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The Magician's Triumph

On December 31, 2009, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Take full advantage of your potential of leadership, without getting away from reality that others perceive.

The show was almost ending. The light that bathed the stage became blood-red, and started to lose more and more of its intensity. I knew something big was about to happen. The drums quieted down their beats. A deathlike silence spread into the bumper. Furthermore, an inscrutable, thick gloom. The audience was struck with a well-pleasing fear.

Suddenly, there were heard steps. Somewhere in the left of the stage, a vague shadow was spotted, slightly changing its position. In the next moment, I thought it could be only him, the creator of illusions. I was right. The magician came out again in a special suit, wearing a mask, emanating a special touch and creating a very mysterious atmosphere. After getting at the centre of the stage, he said some strange words on a pompous tone: "Acta est fabula !" He actually wanted to say: "The play was staged. I decided to show you who I am."

He quietly got near the spectators. He was staring in the dark, like everything was normal, like he could clearly distinguish everybody. I started to believe that, finally I would have the chance to find out what lies under his mask.

Leadership: Do you always take advantage from your craft in terms of interpreting a role that represents you in an editing type image?

The magician was preparing to take off the mask of his face. Everybody was stunned by his decision to reveal himself, to show us his true face, especially since at his previous performances he promised solemnly that never and no one will ever find out what lies behind the mask, the one who he really is. The magician sheltered a lot of deepness and, behind his lovely Venetian style mask, his real force most certainly nestled. The mystery he shed was creating a strange sensation both on me and on the other viewers.

The truth behind the truth. The long-awaited moment arrived. The magician took off his mask. However, great was our surprise when we noticed that behind that mask, there was another mask. Once more, another game, another challenge, another mystery. Awakened from an illusion, we gave ourselves up to another one. Only then I realized nobody would be able to control reality better than him, the Magician, The Creator of illusions. As the main performer of the show, he is entitled to make us accept his own reality. A reality that, like it or not, even if we do not understand it, we must all, by all means, to accept it.

And then I also realized that by no means, a faultless magician would never take off his masks, which he always wears in his shows, but he will always maintain his mystery in order to maintain and increase everyone's curiosity, because his persuasiveness and dominance would linger in his shows. Mystery is the factor that will always be persistent in his performances. It would have clearly been a recklessness to reveal his true identity.

Here lies the triumph of a magician, in the mystery he hides and leaves behind him. In his symbols, in the illusions he creates, in his unknown identity, and especially his secret, strongly guarded tricks.

An "editing" type image is adjacent to the entrance to a world that does not belong to any of the spectators, it is a great summary of intrigue often fraught with the tension of possible unanswered questions, keeping the audience suspenseful through the scenario conceived at the limit between the real and the fantastic. The magician is a man who knows how to turn into a character that has never existed, mysterious and at the same time feared.

Authenticity means to properly mark the moment of high expressive load through an artistic act called "alternating between the rigorous display of an effect of something unreal and the effect of a completely unknown reality".

What matters in leadership, in terms of size of values and functional parameters, is the relevant aspect of the composition it is "manufactured" from. A composition that would fit as well as possible the basic elements: approach, maintaining attention, removing risks, systematic thinking and depth in the message sent. To these elements, we also add the appeal of those evaluating you as factor of modeling and maintaining the harmonizing effect.

The evaluators, people who test your actions and assess extremely well your qualification and value, especially retain the superficial aspects which do not reflect performance, or the profound aspects, that arouse interest, differentiating yourself from other candidates to leadership. They remember the gestures and attitudes that help increase your ranking and reputation, attributing your leadership a special significance or labeling it as a show of bad taste.

But nothing from the irresistible charm that makes you admired, nothing from the unique experience that comes from the impact with true art can clearly identify you as a master, from the impact with your own creation which can be assigned ideal qualities cannot be obtained on a level with a rudimentary copy made on an industrial scale.

Like magic, leadership imposes a different reality that strongly envelops people, inducing them a certain state of mind, tempting them to fall into a certain dependency. Otherwise, they will come to refer to the art you make through an altered copy when it comes to its content.

Leadership can be seen as a magic that is only waiting for you to discover it. It can be regarded as a single product made in limited series. And if you want your leadership not to appear as degenerate or harmful, you must accept "orders" only for customized products according to people’s desires and needs. You must create a unique show, to come closer to an art employed to serve as an unavoidable benchmark than an exact science that has no affinity with people’s interests and desired pattern.

Leadership: Do you persuade people to see things in their true extent or as you wish to see them?

A great leader knows he could own absolute power only if he could manage to control the reality around him. And if he fails, he must convince people that he is the one controlling it. Totally. A leader can impose his supremacy only if he is able to cause people to believe he owns the absolute control on every situation. On all the events, desired or not. On every change. At any time. The people he leads must see things not in their true nature, but rather at his choice.

If people believe in him and follow him, then he could call himself, in all reason, a great leader. Because only a great leader can manage his subordinates: through unprecedented ideas and views, a win-win attitude, very clear argumentations, encouraging speeches, personal style, new approaches, his unique and viable vision.

A leader shares common beliefs with a magician, but is different from him because he does not create illusions, but stands upon reality and practical examples. From the perspective of a "viewer", of a man uninvolved in the work of a leader, he can be regarded, in a simplistic manner, as a magician. And "the magician's triumph" hides a lot of work, ability, qualification and professionalism, as well as well kept secrets.

Take full advantage of your potential of leadership, without getting away from reality that others perceive.

Leadership is the magic born of a reality that is sometimes so difficult for us to accept.


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