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The Master Of Tactics And Strategies

On November 05, 2009
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Leadership and Attitude by Neculai Fantanaru

A redoubtable leader is guided by a single criterion: strategy, strategy, strategy.

No genius is not a genius throughout the twenty-four hours of a day. No one escapes from unexpected, from the traps that life stretches too often in their way. No one is able to penetrate the greatness of thought and action so well as to avoid mistakes. Who could, perhaps, to intuit exceptionally the events? Is there someone endowed with such a calculated mentality, so tenacious, so detailed in order to be able adapting like a chameleon, to any environment, to be able to duplicate, to interpret different roles, always moving on new well-established coordinates, but not known by anybody?

Everybody has vulnerabilities. No one is God, and all of us are more or less imperfect. Is not it? However, some people have learned to hide their weaknesses. And, even more, to turn them into strengths. The last mentioned had dared to play the terrible game, so dangerous, with themselves, with their limits, by keeping their strengths and weaknesses in the dark depths of their personalities, and many other contrasts that always alternate, consequently relying on their ideas and ideals.

There are people in the world who believe very firmly, or naively, that they could defy with nonchalance, the impossible. They are considered invincible, unbeatable, magnificent, faultless, and even immortal. Such a man with a self-confidence that gives the impression that can move mountains is convinced that he can defeat in the struggle with fate if and only if he uses the most appropriate strategy.

He is the Master of tactics and strategies. The eternal talented player who, by no means should not be caught on the wrong foot, that under no circumstances can afford to neglect that should not be neglected. For him, the world is like a checkerboard, maybe with more pieces and more squares. He against a redoubtable opponent: fate, that plays fair, but very hard according to the universal laws.

Leadership: Can you demonstrate an association between role-playing and mental development at the level of "chessboard" that makes you anticipate every overturning of the situation?

Without any doubt, the Master of tactics and strategies, as a consummate artist of dissimulation, is a real chess player. An avid player. A professional player. An exceptional player, equipped with an impenetrable calm. That takes into account everything, each particular situation, each approach, each risk: the defense, moving and capturing pieces, pawns’ transformation, the links, surprise attacks, opening, closing, gambits, field release, maneuvers, etc. He is always capable of realizing when "all this will end badly."

His superiority consists in meticulousness. He notes, with an extraordinary ability, all the moves he makes, but also those of the opponents. He collects new strategies while adapting them to his own. He takes advantage of circumstances, and has a tremendous intuition, which makes him foresee any discomfiture. With his quick mind, calculates in advance all the possible shots of his opponent. Absolutely, every move is combined in advance for performing several further moves.

Even so, he also has a vast experience. He masters all the mysteries of chess technique. He knows by heart all the parties of the most experienced masters, such as: Alechim, Capablanca, Lasker, Tartakower, Bobby Fischer, Kasparov, Nakamura, because he has repeated dozens, perhaps hundreds of times. Nothing should be impossible for an omniscient and an expert in the chess strategies, is not it?

Leadership: Do you always profit from a change of position in the conditions of playing a role that overlaps with your Ego?

However, the Master of tactics and strategies it is so obsessed with this game of intelligence, that anything he makes, wherever he is, even when he dreams, has in his head only one thing: strategy, strategy, strategy. To him all comes down only to the strategy. He firmly believes that life by itself is a strategy, and he, an exceptional strategist, can easily fool it. Everything that moves, all that appears before his eyes, everything he touches, everything that happens around him, absolutely everything comes down only to pawns, bishops, rooks, queens and horses.

Let us never forget that the Master of tactics and strategies is the king. And the king must be protected as well as possible, and in the end he must come out necessarily the winner. Regardless of the field. Regardless of the obstacles encountered. Proof against the used means. It does not matter the price to be paid. For him does not matter the nature of sacrifices. For he must always remain "standing". He is "the head" that must not fall under no circumstances. Otherwise, the whole game that he leads can tumble down.

The position you adopt in the circumstances of a role that overlaps with your Ego is an attitude of acceptance of the authority that becomes venerable by use. To recognize your position as a "king" is similar to accepting your limits in the situation in which you do not possess control over the consequences of a "surprise move" made by the adversary.

Leadership: Do you add value to your experience of completing a round whose stake is the remodeling of the Ego through conscious and guided reflection on the character of the power against which you act?

Leadership is like a game of chess. For me, it is impossible not to recognize that in the world, there are such people who achieve the performance to play an endless game of chess with fate (theirs and of the other people), so hoping to trick it for good. Not just a little, but completely, without half measures. Openly. And without hesitation. Such as are, for example, those who are in charge of companies or countries. In their selfish imagination (and probably unhealthy) they are some masters of tactics and strategies.

The Ego is what remains unchanged in the midst of changing of situations which you can not control after long exercises and trainings.

Of course that they are identifying with the king from the chess game that is the most important piece. In their minds is constantly playing a game, and the only things that arouse their most interest are the words: CHECK ! and MATE ! These extraordinary masters cannot think of anything else than chess, they see everywhere only chess moves and attempts. Check with the pawn. Check with the Queen. Check with the tour. Check with the bishop. Check with the horse. They always keep it in chess, having the infinite hope, the enormous desire to end the game with a MATE !

Leadership: If you cannot grasp the meaning of a move made by your opponent, do you think that there is no sense of being above the limits that make you feel controlled?

Not even by thought, does not pass to these masters of tactics and strategies that they could, some way, and by an absurd chance to make a wrong move that would threaten their leadership position. In the game for power, it never reaches to a drawn game. Therefore, one wrong move means the automatic loss of leadership position. That once lost, can only be regained with great difficulty, because fate is cruel and does not allow to anyone revenge.

A game of chess can win only by making sacrifices of pawns, rooks, crazies, horses or queens. However, a true master, who respects his talent, aspires to win against an opponent within oneself, and if it is possible with all the pieces on the board. It seems impossible. Even so, just the one who will succeed this performance could be called, without doubt, a perfect master of tactics and strategies.

He never forgets that the meaning of a move cannot be found within a safe area, but within an area of "alert" !

If you proceed based on the notion that there is no meaning in your opponent’s move, you still have not learned the most important lesson in chess: the fatal weapon is to integrate the opponent's plan into the development phase of your own plan !


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