of things) to quickly assemble for himself a deformed image, we can determine the impact force that hides in itself the seed of a new order.

Leadership: Do you have to make the plausible become real before the real and the unreal are separated by the freedom of association with a superhuman fact?

In the context of the first production form of efficiency, managing the personality expressing resources, we can distinguish a kind of association between science and virtues, which makes the passage from the real truth that releases of any constraints and prejudice, to the truth revealed by a series of external factors that could come to light against you.

The second form of producing efficiency, calculated through a handful of decisive factors integrated in the area of the intellect that longs for the absolute, can ensure, on the long term, your inclusion in a domination status, modifying the meaning of the horizon that you can encompass only from a certain altitude.

From there on, we reach the conclusion that the evolution process towards a higher plan, which supposes a certain degree of wisdom and knowledge accumulation, is possible when the matter of plausible hypotheses is avoided. Through this procedure your true identity can be unveiled, overturning any kind of value that you promoted through exceptional diversions and through the power of inducing the impression of a chaos, or a rigid determinism, dominated by incomprehensible aspects that make almost impossible others’ freedom of manifesting.

Leadership: Do you manifest your fascination for what dominates you, going on the premise that all surrounding elements correctly play a role in achieving the desired purpose?

A leadership that wavers between extremes is the result of the succession of more stages of refining the influence forms that, in contact with reality, don’t detach from the self-imposed artificiality that takes the place of real values, bringing with itself that stiffness in perceiving other points of view, the lack of generosity, or purely dominant attitudes.

It depends on the impulse of your own nature to open up and choose to be confident in a superior Alter Ego, despite the past suffering and injustice, keeping at bay any reality that contradicts the convictions supported by a wall of pure value-generating ideality.

Power is what magic offers to you. A skillful leader shall ensure that all the elements around him play correctly their role in order to achieve the intended purpose. Do you have the power of shaping the human character after your will? What are the virtues that you need in order to facilitate this transformation?

What dominates a man found in a leap towards perfection is the very principle of his own person that he must respect and overcome: "Beware of losing yourself within yourself in order to win outside of yourself."

If a man had the gift of prophecy and knew all the mysteries and any knowledge, he would know how to run things by his own will. He would know how to attract souls, dominate them through knowledge, initiative, creativity, authority and persuasion. And, intoxicated with the feeling of his mission, he would annihilate the will of all everyone, asking them to listen in the name of his mission and the achievement of the most daring demands.

Through this increase of power, the influence of his personality would increase every day, unmeasured, it could assert his immense authority over all. And the one who would dare to doubt his powers, couldn't be worthy of HIM - The Sorcerer - the most powerful man in the world, a perfect leader, whom everyone obeys.

Leadership: Can you take on a role above the temporal form of existence, imposing upon all your manifestations a point of view that is a form of gratitude towards God?

To be a man everyone would follow, you must be one of those exceptional beings, full of resources, a Prospero, a man seized by the sense of justice, fairness and truth and having the skill to lead things, to touch and see unseen things.

to take care of all in order to make sure that all elements will play their role properly in achieving the intended purpose.

As a leader, you must also be a benefactor, a judge and a teacher at the same time. Certainly, nothing is more urgent in critical moments than to act firmly and wisely, in order to succeed overall change.

The one who lacks efficiency, the firmness to discipline, punish or fire people who do not comply with professional ethics and deontology, will never be able to impose themselves in front of them, therefore, he won't be called a leader, but a tool manipulated by those around him.

People shouldn't see you neither as something fallen from superior, invisible worlds - so something uplifting, a God, nor as a rag leader who never dares to impose himself.

To attribute yourself a characteristic of a superior man means to validate that experience of subjecting the world in a reality beyond their understanding, as being a complete manifestation of the nature of a supernatural Creator.

Conclusion: Being looked at from the outside, some leaders (the most skilled ones) seem to resemble sorcerers, because they accomplish everything they design to, having performances recognized by all those around them. But secret of an effective leadership does not lie in the "Magic of the sorcerer", but in a constant work, unceasing documentation in order to improve professional performances, know the human nature, the personal professional performances of working fellows, as well as their qualities and flaws, especially when it comes to respecting the truth.

Highlight your skill of shaping characters, by adjusting your leadership potential according to your virtues.


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