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The Magician (v)

On March 27, 2011, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Performance in leadership is given by what it is beyond you.

We try to see the good side of things, but deep in my heart I was hiding a secret fear. That, I could not succeed to transform myself into an invisible entity.

One of the things that remained in my mind from the beginning of my initiation into magic was that a true artist knows how to direct perfectly his own death, then to "resurrect" and continue his show. This would be and the fundamental test of my completion as a magician - artist, writer and producer in the same time.

I had to disappear, no longer exist, to teleport myself from one place to another, to create a feeling of maximum intensity. Then, to reappear suddenly out of nowhere. For this, I needed to change the perception of reality. I had to create the sensation of an inexplicable phenomenon, of a magical and imponderable universe, of a certain type of energy, which is transforming, which may cross the barriers of time and space. And to continue to exist beyond the boundaries set by humans.

But for this I had to break all the rules of physics and nature. And of life, too.

Leadership: Do you think you can only play a role through what it wants to mean in a context of recognition of one’s own value that translates into a mask of the higher self?

The curtain rises. The lights which gave color to the stage color became red as rubies. The show started. The magician had just appeared. He was dressed only in black. He wore a mask to hide his true identity.

When he reached in the middle of the stage, the magician made some strange signs with his hands, then pulled out a bag a handful of pebbles, slightly biggish, and threw it on his left and right. The stones rained with a staccato patter, hypnotic on the wooden floor of the stage, thus weakening the viewer's vigilance. The vibrations and sounds that they emitted were generating of confusion and contradictions: not conveyed a clear message that anyone could catch it, but were distracting public attention from the secret maneuvers.

And everything happened at one time. The magician was not there. He evaporated. Simply. The audiences did not know what to think. They could not distinguish anything. For a second they remained paralyzed. Such an improbable thing it could only be the work of a master of magic.

It was like a game of hide and seek, or more, the hoodmanblind. You turn your head and look in all directions until you lose your own coordinates. Everything gets double and even triple effect. It was a situation hard to follow. The audience did not know what to think. Nobody could see him. The magician could be anywhere on the scene, and nobody knows where.

Recognition of personal value has the main effect of establishing relationships between what is happening within your own "playing field" and what your model to follow supports.

This recognition translates into a mask of the higher self when you approach a performance where "the rules of the game" are clear to everyone, a performance that testifies to the inner power that faces the entire world that could, at any moment, come crashing down upon it.

Can you confer a brighter tint to the leadership by the materialization of your inner world?

I think that's the nature of things as being a leader to be a dominant person, reliable, on which to rely, someone who always should sit at the helm. But that's not enough. A leader must have the ability to manipulate people's emotions and impulses. And more than that, he must have the ability to handle and his own "character" in a constructive and beneficial direction. Also, need to know how to handle his trumps, forces, either higher or lower, in the desired direction, direction that will not cause confusion and contradictions in people's minds, but to arouse their interest.

You will not be able to give a light tint to your leadership if you do not materialize your inner world dominated by thoughts, ideas, feelings, which you create by yourself. Ignore your secret fear from the depths of your heart and do not doubt in your powers. Try to direct perfectly your own "leadership show" Transform yourself in that special person that you want to be with your trumps, your training and the experience that you acquired in time.

The fundamental test of your accomplishment as a leader is to defeat the man behind the magician who makes you leave the show with many questions, that transposes you to another world where everything is possible but unpredictable.

You must challenge this man to take the first step to have the impression that it is his merit to go as far as possible with the talent of bringing the world into the unreal, but then, to interrupt him by tracking the reaching of the state of sensitivity, harmony and illumination that will urge him to step away from the desire to make an impression, the greed to rule the world and feast from the lack of knowledge the others show.

Uunlike the magic show, you should keep in mind that leadership is not a game of hide and seek, or more, the hoodmanblind. For, in the end would be that exactly you to lose your own coordinates and to go in the wrong direction.

On the sea of your fate you should handle the ship with a perfect sense of balance and measure. Do not try to deny what is obvious, and do not try to turn everything into a fiction. But try to present everything in a proper and positive light, without breaking the rules and laws of society and of the leadership.

Performance in leadership is given by what it is beyond you. And beyond you, there are people who follow your performance, and if this does not evoke their emotions and empathy means that you have not played well your role and that the message you sent has not been fully understood. And in this case you need to rethink your strategy of their conviction. Just as a painter enriches the content of his images with new themes - you need to enrich your leadership with new approaches.

It is a real "magic" to reach the peaks of performance together with the people, which means that they have agreed to accompany you, sharing the same values, ideas, principles.


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