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The Maker Who Rearranges The Inner World Resources

On August 08, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Promote the authentic character of your own discoveries, establishing a tight bond between the elements of value that support the evolution of your knowledge.

I was living with the results of that extreme experience which made me do laudable efforts for my progress. What I used to appreciate the most was the authentic character of unusual discoveries, through which I succeeded in establishing a connection between past, present and future. And, with an exigency specific to a consumer of science, I was accessing it whenever the imperious need to satisfy my lust for knowledge appeared.

Placed at exactly the right place to make a new beginning blossom, the constant which I managed to identify through my own relation with the great world, represented a set of truths that could be grasped and understood only by the physical mind. However, this was found in the core of all human doings and actions.

And this constant was modified at a fundamental level by the preferential setting of a tight bond between valuable elements, with similar traits, optimized for a certain applicability or for a certain type of development and control. It took some time for me to clarify everything, and position myself in relation with the new reality.

Should I have been concerned by the unique factor of material mutations that favored the changing of values and judgements, exerting a variable pressure upon my conscience, deforming in a great deal the truths with which I battled in my imagination and with those that I was indoctrinated with?

Leadership: Can you dedicate yourself to a creation that forces you to revise your whole life to make sense of a notion or concept, without causing a continuous alteration of your defining functional characteristics?

Inevitably, the complexity of my creation brought with itself apparent contradictions, offering me a completely new experience, an exciting and intense one. From a witness of all the ages of the world I transformed into a maker of my inner world’s resources relocation. The concept that my life brought to me was: “Push Up Challenge”, that is, I had to learn to combine improvisations of all kinds, signs and interpretations, ideas from nowhere, artifacts of expression and logic, so as to meet the profile of an artist of semiotics who knows how to introduce order in chaos, a balance between unbalanced forces.

Prometheus stole fire from heaven to ensoul man he created, same as God, from the clay of the earth. And the fire from the sky, the force that exceeded the limits of understanding, the energy that I myself accessed by transforming the conscience, through a tiring and continuous focalization of the mind towards everything that was uplifting and sublime, was capable of penetrating the unknown. It could give life to matter, impel me and change my potential.

Be it the rising or the falls of the intensity of the force which connected me to a source of unstabilized inspiration, often helped me discover a new territory of the real, causing a continuous alteration of my defining functional characteristics. These characteristics, which were to be seen as challenges to be overcome, were: curiosity, intuition, vision, abundance of information, the ability to do things differently, the ability to think in-depth and productively.

So as not to disappoint myself by my coming closer to that unknowns of the world, I had to find the integration formula in a phase of development that was not at my imaginary power’s discretion. One that could stop the act of constructing the new which made to exist that reality mildly perceived in its essence. In this manner I risked going too deep into "memories from the future", losing myself and staying there.

Are you interested in establishing a better connection with the area called "over the line", or do you keep to traditional methods of building the fundamentals of leadership?

Can you rearrange your inner world so that you don’t slip into the unreal? Do you lean towards the highest knowledge? Are you able to establish a connection between past, present and future? Are you at risk of going too deep into "memories from the future", losing yourself and staying there? Under which conditions are you required to stop the process of building the new?

Lacking the depth of thought is the individual that seeks with all his will, in a tendency of blazing ascension, to create new "territorial" structures, that could better outline as time goes on, as spaces of alternative formation and development, that place situated beyond the border with what is possible, beyond its real limits.

On the other hand, I’d congratulate him for daring, supported by an excellent training, visibility and intuition, to broaden his territory of understanding, of imagination and inventiveness, offering a particular color to his science. Analyzing his efficient and tenacious way of operating, focusing our attention on his attributions of controlling and directing science towards outlining and defining the fundamentals of his entire creation, my grade for him would be 10+.

The foundation of leadership that honors a modern concept of semiotics is a reflection on the science of thinking through hard work of meanings and interpretations drawn from the memory of “happenings” and “coincidences” that facilitate the expression of ideas linked in a certain order.

He is approaching leadership through his duty as an explorer who seeks deep inside treasures through the very twisted maze of changes and trends in the plan of adapting science to the increasing complexity of thinking that tends to divide things into separate entities. This "user" of science can more easily create his art from that permanence of thinking in action. This stops the alteration of its defining functional characteristics, establishing a better connection with the area called "over the line".

The line is the demarcation point between the new directions of valorizing the discoveries made, materializing the real efforts to integrate them into the evolution of science, and that power of transformation of the consciousness in a parallel reality.

Can you implement new rules in leadership by introducing new entries in an area far too dominated by the new?

In order to establish if the individual is the protagonist of quality leadership we have to take into account the way in which he promotes the authentic character of his discoveries. And we have to establish a tight bond between the valuable elements that support the evolution of his science.

We must also take into account his own version of truths to which he sizes up to in this whole process of becoming, but also to his own vision regarding the reformation of the future through means of science, towards creating a specific design for this world to which he is invited to offer his contribution.

Make sure you can answer "Yes" to everything regarding the act of creation. But make an effort to integrate a formula of control in your leadership that is not at the discretion of your imaginary power. If you want to implement new leadership rules, try to introduce new entries in the area dominated by the new.

The first rule in leadership: Do not halt the activity of constructing "the new" that makes that reality so little perceived by other people. Be careful, though, not to let yourself sink too deep into the unreal, to get lost and stay there.

The Second Rule In Leadership: “The artist is not satisfied with the inferior order of automatisms, but creates with a considerable effort a living order, his own, seeing through his expression and logic some relation between genius and madness.” (Liviu Rusu)

A promoter of the new, who creates apparent contradictions by increasing the complexity of his creation, can gain a completely new experience, an exciting and intense one, confirming his readiness to subordinate to a request that is unilaterally orienting his knowledge conduct, to a self-assessment that can be found at the confluence between genuine personality and the personality projected into the background of an intangible asset called Utopia.

This is why it is important and useful for leadership the capacity to distinguish between the truth which you impose on yourself to force, and the fiction that you assume through the act of discovery-creation. The character and particularities of your science must size up to the leadership that shows veracity and safe functioning.

An area too much dominated by novelty is like the process of finding a quite logical order where others see only a heap of information, knowledge, empirical formulas, connections, contradictions or uncertainties.

The Maker Who Rearranges The Inner World Resources is the man who lives with the results of his personal redefining experience, having as impulse in gaining power that leadership based on innovative ideas and practical applicability. In order for it to have an outstanding impact on its supporters, this leadership must be credible. It also has its limits.

Slipping into the impossible and unbelievable will have opposite effects. "The sleep of reason produces monsters",said Spanish painter Francisco Goya. And, like this, the sleep full of phantasmagorical and unreal dreams creates favourable conditions for the beginning of the end in leadership.


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