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The Meeting Place For The Masterpieces Of Human Work

On April 13, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be a prominent figure in the profession you practice along your journey to the land of perfection, by acting with high effects on that individualized part of your own formation base.

What follows are some of those memories, plus assorted snapshots from the somewhat more coherent days of my adolescence and young manhood. This is not an autobiography. It is, rather, a kind of curriculum vitae—my attempt to show how one writer was formed. Not how one writer was made; I don’t believe writers can be made, either by circumstances or by self-will (although I did believe those things once). The equipment comes with the original package. Yet it is by no means unusual equipment.

I believe large numbers of people have at least some talent as writers and storytellers, and that those talents can be strengthened and sharpened. If I didn’t believe that, writing a book like this would be a waste of time.

This is how it was for me, that’s all—a disjointed growth process in which ambition, desire, luck, and a little talent all played a part. *

Leadership: Can you achieve greatness of a true creator of possible universes, without gathering a variety of personalized options of your thinking and developing pattern?

Who is a more prominent figure in the profession they practice along their journey to the land of perfection: a man that bring to light the meanings of the freedom of speech, especially in the meaning given by the interpretation of the relation "will-circumstances", or a man that discovers the true stake of life and acts with greater effects on that individualized side of their formation base?

This is a dilemma more than useful, that has repercussions on leadership, and that we exclude out of the equation of our necessity to creatively adapt to our optimum life cycle, whose unknown that we want to find out is the ampleness that the human intellectual capital reaches. You don’t have to be a writer to relate to "the source of all things that could be imagined in yourself". But leaders who don’t want to gather, correctly, out of their own initiative, a variety of options for personalizing their thinking and developing pattern, won’t be able to achieve great things.

Leadership is a continuous development process where ambition, desire, luck and a little talent are essential. These are the "equipments" of the original package of those who want to break themselves off from the leading platoon at the marathon of life. But the greatness that honors leadership is that spark of talent that arouses the inner thirst for pursuing to the end the perspectives of approaching and relating the epic events required by the feeling of control over your destiny.

Leadership: Are you able to recreate the true battlefield of human perfection in order to achieve the performance required by the force of a destiny between “writer and story”?

The director’s specific thinking and development model is found in “the way he uses space, building each story in a different “room” – which allows him to place his characters in the most appropriate place to grow in (scenic) truth, so that, at the last moment, he turns his almost perverse weapons against everything he had built before.” ( ).

Where does our continuous thirst of knowledge or our inhibition when it comes to asking so many questions come from? Where does this passion for education/science that gives the addiction promoted by leaders for anyone around them, old and young on one side, and for spectacular ways of professing on the other, come from?

Where does the love of leaders to manifest themselves like a mechanism of making the most of their own work, like a natural strategy to fix their own existence come from? Where are the springs of this gigantic river of attributes that invade the inner world by fertilizing this whole art of leading? Their meaning is that of identifying, of describing and evaluating its potentially significant effects on ascension, as a result of intensifying the daily activities. The famous writer, Victor Hugo said this with simpler words: "The true face of the battle, here it is. It’s this meeting place of all masterpieces of human work."

The things that support and develop the leadership based on a solid consolidation of the capacity to "produce" science, resonate with the indispensable foundation of any knowledge of one’s self and of that’s why it’s greeted with certain resistance. The only valid point of view in taking a golden mean towards understanding yourself, towards forming your own identity that allows you to integrate and to adapt to every trial of your becoming, is that of some learning, working and creation experiences that stimulate intellectual activity.

The feeling of control over destiny can be addressed by telling an epic event when you are in the position of a writer who creates his own story.

The Meeting Place Of All Masterpieces Of Human Work is all about those professional aspects that become heavier with every step you take towards the best option to use your evolutionary resources. It also regards the capacity to communicate and to share your own experience that give a creative force to those that want to step out of the shadows and evolve on an ascendant path, as sole purpose of their lives.

* Note: Stephen King - On writing. Editura Nemira, 2007.


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