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The Maintenance

On February 15, 2014, in Leadership IQ-Light, by Neculai Fantanaru

Do you respond to a broader context of life that accelerates the expansion of your consciousness into an area of the power to accept your limits and the condition of a fragile being?

The maintenance of leadership can be put into account of the responsiveness against life requirements and responsiveness to the requirements related to the greatness to actively support the development of other people. This work can be consolidated from the elevation of the experience of a perpetual innovator who brings in the middle of the action the tint of an atmosphere that strengthens the other people's pride to belong to a higher world in a legendary movie.

Because, beyond the justice of any judgments that is the constant need of support and assistance, in the string of hierarchical promotion, putting into service the opportunities for affirmation.

Solidarity is a question of the expansion of their conscience up to where you can discover more and more things about you, up to where reverse the tendency of isolation thrown by the involvement in a new business project. And reaching unity.

Human personality is required to be addressed as an unrepeatable unit among intellectual traits that are found in unbreakable bond with the concrete situation of fronts on which she fights, coupled with the ability to make decisions and assess their impact. A front of denying realities manipulated by foreign forces, an opening of frustration of being dependent on a particular context, a front of the desire to put value in their work and opening the freedom to be dependent on someone else.

You undermine your authority yourself if you fail to respond to the broader context of their own conscience of accelerating expansion into a power of decision area. You must not lose any front, but shine on each of them. If you do not want the leadership to gain valence of decoration, then prove the others that they cannot compete with you on any front, you're a winner in any confrontation.

Determinism is manifested as much more complex in those situations of concern, dependent on the will of others to size the level of influence, when you need to expand in one way or another your performance limits, especially the experience in a field – that you instinctively realize it is unique, unpredictable.


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