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The Magician (II)

On November 16, 2010, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Interpret your role in great mystery, so as to transform yourself from a insignificant person into one with great leadership qualities.

Often when I went out with my friends, I liked to get lost in the crowd, to be gone without no one realizing it, to make myself invisible by hiding for a short time in the most solitary places, streets or walking through short streets, unpaved, unnamed, then, suddenly coming back beside them. I did everything with great discretion to avoid any inconvenience.

I had everything planned. I knew what I wanted, and I knew how to manipulate it - I arranged them so well, so that it would be only in my advantage. Sometimes I was losing hours trying to guess the route for the next day, of course planning every step with discretion. Often, to get the right plan, even I was suggesting the route that we had to go through; in this way, providing myself a way to disappear without much difficulty.

It is strange how much I could change a situation, considering how little counted my absence to friends, for a few moments. The very inspiring and original way I acted, the calculated way I planned every detail, no matter how small, from which begin the entire operation until its completion, all this made me feel proud, satisfied from a certain point of view, made me feel creative and skillful.

I felt that I was beyond myself; I felt differently than others, I felt that I was somehow above them. For I discovered the secret of transformation - could become "invisible" for a short time - and that was a big achievement…for a future magician.

Leadership: Can you interpret a role of association with the novelty of an approach based on confidentiality, which is in relation to the role of a "final user" of an unreal authority?

Then silence. There was no movement; there was no noise that would betray the presence of someone on semi-dark stage. On the faces of spectators, especially those in the front rows were littered anxiety and tension. Only the magician sat idly somewhere in a corner of the scene, in shadow, regarding on all that dough from the soul of the audience, which gave rise knowingly, proceeding as a master who knows what to do every time.

The show reached its culmination. The magician had become invisible, turned into an invisible being, a ghost that although nobody could see it somehow does not cease to exist. He could see everything, but nobody could see him, even no one because he directed his "disappearance" with great discretion. He was right there in front of spectators, wrapped in a shadow that does not miss anything. Gone in a totally sensational way, hiding in the most secluded spot, and now he had to recur.

Everything must be done in great secrecy, with great caution to avoid any inconvenience. It was a matter of time, of the readiness of mind, not just the body. However, for a magician, everything is very well calculated, and each stage of performance is meticulously prepared, to the most viewers it seemed a mystery. One eye can see better than many.

Leadership: Before you get to play a big role, start to give life to a character !

And you can be a great man, a magician, or a leader, if you can differentiate yourself from other people around you, and if you find a formula that propels you in front of them. Nevertheless, for this you must arrange things so well that it is only in your advantage, strategically planning every move. That depends on intuition and foresight, properly is related to clear and deliberate understanding of the actions that are needed to entrepreneurs to build your own character to represent you and to develop it to the point at which it could offer more value to the world.

Leadership is like a magic show: directing and presenting by yourself (even if you have a very good team behind you), emphasizing your own creations, your own ideas and scenarios - the show that can impress and excite people at different levels, depending on the "miracles" that you produce.

As a leader, you starred in your own "magic show", a role that can be positive or negative, good or unbearable, creative or less creative. Even so, if you do not impress with a higher interpretative level both in terms of quality and professionalism, and if you do not have the ability to create miracles, you will not be able to give your leadership a higher value and you cannot get up to the height of your role.

Leadership: Can your background skills ensure you a significant advantage in relation to the using of the means of artistic expression considered a variant of a conflict of role?

If you're not ready for a big role, you are wrong ! If most people do not see in you a future leader, show them that your eyes see much better than theirs. Create your own character and your own show - an event that will mark a step upward in your career.

Your background skills and qualities (those which are not displayed in public or integrality, that can only be interpreted subjectively and vaguely understood by others) will ensure you an advantage over others without having their same training. Nevertheless, you have to be inspired and original, creative and skillful and have a desire to overtake yourself. You must learn by yourself to manipulate things - to arrange them so well so that it would be only to your advantage.

A leader puts into practice his skills and competencies, strongly influencing things. And is considered appreciated by "the interpretative level" he comes to.

Leadership has the same ingredients as a magic show - differ only the purpose and the place where they merge. Between leadership and a magic show, there is not too much difference, having in common one thing which definitely unites them: the miracle of a presence full of vigor, originality, optimism and positive energy, inspiration, a captivating presence by the way he plays.

The means of artistic expression can be considered a variant of a conflict of role when the creative process that highlights the nature of the individual in the form of a certain identity, along with a strong subject, does not correspond to a performance that ensures the control of the situation or of the person in question that maintains the atmosphere of the show.

How complex is the magic you produce that it can be controlled without side effects at the depth of your personality traits and destiny?

Conclusion: It is said that in every soldier kitbag is laying a marshal baton. By analogy, can be understood that anyone can turn from an insignificant person into one with great leadership qualities, and we can witness at the miracle of appearance of a presence full of sap, the occurrence of a particular character to set things in motion on the best road to achieve goals.


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