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The Magic Of The Sorcerer (I)

On August 03, 2009
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Human Resources by Neculai Fantanaru

Get involved in the magical act of individual transformation, in the virtue of a well-determined reasoning that allows you to personalize what you really are.

Prospero was the Duke of Milan, but because he loved silence and solid study, wishing to enrich his mind, he gave the affairs in charge of his younger brother, named Antonio, in which he had an unshakable confidence. Alone, leaving aside the worldly pursuits, buried between his books, he never saw his brother's plots against him, who deliberately wanted to be considered a real Duke.

Antonio succeeded with the help of King of Naples - Alonso, a powerful prince, to take possession of the duchy of Prospero.

Prospero, with his daughter, Miranda, were forced to climb a small vessel without ropes, canvas or masts, and were left to die at sea. Their luck was that a senior at court, Gonzalo, who was very kind-hearted, secretly left them food, clothes and the books of witching teachings, which Prospero loved most, on the ship.

Leadership: What exactly fulfills you if you let people guess that you are the manifestation of a power beyond any understanding?

Long after they were thrown by waves on the shore of a deserted island, Prospero's biggest delight was to teach Miranda, revealing her more than any princess could have learned from the most skilled masters. But not only that. But by the power of his knowledge - because he managed to penetrate all the mysteries of the world - Prospero freed Ariel, a spirit who had been imprisoned in a tree and subjected to terrible tortures by the direful witch Sycorax.

Spirits like Ariel remained unseen for any human being, except Prospero who, endowed with the gift of forecasting, found that the most tenacious and fierce of his enemies, Antonio and Alonso, were on a journey at sea. Then, he commanded to Ariel to stir such a terrible storm that the ship would cast away on the island he had arrived too.

Ever since its lifetime, a human being changes into a myth, a prophetical, superhuman character. Anything is possible for a sorcerer who has the power to command natural phenomena, who managed to penetrate all the mysteries of the world, who has developed the gift of materializing worlds and the ability to concretize any proposed goal. Prospero decided to use his magic science in order to punish his enemies for all the wrongs they had commited.

Leadership: Do you turn to the subterfuges of the science of "conversion" with the purpose to renew your own identity?

Someone aware of the subterfuges of the science of "conversion" with the purpose to renew his own identity by accrediting the additional parameters of a certain world that he can attach to for the sake of touching a perfection ideal, has to clearly distinguish between two reasonings.

The first reasoning, molded on a visionary and multidirectional thinking, tries the main explanation of the actual world, but by assembling it in a certain manner, going beyond the horizon of experience or reason. The second reasoning, with major and minor premises, connects to the events that happen in an imaginary world after its establishment is accepted as an aspiration towards greatness, towards the perfection of all perfections. This world is intoxicating through the vibrations it produces, because – paradoxically – you feel and act as a superior being.

Leadership is sympathetic to your orientation in a particular reference system, whose goal is the magical act of individual transformation. Not so much on the grounds of the gained experience, but by virtue of a well-determined reasoning that allows your orientation in a broad field of possibilities of understanding and personalizing what you really are.

So by virtue of a reasoning that observes, analyses and deeply understands the phenomenon of two superposed identities in their most intimate details, but also in the entirety of their existence. Everything is relative in leadership, and what you have uncovered (an interiority that becomes true reality or an interiority that completely rejects reality) is a continuous struggle of reasoning, especially in your position as a superior being.

The magical act of personal transformation aims at achieving a unique perfection, found at the heart of events, which not only creates an illusory happiness, but rather absorb the meaningful reason of understanding full power from the perspective of a God.

The enthusiasm for new conquests of high peaks, when patience is the performing unity of every mystery, constitutes proof that this way of declaring yourself unique (repaying yourself through an advanced knowledge and through a mysterious dignity that can serve as tool for a complex geniality) is a phenomenon of shaping leading experience that can be controlled.

The Magic of the Wizard points out the phenomenon of dual identity, the oscillation between the kind of reasoning you choose to act and think in the position of a superior being.

The significant force necessary for ensuring the total control of a defining identity is built on the experience of being yourself in a world that continuously struggles to transform you into something else. This, in relation to the experience of being yourself in another superior self, taking over the gift to exert your reasoning faculties through an unpredictable subjectivism – equivalent to replacing the real present through another present, the imaginary.

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