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The Maximum Point Of The Human Alienation Of The World (part I)

On February 01, 2013, in Leadership Fusion, by Neculai Fantanaru

Start looking for a new dimension of understanding and knowing leadership, without getting subordinated to a conventional reference system.

Do you remember that biochemist, Harold J. Morowitz, who had the curiosity to calculate the cost of a man, translated into the component materials, at the price of the biochemical products’ catalogs? A gram of a man costs on average $ 245.54, while the whole body costs around six million dollars.

This doubtful calculation (for some aberrantly, but still plausible, medically speaking or scientifically) of our biochemist, who has narrowed to his specific field, somehow resembled with my scheme of thinking. Based on it I shaped a world of quantity and measure, the fundamentals of a new approach to the relationship between epistemology and ontology in terms of the cost involved in the emergence of a new creation. Just as "adorned" of calculations and predictions I was too.

At me, the calculation embodied in itself much more than that: it embodied all the possible scenarios for the future of my existence organised under the umbrella of a mathematical thinking that tries to prove that a certain equation can be solved by an algebraic formula. But, I did not try to assess in money the value of a man, but I was trying to recreate the world and universe through the promotion of an alternative vision.

A utopia, a naivety or a customization of the reality? A necessity, an experiment, something you can think of without having the feeling that you should ask for approval?

Science requires answers, but first of all it asks questions. Could I accurately represent something that could not exist, the illusion, the local color of my own works, two imagined worlds, passed through the same mixer of analysis and detail, but totally different? Two parallel worlds, well-defined, finalized, and adapted to suit my own expectations and preferences?

Leadership: Are you preoccupied with the experience of understanding the depth of a world created by your own rules, a world of yours that forces you to integrate within it the vision of the reality that you want to move away from?

I was fascinated by the mirage of new worlds of science. Worlds that could come alive, following to be freely explored only by those consciousnesses that were not subordinated to a conventional system of thinking, with thin branches, dense et inégale. Worlds, ready for a progressive development, intertwined with another kind of knowledge, by an universal energy stored in a capacitor, inserted in a continuous circuit of perceptions and perspectives, representations, functions clearly defined between them, having a common denominator: openness towards new.

Worlds, totally inaccessible to ordinary people, tangible only for the big developers, alchemists, those desperados of progress and of the rapid evolution, armored with the power to transform the obscure elements into clear and promising structures. Approved worlds, covered with the mind only by the large innovative spirits that kept themselves in the ruler platoon of the performers.

Often, I got entangled in inevitably compromising combinations, of ideological, spiritual or human nature. The exaggerated tendency, in the search for another dimension of understanding and knowing. The achievement of an intellectual ideal, sharp as a sword, with unexpected consequences, relative - sweet and misleading, but with a destructive potential, in a timeless present.

Science is a part of the magic of knowing and overcoming your limits, with the risk of losing yourself in details, in a multitude of information, in virtual reality, in the waves of interpretations. So you have to maintain a good management of the innovation fund, whose main value is that of being predictable.

And the reality that you want to move away from through the act of creation can never be placed in the edifice of illusion, because it looks at you from the angle of the present, from the angle of beliefs you respect to the end, and has a certain “field of view” regarding the impressions, emotions, sensations, opinions you make, moment after moment, about the world, life, change and dreams.

Can you set yourself up as an authority in the field of leadership by not being worth just what you are or become, but also by discovering what you mean in a process of absolute creation?

In a process of absolute creation, in which only God could have become my partner, I risk falling into a sort of admiration pushed to the extreme of everything that is change, to what is fragile, threatened, unique. My form of expression in scientific language, considering myself the follower of a unique and fictional vision, was also very ambiguous, understood only by a penetrating spirit that can crush any adversity in battle with that shadowy tone that discipline anyone who dares to resist its ideas.

Something wrapped in silence. A glimmer of light appeared in my imagination, haunted me, and urged me with an irresistible energy towards an unexpected and inaccessible destination. I was confused by the shadow of perfection that sometimes contorted the notion of the truth, offering a superficial and incomplete picture of the reality. Science came before my eyes as the highest level of knowledge made up of the laws and principles of an old wisdom that says that everything has two handles it can be carried by: one which makes it difficult to carry, and one which makes it easy (depends on what you want to do with it and what use you give to it).

A discovery that sheds a new light over the foundations and principles, supported by me, a large number of worlds could be comprised by my horizon. Resizing my own limits, a small part of an alchemy, whose secrets, I was wholly striving to master them, helped me find a multitude of development opportunities, and well-developed future scenarios.

I was determined to make from myself a force that orders the universe on the time scale. Was that possible?

Leadership: What do you represent within the great course of transition to perfection, compared to the image of an alternative vision that truly affects the world in a practical and concrete way?

A question, apparently trivial, that I addressed for several times in my webinars, is this: "Where you should develop yourself, and up to what level?"

It is not enough to develop your leadership, for being able to transform a company or the people around you. Just as it is not enough to know the physics and chemistry of the "spatial worlds" in order to reach the moon or to understand the universe. You need the power to put into practice what you know or what you imagine that can become the future.

Otherwise, within the great course of transition to perfection, you will refer to yourself as a God who would favor a reality to the detriment of another, a God who does not interact directly with man – but with the genetic material of man, the brain and the system nervous.

To make possible this leap towards the true performance, towards a "higher", towards a "beyond" to the level of consciousness and knowledge, sufficiently elevated for understanding leadership, you must go through an intensive process of change. One in which to manifest that great side, that quality that meets the highest requirements of present and future: the attempt or rather the spontaneity and strength to create original visions. A customization of reality, but a necessity, an experiment, something to which you always have to think about.

Like a true battle front, the horizon that you daily scrutinize, the basic engine of the individual evolution, this landmark hard to overcome of all the features that differentiates you from the rest of the world, marks the trend of the leadership and of the personal development.

The horizon it is so an important authority, so common regarding the acceptance and implementation of an alternative, of another way of perceiving the "Now’s" rallying to a different kind of mentality - "lateral" as it was called by Edward de Bono that is foreign for others, because they even do not want to understand it.

The great accomplishment of science is subsumed into the alternative vision of a great intellectual creation from the field of power, even though this vision resembles a wandering that detracts from the true meaning of our existence.

The vision, imagination, creativity, their welding, this fusion from which results only one strong player, who will benefit of real competitive advantages - un puissant leadershipwill accompany you constantly in the evolutionary path, ascending, passed from the common state of functioning, when you are not doing anything, but mixing some "colors on the palette" up to that state of "awakening" when you are mixing all the ingredients and spice up to your own taste.

The Maximum Point Of The Human Alienation Of The World is the level of performance reached by people who believe in a much wider vision, bringing in divergent views of closely related areas: science, technology, architecture, and engineering. But we should not exaggerate, moving away from spirituality. For as a great physicist said:

"Science without Spirituality limps, and Spirituality without Science is blind."


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