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The Man Who Gave Life Again To Gloaming Lights (I)

On May 26, 2012, in Leadership Impact, by Neculai Fantanaru

Rethink the orientation and the opportunities to manifest your own authority in such a way that you find an echo in the psychological and emotional plan of those around you.

I will never forget the man, the collector, the dreamer who toiled so long and eventually managed to build from nothing, by crossing the elements that shape knowledge, by distributing the creative forces on the real and imaginary axis of coordinates, to his own empire. Vast, crafted from the hardest steel of thinking, sainted with the fierce fire of feeling. Relevant by its high content of disclosures, guarded by classifications, structures, descriptions and dissociations.

It was a privileged empire, which perpetuated itself by capturing and analyzing a richer, deeper, more brutal reality. Which throws with a giant force the human nature in the vortex of the most ardent attempts, integrating it into the complicated gear of the destiny liable to its inexorable will.

Leadership: Do you ensure a sufficient representativeness for yourself in conferring a force of superior understanding to the way in which you position yourself between the mysterious part of science and the richness of deep feeling?

Just as a man seduced by the unpredictable and by challenges, I was plunging into darkness, into a reason known only by me – into the room without windows, in which no ray of light penetrated. But in this obscure, in this tempting place of exercising control over senses, the secret laboratory of resurrection of human nature, I managed to create, with the authority of a medium, vague, boundless, restless or evolutionary forms. To heighten to a level of art a superior understanding, an unprecedented concept of the profound reality that shaped with the typical patience of a painter a genuine identity, revealing the most valuable features.

How ennobling can the darkness be ! How blessed can the study of science be ! As if I should have demonstrated the existence of antibodies produced by the organism during a previous infection, thus finding the antidote, the vaccine, the substance that can neutralize the bacteria, rendering it harmless.

The antidote that continually mobilized me, accelerating my blood pressure, under the critical eye of my own self, which was asking itself: "Quo vadis?", greatly contributed to the initiation of the force-giving energies, synthesizing all kinds of understandings, perceptions, attitudes and value systems.

The magic – was transformative, restabilizing, consolidative. I had to have patience if I wanted to reconstruct the harmony of human being in its wholeness.

Leadership: Can you shape your personality in order to achieve perfection, starting from the lowest point of your value?

Seven years before his debut, the famous writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky spoke in a letter addressed to his brother about his aspirations, about his mission: "The man is a mystery. I must bring this mystery to light and, if I dedicate my whole life to this goal, I will not think I lost time in vain: I concentrate on this mystery because I want to be human."

You can shape you personality in order to achieve perfection only if you are ready to start from scratch, from the lowest point of your value. There where the incipient form of your character and the deepness of your own feelings concentrate or from the point you find yourself at right now. Only if you manage to bring to light the mystery of your own inner resources, which condition your existence.

At the same time, the lowest point of your value is given, if I should quote writer Cornel Ailincăi, of the initial expectation of realistic rendering of things in their formal symbol, or, just as well, maybe stem from an instinctive formal exploration, whose features are invested on the path of self-knowledge with a figurative suggestion of the type "imagination".

Just as a writer renders the features of a figure not by a pattern, but by the nature and traits of his character, so do you, before winning your seat at the leaders’ table, must know yourself very well, you must plunge deeper into yourself, into the most useful or dangerous depths of your nature - the first proof of genius. In order to discover the most complex truths of your life, your mental and emotional beauty, the truths that can trigger the clarifying – and the healthiest reaction.

Allow your unequaled desire of change to materialize. Be much more than you thought you were, much more than some ordinary man. Rise yourself proudly above all others, synthesizing that understanding that comes from the attitude with which you choose to meet the great unknowns of life.

To find yourself in the shelter of magic is to raise the standard of performance of your own activities so high that it makes it impossible for others to reach.

A richer reality is a life experience through which you go in some way when you are looking for the answer at the visible end of a twisted thread from which you must effortlessly draw to the other end.

The man who gave life again to gloaming lights brings into focus that human capacity for understanding, for measuring his epistemic dimension, the restless search along his entire existence of characteristic and defining elements, which contribute to his formation – that understanding of human personality in the complexity of its natural determinations.

To accumulate that material of spiritual observations and experiences, to use that mental and emotional power as a man who understood the variable existence in the deepest feelings of the human being. Tthose that occur and overwhelm or those who disappeared. To create the necessary conditions to synthesize, to understand people’s attitudes and positions. This is the essence that gives a special aura to leadership.

Leadership concentrates in its own operating system the entire existence of the man vested in the light of knowledge and of intense, deep feeling. Of the man endowed with the power to perceive and artistically describe the most deeply rooted feelings into the human nature. Of the man who, above all, devoted his time, like a true wise man, like a writer, like a Balzac or a Zola who gathers all possible information about their characters before reconstructing their personality – discovering hidden talents, essential characteristics and aspects under which they can think, feel and act as efficiently as possible.

How will you manage to have authority before others if you do not stimulate your self-knowledge?

Rethink the orientation and the opportunities to manifest your own authority in such a way that you find easier an echo in the psychological and emotional plan of those around you.

Do not forget the famous words of René Descartes, "Cogito ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am") – which means you must deepen your self-knowledge, which represents the foundation and the engine to knowing others. Only thus, your leadership will exist and persist.


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