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The Man Of Destiny, Subjected To Eternal Forces

On May 22, 2012, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Add value to your leadership, changing the way you perceive your way of being.

The greatest folly of all time: to walk along with the intelligent sniffer of the most subtle, invisible, peculiarities of human nature. The whole passion, the sublime excitement of this strong spirit, highly evolved, is loaded and discharged as a high voltage battery, behind the impenetrable wall of a human being with a face and body, of a mortal, Joe Black.

Furthermore, the big magnate, Bill Parrish was forced to follow Joe everywhere, or rather to accept his presence, tacitly, obediently, as a man deprived of liberty, as a tenant who agreed to sign a contract with rights and obligations agreed only to the owner. Crawled everywhere, hour by hour, by the terrible force, inexorable and irreversible of a superior will, pushed into a muddy void of the intensity of a tornado that circled his entire being, causing chaos in his physical, moral, spiritual, and emotional system.

The situation of Bill Parrish it was never before more threatened, more desperate, more devoid of any perspective. A shadow, a lost phantasm made a place in his life, adjusting with the sharpness of a bundle of energy, with the accuracy of a mechanical clock, fully, unconditionally, his power of orientation. Moving him away of any known truth, of any human knowledge (or making it uncertain, by submitting to error) distorting his profound respect that it wore to himself.

While walking through the crowd, Bill Parrish, curious, concerned like a man seeking for his life denouement, straining to the maximum his will in the attempt to unravel the great mystery of human destiny, he takes courage and asks Joe Black:

- How’s your work going elsewhere? (namely, he wanted to say, if you're only around me how can you supervise all the other mortals?)

Joe, or rather the Prince of Darkness, replied:

- While part of you is busy doing one thing, another part of you is doing another. Correct? Now multiply that by infinity, take that to the depths of forever, and you still barely have a glimpse of what is happening.

Leadership: Do you endlessly keep looking at a picture?

The movie "Meet Joe Black (1998)" is a metaphor. And Joe is the living consciousness, lucid - not the mechanical, is the consciousness that repairs and completes the erudite human personality, stimulating the circulation of energy in the body of his judgment and reasoning, in his process of change. Only the most overwhelming consciousness, the force majeure under which pressure the human being is sometimes forced to work and comply with, may have a beneficial effect upon his whole development, until his completion.

Simply said, it is not enough to consider yourself a great person - to be truly virtuous. It is not enough to have an influence on your whole future, because your spirit, soul and intellect, the matter of which your being is formed and which often puts your conscience at stake, will remain an enigma in many respects.

It is like you continue to look at a picture of yours endlessly, ignoring the defects and imperfections of the man in the picture. You refuse to admit that they exist – you consider yourself perfect, invincible and brilliant in every way, namely, you get to idolize yourself. But you will never be perfect if you always look at yourself without criticism, without correcting what is to correct.

Leadership: Are you able to trace the limits of what you think is likely to become reality as you set a final cost along with taxes in a universe you do not know?

Joe Black indirectly revealed to multimillionaire Bill Parrish a great truth - that can be expressed in the following way. What you think you know about yourself, about the world, is actually a tiny part of a universe that you cannot know and conquer with the human specific weapons. This knowledge results from the combination of black and white parts of your existence, based on same laws that govern the material and immaterial world. Compare yourself only with yourself, with what whispers your conscience that you are or not. Can you?

Living consciousness is what you always repeat to yourself with the condition of believing it. And if what you think does not have as a source of inspiration a particular fact raised to the rank of a crucial fact, by narrowing the effects induced by certain actions, then the total volume of values ​​that stimulates you to go forward and see yourself in another light through someone else’s eyes, can drop to your reference minimum called: "critical sense."

A universe you do not know is a mind that conquers you through the unknown with whom you often cross paths on your road to success and becomes irresistible by probing what has been forbidden or inaccessible to your knowledge and understanding.

The only way to get out of a illness is to get through it all the way.

The leader has the tendency to make known his personality by an attitude of superiority (sometimes arrogant). He maintains his functionality only through beliefs and high concerns, wearing the robe of the exemplary human personality, with outstanding features and more special than would have the others around him. Can be easily shaken from all the reins, hit in his egocentrism like an unforgiving disease, in its accelerated form, and knocked up to the wall of helplessness - psychologically – of the first wave of crisis.

It is the crisis of the man, who toils unceasingly, trying hard to bring to a highest possible standard his human qualities, not only of the leader, the demanding ones by their weight that are tried only by the colossi - people with the best training and with the highest moral and spiritual value, which make it a point to rise like skyscrapers in every way, above the other fellows, tending to perfection. However, they allow themselves tempted, as a Judas Iscariot, by the glitter of gold, of ambition to succeed in their objectives - betraying eventually their origin, minimizing the true meaning of life.

It is the illness of denying the foundations underpinning perfection, of the correct misunderstanding of human existence, roughing the secret relationship with what it means to be truly virtuous. Failing to optimize your leadership in the light of qualities that are able to correct your imperfections of judgment, and character, to obey that Ego that does not make good house with the cogitation and wisdom - this is the way towards an apparent success, but not to that great success, not taxable, full and remarkable.

Moreover, you can escape of this illness only if you go through it until the end - to get sick, to feel the pain of imperfection in every aspect of your personality, into the depth of the simplest aspects that characterizes you. To cope it with patience, to defeat it by changing your way of thinking and feeling, to soften the pressure of those thoughts and passions of increasing your own pride, to pass it as much as possible, as a form of energy, from the maximum form to a minimum one.

The ultimate form self-abandonment undertakes when faced with situations and responsibilities that are beyond you has the equivalent of accepting that what you think you know about yourself and the world is actually a tiny part of a universe you cannot know and conquer with specific human weapons.

The man of destiny, subjected to eternal forces prioritize the position that the leader takes towards himself, towards his potential to change himself when realizes that he is not so "sophisticated" as he believed he is.

Just as a writer continuously kneads his text in order to give it an artistic form, so you, as to turn towards perfection, you must continuously knead the matter that feeds yourself, to compose it, to fit it into a more comprehensive pattern, and to give it a more harmonious form as possible.

Like a biographer of numerous characters, like a Balzac, a Plutarch or Dostoevsky, you must be able to capture the nature of the character that you interpret, to refine it to your inner existence, so that your personality to acquire a special significance.


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